3 Questions That Can Help You Identify Your Skills

Many of us often get lost as to the things we are capable of and what our skillset is. If you find yourself unsure about your skills, answering these three questions below could help you determine your abilities or expertise.

What do you enjoy doing?

The first step is to ask yourself where your passion lies, what do you actually enjoy doing? Which skill make you feel extremely competent? For instance, if you are good at explaining, advising and answering people’s questions, you should be considering adding good communication skills or customer service abilities to your CV.

What gets you compliments?

If you find yourself constantly getting compliments from others about a particular skill, you should consider leveraging on it. So ponder on what others commend you for most times and why they acknowledge you for this particular skill.
What have you done at your job?
If you have a job and you really can’t identify your core skills, check your job descriptions. If your roles require you to do a certain task every time, then think about the skills necessary to do the work. If you are an undergraduate with no job experience, check out what you do almost every day. If that thing keeps you busy every time, then there is a skill set in there.
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