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If anyone of you reading this now is close to Nollywood star, Patience Ozokwor, he or she should tell her to remove her hand from these many Ponzi like schemes springing up
Patience Ozokwor

Patience Ozokwor, Maybe, Should Stay Away From…
If anyone of you reading this now is close to Nollywood star, Patience Ozokwor, he or she should tell her to remove her hand from these many Ponzi like schemes springing up every minute of the day and are using celebrities to promote upandan.

Patience Ozokwor

T4T was snooping around the Internet during the week and eventually landed at the Facebook Timeline of Ozokwor, popularly called Mama G, where she was doing some sort of ‘Damage Control,’ claiming an outfit she was Ambassador of was not a Ponzi scheme. The actress claimed she had investigated the outfit as far as Dubai and had given it a clean bill of health and so her fans should not be worried.

Well, Mama G, your fans have every reason to be worried. They know that so many of these outfits are nothing more than Ponzi schemes. We have heard so many complaints about similar schemes like this promoted by your colleagues. It is better you hire the FBI or Interpol to do more digging because, from your post, it seems you have started hearing about the grumbling of your fans about this scheme…I nor call am Ponzi scheme o.
Yomi Gold Has It Too?
T4T was watching this Yoruba movie titled, Okan Eke, which starred Yomi Gold among others. Well, the movie is one of those Yoruba movies shot on one location in the US, that is if you have watched one of them before.

But that is not the story here. Yomi Gold, who had been scarce from the local scene back home played the abusive husband and at a point, he was telling the wife, “All I want is a ‘api’ marriage, ‘api’ home…”

It took T4T some time to process what the actor actually said. He meant happy home and happy marriage, which came out as ‘api’. That was when it dawned on T4T that Yomi Gold has this mother tongue interference thing too. And this brings us to the advice T4T has been giving to Yoruba actors since 1720; stick to Yoruba language ONLY, leave English language alone, na Yoruba film una dey act, biko!
Anyway, Tunde Owokoniran directed the movie shot last year.
To God be the glory!

Between Zubby Enebeli And Sunny Neji
T4T attended the annual Christmas party organised by celebrity restaurant chain (O’Jez) owner, Chief Joseph Odobeatu in his Lagos home on December 26. The party, as usual, was filled with movie and music stars. Zubby Enebeli, you recall the guy? Was in attendance.

Zubby became a star when he released a hit single that took the music scene by storm some years ago. But suddenly, the guy relocated to Asaba, Delta State and his music light dimmed. Well, he appears to be back in Lagos, perhaps, to reclaim his lost crown, who knows?
Well, the story here is, it was at O’jez’s house that he may have announced his arrival back in Lagos as he took over the stage with the invitation of the female artiste, who had been doing her stuff alone for some hours. In fact, T4T never knew Zubby was around until he was invited to take over the microphone. The artiste played that hit song “If you know me before…” and it still had that same effect it had on the audience like in the past.

Zubby, for effect, invited Sunny Neji, another highlife music legend to the stage and they both held the crowd hostage for over 30 minutes. Well, dear Zubby, if you don come back to Lagos again, you betta be ready o bcos dese Soro Soke youths taste don change nor be small. So, tight ya belt very well and ready to serve dem wetin dem dey eat, musically. I don talk my own finish.

Segun Arinze And Emeka Enyiocha Too
T4T has told you the story of Zubby Enebeli and Sunny Neji and what went down at O’jez restaurant owner’s home. Now, read what Nollywood stars, Segun Arinze and Emeka Enyiocha did that same evening.
Inside the expansive home of Chief Joseph Odobeatu, there is a lush garden with big-screen television sets lining the high fence walls. And the TV screens were showing the English premiership game between Aston Vila and Chelsea. T4T was sitting two tables away from the movie stars. There was too much to eat and drink, trust O’jez, but Segun Arinze and Emeka Enyiocha were not interested. Their eyes were glued to the TV set opposite their table. T4T was watching closely, their faces were sad. Chelsea was trailing by a lone goal. And then Chelsea equalised! You needed to see how the two actors sprang from their chairs and nearly tipped over the foods and drinks on their table and the next.

And then Chelsea scored two more goals to win the match. That was when the stomachs of Arinze and Enyiocha opened like a dam. To make up for the lost times, they started gulping down the foods and drinks in their front like yesterday was not Christmas day. Na wa o. So, na the match make dem nor fit eat since bifor?

Anyway, T4T sha no say belle go pain dem wen dem reach home bcos the food dem swallow after Chelsea win the match many nor be small.

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