Ways to bet on sports from California

The Golden State: A Great Spot for Tourists, A dry Spot for Gamblers

When considering the Many States within the U.S. which would be Optimal for traveling to, California would be number one on the list. From the Hollywood area with the walk of fame and Grauman Chinese Theatre to the bustling nightlife and Music festivals which are a California mainstay to their niche, yet well-known wine culture, with around 800 wine cellars being available it’s a place where you can visit and never get tired of.
The state is also home to a number of celebrities and figures in sports, such as LeBron James, the late Joe DiMaggio, and Barry Bonds of the Giants. Sports in general are extremely popular within the state of California, with sports like basketball, golf, and MMA all having major prevalence within the state.

However, what many people do not visit California for, in contrast to other states, is their gambling scene. “Why is that?” You may be asking, especially when I’ve just mentioned how prevalent sporting is. With a state with such a love for sports, you would expect the government to embrace a culture of sports betting, as places like Canada have done. Well, don’t you worry, for within this article I’ll be going over the main aspects of sports, sports betting, and gambling within California.

Gambling Laws and Regulations within California

To give an answer to the question of why Sports are not as prevalent within California, it simply boils down to the fact that most forms of gambling within the state are illegal. From the litany of ways one can gamble, only five are legal. According to Penal Code 330 PC of the California Criminal code, any games which usually fall under the category of Banking and Percentage based gambling are subject to Penalties such as six months of Jail Time, and a possible fine of 1000 USD.

These include Pari Mutuel Wagering on horse races, Gaming in Licensed Card Rooms, Gambling Within Tribal Casinos due to them following different laws to the rest of California, Bingo games and Raffles which are done with a charitable purpose, and lastly the California State Lottery. All of these methods are stated to be allowed under the Constitution of California.

Offshore Sports Betting and Sports Betting Apps

While in a grey area, California betting apps are an extremely efficient way for one to make bets on different sports within the region. Many of them are legitimate, but it would be in your best interest to make sure that they are valid and licensed to avoid scams and possibly legal trouble.

On the other hand, the majority of genuine offshore sports bookmakers and betting apps have licenses issued by a variety of different gaming authorities. These gaming authorities may be located in countries such as Panama or Curacao or Malta. They are controlled by the authorities of these nations since they have these licenses, providing them legitimacy and putting the bettor’s mind at ease as a result.

The license that they receive removes them from the jurisdiction of California, which means that they are no longer officially operating inside the state of California.

In theory at least, one is free to place bets on as many different sports and leagues as their heart desires without fear of being prosecuted by the state.

However, one should proceed with caution when using online sportsbooks due to the aforementioned illegality of gambling, particularly because betting is regarded as a “banking game” in which the money collected from the losers is used to pay the winners of the game. However, in theory at least, one is free to place bets on as many different sports and leagues as their heart desires without fear of being prosecuted by the state.

The November 2022 Elections

In the years between 2019 and 2022, a number of politicians have been working to have measures passed in order to legalize sports betting inside the state, with a specific focus on the tribal casinos located within the state of California. This was known as Proposition 27, and it was promoted strongly inside legislative regions. Furthermore, it was put to a vote in the midterm elections of 2022, where it could be voted on.

The actual conclusion, which was unfortunate, was not one that boded well for gambling inside the state of California. The results of the midterm election came down to a vote for the clearance of the bill, which received 17% of the votes calling for betting to be legalized, and 83% of the public calling for a vote of no. As a result, any real prospect of sports betting being legalized within the Golden Coast was effectively eliminated.

Final Arguments

In spite of the great level of devotion that the state of California has for sports, it does not embrace the sports betting industry in the same manner that other areas that place a strong emphasis on sports, such as Ontario, do. Because there is such a high level of passion for sports, it stands to reason that a good number of people will look to enter the world of sports betting. There is, in fact, a way to do so, and it can be accomplished through pari mutuel horse racing as well as through the use of offshore sportsbooks.

In spite of this, if the outcomes of the elections in November 2022 are any indication, it will likely be quite some time before the state adopts legislation that makes it legal to wager on sporting events. Only time will tell in the end.
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