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Bitcoin trading simulators – the apps that teach you Bitcoin trading


You’ll agree with the fact that Bitcoin is one of the most popular cryptocurrencies in the world. It is a widely accepted digital currency that several industries use. This means you can use it to purchase various products and services online. However, most people are still new to the idea of how to use Bitcoin.


When it comes to learning the basics of Bitcoin trading you’ll find plenty of useful articles online. Although they offer practical tips they don’t prepare you enough for the real situation on the market. Truth be told, you need to know what to do in exact situations so that your investments don’t flop.

Luckily, there is a solution to this. You can thank the gaming industry for this solution. Thanks to the rise of all cryptocurrencies the crypto game market was born in 2017. Most of the games on this market are titles with collectibles such as cards you can use against your opponents in the game. However, a portion of these games are simulators.

Since a simulator is a game that creates a virtual environment that serves as a sandbox with which you can experiment, you can see how Bitcoin trading simulators can come in handy. There are several cryptocurrency trading simulators out there and they can help you master the basics. Additionally, they will also put you in a simulated trading environment that will give plenty of practice.


Some of these apps focus on one cryptocurrency while others offer several. Nevertheless, they are useful when learning how to trade with Bitcoin and other digital currencies. Here are some of them:

Bitcoin Hero
This is one of the many useful apps that will help you learn all about Bitcoin trading. You can enjoy this game on a desktop as well as a mobile device. If you already know the basics then Bitcoin Hero lets you jump in. You get $10,000 to start with and you can buy and sell Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies.

The prices match the ones in the real world. This means you can adapt better once you move on to the real market. Naturally, you can do all sorts of things in the app and don’t feel the losses. Your mistakes will show you what to avoid when you’re trading Bitcoin in real-time.

Once you’ve got some practice you can go for the real thing. There are lots of trading apps online and sites like the Bitcoin Digital site can set up your account with just a few clicks. After you register and deposit the minimum amount you can rely on the advanced algorithms of the app to trade for you.


Bitcoin Mining Profit Calculator
This next simulator takes users back to the beginnings of gaming. Text adventure games were the rage back in the day and thanks to Bitcoin Mining Profit Calculator, they’re popular once more. If you have no idea about Bitcoin then this game is the ideal one for you.

Although it’s a website that features a simplistic approach it will teach you the basics. You’ll get messages regarding news about Bitcoin and by clicking various prompts on the screen you’ll make your investing decisions. You’ll see how the market works and you’ll see how the Bitcoin community functions. In other words, you’ll learn everything there is to know about Bitcoin.

Altcoin Fantasy
Although this game is the third in a row, it’s a pretty interesting game. The game has ACF Points which function as an in-game currency and uses information from the real-world market to help you learn how to trade with Bitcoin. The best thing about Altcoin Fantasy are the competitions.


This game organizes competitions that result in prizes made up of actual Bitcoin. So if you think your trading skill is sufficient you can try your luck out in one of these competitions. Market analysis is another important skill that Altcoin Fantasy teaches.

In other words, you can expect a healthy dose of competition even when you’re not part of a competition. What this simulator also lets you do is organize private competitions where you and your friends can compete against each other and improve your trading skills even more.

Besides these 3 apps, there are lots of other Bitcoin trading simulators available. Once you learn the basics, and you’re aware of the mistakes to avoid when you’re trading with the currency then you should experiment with these apps. Even if your investments turn out to be a loss you’ll be better prepared for the reality of the trading market.

By getting a good amount of practice you’ll better adapt to the different situations that the market will present you with. In time you’ll learn what to do exactly in given scenarios and become a skilled Bitcoin trader.


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