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Woman of Rubies

16 Nov 2019
Bukola Lameed, fondly called “Bookkies” is an incredible blend of passion and skill. Professional Counselor, Certified Cognitive Behavioural Change Therapist and one of Africa's leading Family Mental Health Coach. The founder of Safety Republic International whose job is to create solutions for preserving the mental and emotional wellness of every member of a nation (the…
28 Oct 2017
Elizabeth love for humanity and equality led her into advocating for inclusion of deaf persons and encouraging people to embrace the use of sign language.
14 Oct 2017
The woman was created as an incubator – to bring thing together, to make things that are in a confused state organized, To bring to life visions and thoughts of man. The woman is unique in every aspect.
7 Oct 2017
Today, Olabanke has set up a creative outfit, Cyrus45 Factory, which focuses on not only recycling but also producing bespoke and ultra-modern furniture and products for the art savvy Nigerian.
16 Sep 2017
I started corporate job in January 2006 barely 2 months after my University final Exams, prior to that time, I had always gotten involved in one form of business or the other because I always believed in earning.
19 Aug 2017
With regards to my charitable work with the Back to school, Widows in Need and the Comfort Home Orphanage, I believe that the root goes back to my child hood. Our house was always full of extended family members whom my parents took care of.
29 Jul 2017
I started the business with just 300 naira and was determined to make something out of it. My life philosophy is that Rome was not built in a day, no matter the circumstances I find myself, I do what I have to.
8 Jul 2017
Kathlyn Eyitemi was sexually assaulted at the age of four, endured physical and verbal abuse from her dad and was raped few months to her wedding. Her mother committed suicide when she was fifteen.
1 Jul 2017
I share similar stories, challenges, pains and scars with other women in business trying to make a difference and live a life of true meaning.I am a Woman Of Rubies because I care about helping other people be better and I support women in business.
10 Jun 2017
I’ve always wanted to do something out of the ordinary with myself , something challenging. In fact helping people connect with work and play that makes them happy is a key reason why I do my work with passion. Humanitarian service
29 Apr 2017
I was rather the love child, who got almost all her little request to the best she knew, so there was really nothing pushing me to focus better as a child.
31 Dec 2016
My name is Queen Sunny Edet, a 23-year-old computer engineering student of Yaba College of Technology, Lagos. I hail from Okobo Local Council Area of Akwa Ibom State. I am the last in the family of six.


12 mins ago
Failure of the eligible customer policy of the power sector to impact positively on supply and usage in the country, five years after it was introduced, is not only frustrating, it has emphatically underscored the failure of privatization of the sector.
12 mins ago
The author of this book Dr. Reuben Abati, a phenomenon represents and has his hands in the three components of any successful book project; knowledge production, book publication, and media promotion.
12 mins ago
It is rather unfortunate! Under normal circumstances, one will expect that the new governor would not start with vendetta. He would have rather taken his time to study what is on ground before he starts issuing executive orders.
14 mins ago
October 6, 2022, when William Lawson's announced its unique and disruptive campaign, 'The Naija Highlandah Challenge’, not a few people wondered how it would go.
14 mins ago
Snail farming is one of the sustainable, money-spinning Agribusinesses that most Nigerians ignore. Also known as heliculture, snail farming is a process of raising edible snails for human consumption or cosmetic purposes.