Why I Chose Plug-In As My Debut Single – TE3JRY


Te3jry, pronounced Teejay, is a versatile musician who grew up in Bayelsa State, Nigeria. He says music has been a significant part of his life and influenced his family. Most of his family members are involved in music directly or indirectly.
Over the years, he has made music in Bayelsa state but did not seriously consider releasing music professionally until his move to Lagos early in 2022.

Teejay disclosed that Plug-in is a very personal song to him. Although he has made it very relatable to suit a broader audience, it doesn’t take away the fact that the song speaks to him directly. Hence this is not the type of song he was supposed to glorify and also used to announce his emergence into the music industry.

He released this song as his debut because something has to keep reminding him of the greater goal. He needs always to remember where he is coming from and keep making great music for himself and his fans scattered over the globe. To the singer, this song takes him back that memory lane and serves as a reminder.

Teejay believes he has no bad songs, and even though he considers Plug-in to be one of his least qualified for a debut single, he believes the song is a masterpiece and people will enjoy his craft and creativity on the song.

Moving on from this release will see an elevation in the quality of songs and lyricism. Teejay disclosed that, though Plug-in is such a great jam, it will only become better and better from here on. Plug-in is readily available in all digital stores.
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