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Bringing entertainment with Bitcoin


Many people consider Bitcoin to be the future of payment. Some even believe that this cryptocurrency will replace all other payment methods at some point and become the global universal currency. Judging from the progress that Bitcoin had in the past 10 years, this scenario is likely to happen.


Even though Bitcoin is mainly regarded as a tool to make a profit, which it is, there are plenty of other ways that you can use it. That is the topic that we wanted to touch on. You may have not known this, but several of the world’s biggest brands such as Starbucks, Microsoft, and AT&T already accept it as a payment method.

Today, we are going to focus on the question of how can Bitcoin bring entertainment and fun to your life. We’ll name some of the things on which you can spend Bitcoin and receive tons of fun, excitement, and entertainment. But first, let’s check out where can you obtain this cryptocurrency.

Where Can You Trade With Bitcoin?
The fact is there are plenty of trustworthy sites where you can buy, sell, and trade Bitcoins. So, how can you determine which is the best one? There are several standards to be met those standards vary from one person to another.

We wanted to provide you with our top pick in this section and give you one of the most advanced softwares when it comes to Bitcoin trading – the Bitcoin Pro automated software. Bitcoin Pro is regarded as the new money machine. It features an AI-powered system that allows you to apply techniques which will benefit you off of rising and falling Bitcoin prices. All you have to do is register an account and start the process of trading.


Now that we’ve mentioned our top choice for trading Bitcoins, let’s see how can you entertain yourself using this cryptocurrency.

Video Games
Most gamers shop for the latest games online. The days of going to a shop to purchase some release are long gone. The games have become a digital possession, which is why it was only a matter of time before you could purchase them with Bitcoin.

The first thing that comes to our mind when thinking of purchasing games and other related products with Bitcoin is Xbox. As we stated before, Microsoft is one of the major brands that accept Bitcoin as a payment method and Xbox is owned by them. So, it is only logical that you can pay for their games, add-ons, and Xbox Live Subscription using Bitcoin.

Zynga Games also accept payments of this type and you can use the cryptocurrency to purchase mobile and online games. What’s interesting about them is that they’ve started testing payments back in 2014. Green Man Gaming, Big Fish Games, and the PlayStation Network are also included on this list. Games are the best way to entertain yourself and some of the world’s leading companies in this section accept the cryptocurrency, which is a big plus.


Travel Arrangements
Not only can you buy games and other related products using Bitcoin, but you can also make travel arrangements and they also fit the description of bringing fun and entertainment to your life with this cryptocurrency. Expedia, one of the largest travel agencies in the world, now accept Bitcoin as a payment method. Not only that, but there are also some companies which accept airline bookings with Bitcoin.

And if you feel like you want to go one step further, you can visit Virgin Galactic, which allows people to pay for future space travels with this cryptocurrency.

What About Offline?
Since Bitcoin is a digital currency, there are not a lot of offline places where you can use it. After all, its main purpose is to revolutionize the digital payment world by making every online transaction instant. However, there are some major shops in which you can buy stuff using Bitcoin, all you have to do is research them.


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