The U.K.’s Diamond White emerges as premier choice in invisible aligners

3 years ago
1 min read

With the latest advancements in technology, consumers are more likely to straighten their teeth now more than ever before thanks to the innovation of invisible aligners. In the last 10 years, aligners have gained huge momentum in the dental and orthodontic industry. As many new companies have developed in recent years, only few have emerged as industry leaders, leaving consumers satisfied and pleased with their results. The U.K.’s Diamond Whites has made headlines as of late for their dedication to impeccable service and their use of advanced technology in keeping track of a patient’s progress while invisible aligner treatment is underway.

With the prestigious celebrity dentist Dr. Richard Marques at the helm of every treatment plan, what sets Diamond Whites apart from other invisible aligner companies is in their commitment to excellence and service. Having treated celebrity patients like Dua Lipa, Rita Ora, Love Island star Oliva Buckland, Joey Essex and Tom Daley, Dr. Marques is well-versed in perfecting one’s dream smile.

“My motto is that we ‘treat every single patient and customer near and far as a celebrity!’” Dr. Marques says. “That to me means that we provide a celebrity-style level of customer service, attention to detail and results for every single person who trusts us with their smile! We are absolutely passionate about providing the ultimate best experience and results in the industry with our amazing team.”

But it isn’t just Dr. Marques that makes Diamond Whites so special. Using AI technology from ScanBox, Diamond Whites patients receive a device that allows one to capture high-res photos of their teeth to share with Dr. Marques and the DW team so that they can maintain and manage treatment every step of the way. And while one might think that technology like this would result in an expensive treatment, Diamond Whites pricing is nearly 70% less than most competitors, making it not just affordable, but the best choice on the market.

“When a customer comes to us and tells us how DW aligners has genuinely changed their confidence with being able to smile, it is so rewarding,” says Dr. Marques. “As of now we are beginning to collate these incredible before and afters and video testimonials from our customers to show what a difference DW aligners can make to the smiles. We have so many exciting things in the pipeline from new products to global expansion. Diamond Whites would like to spread beautiful smiles throughout the world and improve our customers’ confidence and wellbeing.”

To learn more about Diamond Whites, visit their website for details.