What Should Be In My Makeup Bag?

Dinma Umeh

Did you know that you are more likely to pick the worst ice-cream flavour when presented with 15 different flavours, than if you were given only 7 options? Same goes with makeup.

Sometimes, having a variety of options leads to confusion, especially if your makeup is intended for personal use only.

That is why it is best to keep your makeup kit light and organised. Not only does it save you time, but it also helps you make better decisions.

Makeup starter or pro, having a well-organised makeup bag translates to good makeup. If your makeup bag is a maze, every time you dip your hand in, you come out with multicoloured stains on your hands, and it is no surprise that your makeup will look so clumsy.

So if you want that really clean, effortless beat, start by cleaning up your makeup bag. Here are the essentials that should be in your makeup bag.

Top 7 Makeup Essentials
Depending on your style and skin type, the most important makeup element differs. For some, it’s the brows, for others, it’s the winged liner. Whatever your preference is, here are the essential makeup tools that can help you achieve a flawless look.

1. Moisturiser- Yes, yes, I know you’re in a hurry, but you don’t have to look it. Starting your makeup off with a moisturiser is a wise step, and it pays off long after the makeup starts to rub off. A well-moisturised skin will provide an excellent base to build your makeup on. It minimises cracking and the formation of fine lines.

2. Primer- What use is all of that makeup if it is going to come off in 30 minutes. Listen, we need to plan for the future and not just for the moment. That is why you need to prime your face before you apply foundation. Chances are that people can’t tell the difference, but what do you want to feel when you look back at your pictures? Definitely not regret. Go get that primer, girl.

3. Brow pencils- Now, this is a staple. They are more than just eyebrow fillers. They can be used to line your lips, create artificial freckles, beauty spots, moles, you name it. If your intention is to create space in your makeup kit, or perhaps you’re creating a much smaller one for travels and weekends out, you should pick up the brow pencil that comes in the shade closest to your real hair.

4. Concealer- Many people get tempted to leave their concealer behind because “they’re not trying to wear so much makeup”. Quite the paradox if you ask me because using a concealer helps you look like you didn’t just plaster foundation all over your face. You want your makeup to be properly highlighted and your brows defined. That’s why you’ll be adding a concealer to your new makeup kit.

5. Foundation- Of course, you’re going nowhere without this guy, unless you’re off to the circus. Your foundation has a unique way of bringing all of your makeup together. It is an excellent base for makeup. Since you’re packing light, a matte foundation is the better option. With a matte foundation, you can step down with the setting powder and not worry about sweating through your makeup.

6. Eyeshadow palette- This probably is my favourite item in a makeup bag, but it is more than just the fun colours. If you want to dress to kill, an eyeshadow palette is probably the most dynamic item in your arsenal. Eyeshadows add depth and a touch of creativity to your makeup. Plus, with the right hues, it may become a blush, a highlighter or even a lip stain.

7. Powder- Severely underrated and underappreciated, your brown powder is one item you should not step out without. Apart from being a quick fix for your when your skin starts to get oily, a good powder polishes your makeup and gives it that finish it deserves. Wearing powder is like walking around with a Snapchat filter in real life.
To add a bit of your personality to this selection, you may throw in your eyeliner, luminizer, a few shimmers you’ve fallen in love with, and whatnot. The bottom line is the fewer the options, the better. So avoid taking too many shades of lipstick.


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