Ticket To Life hits big screen

Veteran Nollywood actress, Tina Mba, and award-winning stars, Linda Osifo, Sambasa Nzeribe are part of stars in Geshin Salvador’s Ticket To Life, which debuted at the cinema yesterday.

Veteran Nollywood actress, Tina Mba, and award-winning stars, Linda Osifo, Sambasa Nzeribe are part of the stars in Geshin Salvador’s Ticket To Life, which debuted at the cinema yesterday.
Directed by Salvador and scripted by Miskeen Anav from a story by Tomisin Ayoade, the movie tells a multifaceted tale that will leave movie lovers on the edge of their seats. After coming to Lagos from the village in search of greener pastures, Nafisat soon realises that the grasses are not as green as they seem when discovers a haunting secret. She must then make a deal with an archenemy to preserve her only means of survival against another enemy.
The film’s Executive Producer, Olayinka Quadri, said the film is true to the Nigerian reality, adding that it was important to find a very good script, cast brilliant actors who deliver 10/10 and give the project to a director who is passionate about storytelling.
“This film depicts the Nigerian reality so well, the actors bring something different to their previous work and it is funny and beautifully shot. The audience will come away talking about it and quoting the actors.”
Speaking at the exclusive screening in Ikeja, Lagos, Salvador revealed how making a film about the crushing realities of ordinary Nigerians inspired his directorial vision for the project.
“I wanted to effectively capture the gut-wrenching travails experienced by humans in overcoming their life demons. The film had to be set in a world that was true to the story without pictures of wealth or affluence.”
Also speaking on the movie, the associate producer, Opeyemi Oyegbemi said: “This movie is about everyday life. We see people who want to become opportunists and want to do everything to make money.
On the choice of cast, he said: “We didn’t cast the stars because of popularity, but because we know they are fit for the roles so, we decided to give them the opportunity to work with us. There are lots of lessons in the movies; someone can actually do something good to make money. Just like in the movie where the lady became a surrogate and it let her down the drain. We need to understand that it’s not everything we should do to make money.  

“We had a challenge picking actors. There are lots of Nollywood actors good for the job, but timing played the biggest challenge when picking. We had challenges with touts who just want to collect money whenever they see cameras. Nigerians should please come out and show us, love; we are giving them a movie. They should show us love by coming out to watch it.”

Produced by Eugene Enogwe, Ticket to Life also stars Debby Emokpaire, Christian Ochiagha and others.

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