Tuesday, 6th June 2023
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Firm unveils app to improve digital learning

By Benjamin Alade
10 May 2023   |   3:39 am
To boost digital learning in Nigeria and other parts of Africa, Dyeka kids application has been introduced into the Nigerian market.

To boost digital learning in Nigeria and other parts of Africa, Dyeka kids application has been introduced into the Nigerian market.
Dyeka kids, founded in 2021, was part of the innovation that COVID-19 pandemic and the lockdown brought to bear to fill the gaps in education across social strata.
The mobile application, which is available on Android and iOS, uses rich content to teach concepts as taught in school in addition to information on living habits and all-around quality education.  

A parent, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said her seven-year-old did not only improve his grades but has an increased bank of general knowledge, which sets him apart from his peers.
The Founder of Dyeka app, Tobi Ita, explained that the application is not just any educational app. “It democratises high-quality education by providing an environment where each child who is a subscriber has access to thousands of content in the forms of video, sounds, images, books, live classes, assessments and group learning. 
“We realised that many children can benefit greatly from personalised education, especially in this part of the world and this became one of our core principles at Dyeka. Our app is designed so that our children can thrive in school and outside school.”
According to owners, parental involvement is also integral as parents register and go through the learning processes with their children.

Dyeka is a fun-learning app for children aged three to 10 years, providing co-curricular and high-quality curriculum-based learning online and it is Nigeria’s first curriculum-based learning app.