Sunday, 28th May 2023


8 Oct 2022
Peng Man is the New Kid on the block of Hype. Self titled Messiah Of AfroHype & the future. He’s been in the hype game not less than 2 years & he’s already garnered a solid reputation for shutting down all kinds of parties/shows with his energy & hype prowess. Although his venture into the…


15 mins ago
Russia carried out the "most important" drone attack on Kyiv overnight Saturday-Sunday since the start of the invasion, military authorities said.
25 mins ago
President Joe Biden and Republican leader Kevin McCarthy announced a deal Saturday to raise the debt ceiling, dragging the United States....
34 mins ago
Turkey voted Sunday in a historic runoff that President Recep Tayyip Erdogan enters as the firm favourite to extend two decades of his Islamic-rooted rule to 2028.
47 mins ago
The hamburger originated in Germany and gained popularity in the United States, becoming a staple of American cuisine and all over the world. Hamburger Day celebrates the iconic and beloved food that has become a global favourite, highlighting its cultural significance and widespread popularity. The hamburger originated in Hamburg, Germany, and has evolved into a…
47 mins ago
Oil-dependent Iraq has been warned its economy risks going into "intensive care" unless it diversifies in line with worldwide efforts to tackle the impact of fossil fuels on the climate.