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iOS vs Android Bitcoin trading apps – which should you choose?


The need for trading bitcoins has appeared since the early introduction of bitcoins in the cryptocurrency world. Today, bitcoin is not the only well-recognizable cryptocurrency name among cryptocurrency traders. A few other names have appeared recently, but they were all influenced by the appearance of bitcoins in the bitcoin trading community.


While not many believed that cryptocurrency would go that far because it was only an ambitious idea on paper, however, cryptocurrency are the reality today and they rival fiat currencies in many ways. The most eye-catching thing about bitcoins is the fact that this cryptocurrency is not attached to banks and other financial institutions, which makes transaction processing proceed much faster when compared to bank transactions processing.

Smartphone Apps and Trading Bitcoins
There is a number of trading platforms today where bitcoin users could easily trade their bitcoins. Some of them, like eToro and Coinbase, became well-known trading platforms that enjoy a high reputation in the bitcoin trading community. However, some new names in the bitcoin community became popular thanks to the reason that they offer some extra features that other, older versions of the platform became known for. Thanks to smartphone apps, bitcoin trading apps became closer to the general audience, and all bitcoins traders can perform their daily trading activities simply by download the app on their smartphone devices.


iOS vs Android: It’s a Win-Win Situation
If you ask a bitcoin trader which app suits his trading needs best, you will probably get a number of responses. Simply, there isn’t a clear winner in this challenge because while for some iOS apps work better, for others Android apps meet their needs better. It’s the reason why every trader should choose which smartphone they’re going to use for bitcoin operations according to their needs and interest.


Price tracker, the e-wallet feature, and bitcoin trailers are the things that everyday bitcoin traders appreciate a lot about the newly appeared on the market trading platforms. That’s why here are the bitcoin trading apps divided into two categories: Bitcoin trading apps for Android and Bitcoin trading apps for iOS devices.

Bitcoin Trading Platforms for iOS devices
According to many, the Bitcoin Prime software app is the one that perfectly meets the needs of an iOS user. It’s the trading app that offers more than 50 cryptocurrency pairs paired with fiat currencies like euros and dollars. This robot-run trading app also helps traders predict the fall of prices in cryptocurrencies. It’s a well-known fact that AI-powered bitcoin trading apps run 20 times better than the daily trader.

These trading apps charge you only 2% of the total profit amount. The app is available to use for traders living on all continents, including North America. The app also offers the demo trial version that is helpful for beginners in bitcoin trading. All in all, Bitcoin Prime is the trading app to recommend to iOS devices users that are looking for the pocket-size version of their favorite trading platform.


Android users: KuCoin is the Way to Go
Android users would definitely want to have a look at KuCoin features, the trading app perfectly optimized for Android-running smartphones. While the app is available for iOS devices too, many believe that Android smartphones run this app better. Created by business specialists in May 2017, KuCoin is the trading app that allows bitcoin owners to trade, buy, or share their bitcoins in a matter of seconds. The founder has the ambition to make KuCoin one of the top 10 trading apps in the next few years. This trading app has a user’s base that counts millions.

It accepts more than 75 cryptocurrencies, and there are more than 300 trading pairs that clients can take advantage of when planning your bitcoin investment. Apart from making deposits, which are free of charge using the KuCoin app, KuCoin offers a very low trading fee that equals 0,1%. On top of that, KuCoin accepts 5 fiat currencies, including USD, euros, CAD, IND, VND, and the Chinese Yuans. The sign-up process is quite easy, you just enter your email, set a strong password, and accept the Terms and Regulations.


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