Technology or human capital? Cody James Cruz share his views

By Editor |   15 November 2020   |   4:37 am  

When you talk about a young entrepreneur who is great in talent management, digital marketing, and business development, few names come to mind, and Cody James Cruz AKA Cooler is one of them.

He is a young entrepreneur with the experience of a veteran, having been mentored by the legendary Scott Warner. He has had his fair share of business knowledge and what makes businesses grow, and he believes technology alone cannot save a dying business.

Why does Cody James Cruz (Cooler) believe this? We all agree that the business world is changing and technology is rapidly advancing, but he also believes that smart, intelligent, and innovative people have to be in control of the technologies in the business for it to thrive.

Investing in more talented and dedicated staff drives a company forward, not their advancement in technology. When resources and capital are being accessed in business, Cody James Cruz (Cooler) believes that human capital should be top of the list.

Technology does not run itself, and when he says the secret to the success of a business is an “all hands on desk approach,” he did not mean technology but the people who use the technology.

According to Cody James Cruz (Cooler) , advanced technology is good for the growth of the company, but he believes creative and innovative minds are better.

So, Cruz’s expert opinion on the growth of a business is investing more in human capital, people with the drive, determination, and innovation more than you invest in the latest technologies. Now, the staff you employ should be treated well enough for them to give their all to the business.

How does an entrepreneur take care of the staff? By creating a personal relationship with them, investing time and money in their personal and social welfare, and showing them a great amount of goodwill. Look at it this way, as the CEO, you may be on the roof of the company, but the staff is the pillar. So, how does a roof stand without the pillars to support it?

Just the way you need to understand and satisfy your customers for your business not to fail, you need to accord the same level of respect and goodwill toward your staff also.

That may just be the difference between a company that thrives and one that fails.
As an entrepreneur, Cody Cruz practices what he preaches. His staff is being taken care of, and they are giving it their all. It is no wonder his company is one of the fastest-growing digital companies in the world today.

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