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The Bitcoin wallet: What it is and how to choose one


Bitcoin is one of the more popular cryptocurrencies in the world. There are many benefits to using Bitcoin which is why more and more people are looking to become Bitcoin traders. They can do so by learning the basics from loads of articles online.


To get a feel of the market, these people can rely on the many mobile apps that serve as simulators of Bitcoin trading markets. Some of them focus only on Bitcoin while others offer other cryptocurrencies. So, if you’re new on the scene of Bitcoin trading you’re going to need a Bitcoin wallet.

What’s a Bitcoin Wallet?
You use your regular wallet to store money in the forms of banknotes, coins, and credit cards. Similarly to this, a Bitcoin wallet lets you store your Bitcoins. Since everything is connected to blockchain technology and therefore online the wallet also offers several measures of protection.

Each wallet comes with a private key that’s known only to the owner. It serves as a signature that validates every transaction you make. That’s why it’s important not to lose or forget this key. In addition to this, the private key keeps a history of all your transactions.

The second key the wallet has is the public key. This is a key you can share with anyone. Also, you use this key when you need to receive money. These are the basics behind any Bitcoin wallet. Just like the many cryptocurrencies, there’s a variety of Bitcoin wallets out there.


Some of the more common ones are the mobile Bitcoin wallets. These serve as apps on your smartphone and they’re really convenient. That’s because you can access them whenever you want. Web Bitcoin wallets are also pretty convenient since you only need a device with an Internet connection to use them.

In addition to these types of wallets, you can also rely on hardware wallets as well as paper and physical wallets. The price can also play a role in dividing the wallets into 2 groups. The first ones are for free while the second ones are the ones you pay for.

Similarly to them, there are many Bitcoin trading apps available. Among the many applications and websites, you’ll come across the Bitcoin Up trading app. This is a legitimate and safe app that lets you start trading with Bitcoin after a few easy steps. As soon as you register and deposit the minimum amount you can start your career as a Bitcoin trader.

With this information in mind, you’ll be scratching your head when presented with the task of choosing the right Bitcoin wallet. In that regard, here are some tips that will help you out:


Look for a Secure Wallet
When it comes to picking out a Bitcoin wallet you’ll have to make sure it has certain features that will make your transactions secure. For example, if you’re using a web wallet then you’re going to want to go for the one with an address that starts with https. This is usually combined with strong logins and other forms of versifications that are important for security.

Mutlisignature wallets are some of the most secure Bitcoin wallets. What makes them so safe is that owners require more than one key to authorize a transaction. This is a simple but effective measure against hackers and possible thefts.

You Can Count on Reputation
As established before, there are plenty of wallets available online. You’ll find some of these Bitcoin wallets on lists for the top Bitcoin wallets out there. If a wallet has a good reputation then it means it’s a wallet you can trust. Naturally, you should go over the various features it offers before you make a definite decision.

Is the Wallet Easy to Use?
If you’re getting your first Bitcoin wallet then reputation isn’t the only thing you’ll need to go for. User experience is something that plays an important role. You’ll want a wallet that’s easy to use so make sure to go over customer reviews. That way you’ll know what to expect from a wallet. Naturally, the Bitcoin wallet needs to suit your skill as a trader so you might go for something more complicated if you have more experience.

You’ll also need to consider if the wallet uses open source technology, the level of anonymity as well as other important factors. Naturally, the platform you use your wallet on also plays an important role. Nevertheless, choosing the right wallet can make all the difference.


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