The inquiry into Trump’s impeachment

Moving impeachment proceedings to the Senate by Christmas, of the most anti-democratic U.S. president in modern history, would not only be unwise, It would be sheer folly.
(FILES): US President Donald Trump delivers remarks in the Roosevelt Room at the White House on November 15, 2019 in Washington, DC. Zach Gibson/Getty Images/AFP

(FILES): US President Donald Trump. Zach Gibson/Getty Images/AFP

Moving impeachment proceedings to the Senate by Christmas, of the most anti-democratic U.S. president in modern history, would not only be unwise, It would be sheer folly. Trump’s band of enablers and the generality of his supporters, are bereft of any modicum of objectivity and sadly, seem to lack critical thinking skills. They are totally given over to bleaching and trivializing his nefarious actions, committed in plain sight. His acolytes and fawning apologists will cynically milk the spirit of the Christmas season to submerge and drown out, cries of demand for justice, accountability and honour, from the guardians of democracy and from the watchers on the walls of democratic institutions, seeking to uphold the US Constitution, which makes it clear, that no man is above the law.

They will no doubt insist that the Christmas season, which we as Christians celebrate worldwide, to commemorate the birth of Christ, should nullify, outweigh or supercede Trump’s criminality. They may even point to the thief on the cross, who was crucified next to Jesus Christ, but whom Christ forgave in his final moments on earth. His supporters will conveniently forget that the miscreant, repented before he received forgiveness and restoration. This connotes a desire and willingness to make right any wrongs, and to refrain from future misdeeds.

This bible account is commonly called; ‘The penitent thief’. It amply demonstrates that grace is not cheap, and that to receive grace there must be a quid pro quo – an exchange as it were. When Trump is not in direct contravention of fundamental Christian tenets, he stands at the ready to exploit Christianity as a ploy, crutch, prop or smoke screen. He does so, much in the same manner as he physically embraced the American flag, supposedly in an act of uber-patriotism, whilst contemporaneously committing acts, to spite the constitution and demean the rule of law.

Should the Democrats send Articles of Impeachment to the Senate, by or before Christmas, their action would be a tinsel wrapped gift that keeps on giving. Presented with the opportunity to simultaneously play the ‘Christmas card’ on top of the ‘victim card’, it would not be inconceivable for a totally histrionic Trump, to employ his honed craft of spewing lies and fomenting division.

This time it would be on a presidential dais, next to a picture-perfect nativity scene complete with farm animals, the three kings from the east, and a totally helpless and harmless depiction of Christ as an infant. It is against this backdrop that Trump would launch a blistering attack on the Democrats, accusing them of being vindictive, divisive and bent on executing a vendetta against him and his followers. It is more than likely that in this scenario, public opinion for his impeachment would tick down appreciably. Let us bear in mind that Trump and his ilk, may also find it useful to brandish the ‘God card’, as a means to advance a ‘pardons’ argument on behalf of himself and his co-conspirators, ‘in the spirit of Christmas’.  

Unquestionable bible doctrine stipulates that Christ is part of the triune Godhead, and is one with God.  It therefore behooves us to reflect on the case of King Uzziah (783 – 742 BC), for an inkling into how God might view these momentous events. King Uzziah reigned in the ancient kingdom of Judah, which had splintered from the kingdom of Israel.  His contempt for the settled norms and traditions of governance, got the better of him and led him to usurp the established authority of the priesthood, whose sole prerogative it was to burn incense to God in the temple. King Uzziah took it upon himself to sabotage this sacred duty by entering into the temple and burning incense to God himself. His brazen, unorthodox actions were egregious, as he upended official structures and institutions, thereby, threatening the balance of power within the Kingdom. God was not willing to give him a pass and He struck King Uzziah with leprosy. In effect, the popular king was relegated to the status of permanent outcast, becoming at once a pariah and a by-word. 

The questions could be asked why a benevolent God would visit such a fate on a king, who by all reckoning was a successful ruler and why wouldn’t a forgiving God overlook his aberrant conduct?  King Uzziah’s rogue, unprecedented actions, not only corrupted and challenged the legitimate role of the priesthood, whose pivotal functions impacted existential issues of personal and national life; in misbehaving he made public mockery of and denigrated both priestly and kingly institutions. Furthermore, he lay down a very dangerous precedent.

His ill-considered conduct could have precipitated a descent into widespread societal chaos and mayhem, propelled by the scourge of lawlessness. In essence, anarchy was being promoted by the highest office in the land. In addition, King Uzziah could have provoked a general revolt of the populace, who were fully cognizant of his villainy. Indeed, the people would have felt disrespected and hard done by, as he was not authorized or qualified to serve as a mediator on their behalf in matters pertaining to the Divine. Left unchecked the nation could have plunged into a burning conflagration, which might have resulted in self-annihilation.

Trumps dug-in trajectory of stonewalling Congress and his corrupt sway over the head of the U.S. judiciary, the country’s chief law enforcer, are on par with King Uzziah’s malfeasance. He is self-coronating and declaring himself to be above the law, in his quest to satisfy his feral appetites. The Democratic Party ought not to anoint him, which would be the end result, if they were to announce their findings prematurely. 

They ought to hold their cards close to their chests, and not volunteer any information relating to the Impeachment inquiry conclusions, until after the New Year. Timing is of the utmost importance, in their valiant efforts to stave off further damage to a functioning, exemplary democracy. Failing which, authoritarianism, oligarchic tyranny and mass unrest will be the order of the day. In light of the high-stakes, it may augur well to contemplate the Christmas season mindful of harsh realities and cold, alarming truths, endeavouring not to be blinded by the unending displays of dazzling Christmas lights.


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