Trickles of silent tears – Part 3

Continued from last Saturday

Salome couldn’t control her emotions again as she started crying ceaselessly due to the unjust treatment being meted on her.
She staggered to a corner in the bank’s premises and resolved in her mind to kill herself by committing suicide in the most tragic way. She went down memory lane, thinking about her bitter experiences in life and concluded to end it all that very day.

She was still crying uncontrollably and wondering at the cruel treatment when the managing director of BW International Merchant Bank saw her in that melancholic state as he was approaching his chauffeur-driven expensive car. He moved closer to find out what was the problem.

“Hello woman, what’s the problem? Why are you crying?” the ebullient and smooth-talking boss asked, as he brought out his handkerchief and cleaned the tears off Salome’s face.
“Thanks, sir…you can’t solve my problem…” Salome replied between sobs. “By this time tomorrow, I’ll be a dead woman…I swear I’ll commit suicide…no one can make me change my mind. I have been maltreated, insulted and assaulted by the security man for coming late and I will soon lose my job…”

“No one will sack you from this bank, I assure you,” he said while restoring back her hope and confidence. “Please, hear my story sir. I have been through hell in life and just feel the next thing to do is to die a gruesome death. Let me brief you about my life.”

Within a few minutes, Salome narrated her past history to the bank chief and he listened carefully and attentively. Just then, as Salome wiped the tears streaming down her face with her cloth, she properly scrutinised the face of the man consoling her and talking to her. She wondered what he had the same look and colour as her.

The managing director himself wondered that the poor woman he was consoling had the same appearance as him and light-skinned. The resemblance was just too much. He asked her some questions regarding her background and she told him the plain truth.

Alas, he was David Nnanna, the son Salome had sold for N100, 000 many years ago. It was the greatest coincidence of all time. David burst into tears and wept while hugging his lost mother. It was a bitter and sweet reunion. In tears, they both spoke. David was 40 years old at that time while Salome was 57.

“You shouldn’t have sold me away my mum. Why did you do it?” David asked his now repentant mother. “It’s a painful world, my son… a world filled with injustice and oppression… It was a big and costly mistake on my part. I shouldn’t have done it…” Salome replied tearfully and sorrowfully.

“Mother, you will stop this job instantly and pack into one of the duplexes I recently completed at Ikeja GRA,” David said while strolling into his office with his mother. “I’ll give you a car with a driver to take you anywhere you so wish. I will take care of your needs today. You have no problem.”

That was how God arranged the meeting of Salome and David 40 years later. Salome from then lived a life of opulence and stupendous wealth she never dreamt of in her wildest imagination. God is faithful and at times He is slow to anger.

We must be very careful to live our lives in most honourable and righteous ways, so as not to provoke God’s anger because taking such ungodly steps might cause us harm and terrible regrets till the end of life. One might not be as lucky as Salome.


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