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HP promises growth of SMBs enterprise in Nigeria

By Guardian Nigeria
30 September 2009   |   3:02 am
Hewlett-Packard (HP) recently reconfirmed its commitment to Nigeria's growing small and medium businesses (SMBs) sector by continuously introducing intuitive laser and ink-based products which will assist businesses to tailor their portfolios according to their precise needs.

The company’s Regional General Manager Imaging and Printing Group, Amr Hassan said that HP had recognised the need support emerging markets such as Nigeria to achieve her goal of an economic giant, stressing that small and medium businesses play an important role in the development of a country.


“SMBs contribute to economic development in various ways for instance they create employment for rural and urban growing labour force, provide desirable sustainability and innovate the economy as a whole,” he added.

Hassan said that over the years, HP had demonstrated a strong commitment to changing the face of business in Nigeria by bringing latest technological innovations and services that add value to its clients, business, especially in today’ economic times.

It has been noted that colour presentation is particularly compelling within the small and medium – sized business segment (SMB) as companies look to compete in the wider marketplace.

A research compiled by HP as part of a campaign to highlight the business benefits of colour revealed that people are 55 per cent more likely to pick up a full-colour mail piece first if compared to black and white. It also started that use of colour in printed materials increased readership by up to 80 per cent and enabled customers to locate information 70 per cent faster. The research showed that colour would only help SMBs to have a positive impact in their communications.

Hassan added, “the use of colour is not merely a question of aesthetics. It can make genuine business sense even in challenging economic times such as these, both empirical research and anecdotal examples demonstrate the importance of colour and the role it plays in individuals’ decision-making and how it influences their level of success in their business.”