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Firm launches printers, seeks more telecoms sector improvements

By Guardian Nigeria
30 September 2009   |   2:58 am
NIGERIANS have been told to capitalise on the gains of the telecoms sector by investing more in the area in order for it to be at par with other developed countries of the world.

Emphatically, it was stated that the growth of the sector had been tremendous, from just about 40,000 lines to over 67 million fixed wireless line within nine years.


Speaking at the launch of Printronix Printers in Lagos recently, which is in partnership with JKK Oneware Nigeria Limited, the Area Sales Manager for Middle East, Africa and Iberica, Printronix, Sebastien Jodeau said that Nigeria telecoms sector had recorded tremendous growth cutting across other sectors of the economy in the country.

According to him, all that was required was to capitalise on the gains of the sector and let it translate quickly to economic gains for the country, which would make it competitive among the emerging markets of the world not only in Africa.

He added that the pace of ICT development, including broadband take-up hinges on the policy and regulatory framework. He also stressed that political will was needed at the very highest levels of government to establish an enabling environment, which would create a level playing field for all stakeholders in promoting the rollout of ICTs.

Speaking on the products launch, the Area Sales Manager for Middle east, Africa and Iberica said that Printornix was the leader in enterprise printing solutions for industrial market place and distribution supply chain providing network integrated multi-technology printers to businesses worldwide.

He added that Printronix was the acknowledged foremost supplier in line matrix printers, stressing that it had also become an established leader in pioneering technologies, including radio frequency identification (RFID) printing, bar code compliance and networked printer management.

Jodeau said that the solutions by Printronix had helped organisations increase operational efficiencies, reduce costs, improve supply chain visibility and manage printing application requirements across the entire enterprise and around the globe.

He stated that Printronix was the leader in enterprise printing solution and that for over 30 years had been addressing global customer needs for mission-critical industrial printing.

The range of products cover according to him included market leading line matrix printers, high-performance thermal bar code, RFID printers, fanfold laser printers and print and apply systems.

According to him, the printers are scalable, innovative, best of breed, built for change and smart.

He said that by the design, the framework had produced the best line matrix printer in Printornix history, adding that the P7000 platform was even more reliable and future-proof, stressing that because of its scalability, the P7000 could be the longest- lasting printer any organisation will ever own.

Other features of the printers are the improved pedestal design, enclosed cabinet, integrated print management system and ultra capacity ribbons.

Jodeau added that the machine was manufactured ruggedly and with all flexibility to accommodate papers based on specifications and that the parts were available for purchase.

By Adeyemi Adepetun