The pillars of Nigeria’s systemic corruption

Most people in the world would seem to me to know it, or at least to believe it, that the whole world, indeed the whole universe, was created by a living and all-knowing and all-powerful God. Many natural issues in life – common sense, the easily perceivable natural law, all properly reasoning logic, all the natural sciences, and culture – all say the same thing! That is, to talk less of all sound theology, metaphysics and all of the living faiths and religions; most of which by the sheer grace of God, yours truly has had the privilege and opportunity not only to study, but indeed to live within and have friends from what I would believe to be some of their best believers in, and practitioners of!

Many wise sayings in life say exactly the same thing – for example, “all that can be known or said about God is plain to the necked eyes.” “only a fool can say in his heart that there is no God”, “the whole of creation, all living and non-living things, the very order of nature, tell us that there is a Great Mind behind all these things”, etc. Those are surely some of the logic, the basic philosophy and theology of religion and of common sense!
Similarly, every normal and reasoning person that I know in 2022 year of the Lord, and who has any measurable knowledge or experience of Nigeria, are of the same realization and conclusion: that Nigeria is a very corrupt country; and hardly any worthwhile country or nation at all! That is, as we or indeed our leaders have preferred to run this country up to date; and we have most foolishly agreed for it to have been going all along! All of our “heroes past” had said so in one way or the other – for example, that “Nigeria is a British mistake of 1914”, that “Nigeria is not a nation at all but a mere physical or geographic expression”, “that our corruption is so great that it will kill us, if we do not first kill it” – whether those who said the latter really understood what they were saying or were just using it as a demonic ploy to destroy us completely, eventually; as would seem to be the case now! Of course, properly speaking, all these past leaders have done their bests, as we must be charitable enough to appreciate as well as to say – both to them and to all of ourselves, indeed. However, those their bests have fallen absolutely very short of what we would need to be what God Himself has created us to be!

Even as merely summarised in the first two paragraphs above concerning the main themes thereof, of God and of Nigeria, every reasoning person that I know in Nigeria or even outside Nigeria, but who has the slightest reasonable knowledge of her currently, are in perfect agreement that we can no longer go on like this. The country is so thoroughly destroyed in all its fabrics, by the same age-long corruption, that if we do nothing corrective about it now, there will be nothing left of it in a little while more! Yet as we go, even though many are realising the dire situation of the present state of affairs, some are doing their best to tell us that they must continue on the corruption because that is the currency that sells most easily in the place!

The presidential primaries of the 2 mega parties that have hand-in-glove ruled and ruined us since 1999 have both told us this in no mistakable ways – by the humongous naira and US dollar corruptions of their 2022 presidential primary candidate elections or selections, as usual. So, one is persuaded to wonder what must be wrong with such “Nigerians”! Are they well? Are they alive and reasoning? Do they listen to the quiet voice of God that still whispers His truths in the heart of every man, even of those who call themselves atheists, agnostics or such other “man will never know it” people! Can these people not see the ignominious end that awaits this mere geographical Nigerian entity, if we choose to continue with those thoughts and schemes?

Now, to come to the crux of the matter, everybody knows that Nigeria is extremely corrupt. It is not any genuine love of the country or of self to continue to deny that fact; and those trying to do so are simply trying to deceive themselves or some other persons! They are simply denying to embrace the only truth that alone will set them and all of us free; to embrace the freedom that will help us to change and begin to improve ourselves for the best for ourselves. In that way, they will only be postponing the ultimate evil day of disaster rather than constructive progress! We know that this corruption is both systemic as well as systematic.
It permeates every iota of our beings as Nigerians. Many of us were conceived in our mothers’ wombs with it, carried in pregnancy with it, born in it, grew up in it, and have been breathing and eating it all of our lives! Therefore, unless with the utmost grace of God or the greatest of all sound education, many Nigerians will be unable to get themselves out of its absolute corruption of their entire human selves. So, for a properly educated person, one may not get angry or in any ways be upset to see these behaviours. Such one will simply know that only long and sound education or prayers for the grace of god to reach such people will deal with the matter. So, no tempers need to be lost in that regard.

Of course, every reasoning person in Nigeria knows that the great two pillars of this systemic and systematic Nigerian corruption are the two evils of religious fanaticism and rabid ethnicity. The outermost ramifications of these two primary evils are found in the more commonly expressed words of tribalism; nepotism; rabid, unreasoning or even imperialistic ethnicity or “born to rule” cultures; etc. Bribery and corruption as well as governance by the breeding and/or maintenance of mass illiteracy and under-education, mass impoverishment of others with personal amassment of the public wealth rather than any independent personal effort, come at last to perfect those evils.

And we are still living in those, with our erstwhile leaders of this retrogressive order boasting and analysing for us how we will be unable to have it otherwise; as they will simply keep coasting to their understood and expected selfish brands of “victory” with them! They and their arrogant followers find it impossible to imagine or to see that this country is surely getting completely out of that mode of thinking, of doing, or of our responding to them and their propaganda any longer. At no time in the history of Nigeria as a mere geographic entity, as we have been, has these two evils of rabid tribalism and religious fanaticism been so grown and functionalised as we have them today. That is the reason that Nigeria is at the very point of death, unless some things very radical indeed happen to her. Can anybody see or not see those signs?

So, for all these things to be so evident and yet some people rise up and keep analysing to us that by fanning and furthering those tribalisms, ethnicities and religious and unreasoning fanaticisms is how they will be sure to win the expected and up-coming Nigerian election is hard to understand! They even go ahead to assure themselves and their supposed listeners that this is how they will continue to rule the Nigeria. Such supposed Nigeria most obviously exists only in these politicians’ apparently very funny heads, and not as every other person can most easily see. One can very easily tell oneself that there will be no reason to waste one’s time on those obviously evil machinations of such people.
But obviously, anyone who knows or more importantly loves and fears God will do no such thing! On the contrary, such one will simply continue to do one’s best to try to educate such people. One will do so also in trying to educate others to join in educating such people. Very surely, he will also be praying for them – for God does not desire the death of a wicked man, nor the innocent people who un-informedly or howsoever else, mistakenly follow such people. On the contrary, His desire for such people is that they will soon repent of such evil thoughts or inclinations; and very much sooner come to the knowledge and glory of the Holy God Almighty, perceivable by every human eyes and minds! So, as a country, and as people who desire the coming to fruition of the surely Godly amalgamation, cultivation, growth and flowering of all the great treasures bestowed by that same God on this present mere geographical entity called Nigeria, this is what we must do at this time!

May it please this same God almighty to bless this otherwise unfortunate Nigeria with this needed progression and arrival at The Uhuru, The Ubuntu, which He surely intended for us! This is the destination which the white people (as the ethnic and obviously very self-interested Caucasians as colonialists) did their best to ensure that we will never arrive at – a progressive nation far better than any one that they ever developed, even for themselves!
May common sense descend on the vast majority of us, that we may seize the opportunity that God is obviously offering to us at this time, and do so very clearly as due; perhaps for the last time!! May He in particular bless as He know best, all Nigerians as well as any others, who will work silently and assiduously for the arrival at this sure glory of God upon the black man, the African, the so-called developing world, and indeed, all the so far developmentally undermined peoples of the world, by its past powers that be! Amen.

For indeed, this is not only a Nigerian struggle against the power of darkness but of all these other peoples of the world as listed. God bless Nigeria; and the entire world that He Himself created from the beginning, by this seeming final arrival at true independence, freedom from undermining by others and true democracy for all! Amen.

Asuzu is a professor of public health and community medicine at the University of Medical Sciences, Ondo.

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