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Queen Sheba’s Tomb

Sungbo Eredo
15 Sep 2019
One of President Trump’s promises was to build a wall across the Mexico-US border. In history, the building of walls existed as a central part of the first civilisation. The Great Wall of China, Berlin wall in Germany, Troy walls in modern Turkey, Defensive Earthworks of Tikal in Guatemala; all these are notable walls famous…
9 Jul 2018
Women have demonstrated time and time again that they are not the weaker sex that many see them as. From those that played a key role during the World Wars to those who fought for their countries, women have been strong as or even stronger than their male counterparts in other critical ways and at…


1 hour ago
Most of its history and culture is lost as the world progresses through modernisation and migration. However, all hope is not lost as certain cultures have found ways to protect their history through oral traditions, written accounts and cultural practices handed down through generations, one of such being Otjize, the red miracle paste of the…
2 hours ago
The Nigeria Police on Thursday said there was no Police helicopter crash in Bauchi State as reported in some sections of the media.
3 hours ago
Leftist Xiomara Castro was sworn in Thursday as the first woman president of Honduras after seemingly resolving a rebellion in her own party that had challenged her authority.
4 hours ago
Chad's junta announced Thursday that a national forum designed to chart the country's future after it seized power last year would be postponed by nearly three months.
4 hours ago
The Special Assistant to Federal Capital Territory (FCT) Minister on Youth Matters, Mr Isaac David, has enjoined youths to shun violence before, during and after the Area Councils election