Why people miss opportunities, by BKGlam Group CEO Bukkykoga

Bukonla Ifedayo Esan, popularly known as Bukkykoga, is the CEO if BKGlam Group

Bukonla Ifedayo Esan, CEO of BKGlam Group, which comprises an event-planning outfit, BKGlam Events, and the fashion and styling subsidiary, BKGlam International, has explained why people see opportunities and miss them
Fondly called Bukkykoga, Bukonla Ifedayo Esan,is a female  entrepreneur based in the United Kingdom, from where she started her business seven years ago after her first degree. The entrepreneur who was born in Lagos but relocated abroad, is a symbol of vision, determination, hard work, as well as a role model to the female folks.

The resourceful BKGlam Group boss outlined her goals and chased them by acquiring the appropriate skill and education to help her succeed. Bukkykoga graduated from Plymouth University in the UK with a degree in Business Administration and Human Resources in 2013, two years after which she launched the group.

Success only comes to those who worked for it and the achievements of  Bukkykoga’have not come on a platter of gold. She represents grit and doggedness, built BKGlam Group from just an idea in England to become familiar brands in the UK, Europe and Nigeria.

Bukonla Ifedayo Esan has got reward for her resourcefulness, creativity and passion. She has acquired several properties in London, including a house in England’s capital city this year.
Her creative and imaginative abilities have taken BKGlam Group across many international borders. Bukkykoga each time assumes the position of becoming the eyes and noses of her clients, who are individuals of high reputation, whom she helps actualise the dream occasion they desire or have in mind.

The ingenuity of the UK citizen in the world of fashion is in the class of any of the popular global brand. Her label stole the show at the 2022 Africa Magic Viewers Choice Awards, (AMVCA), where Nollywood stars, including Toyin Abraham, acknowledged their apparel were from the BKGlam label.

Bukkykoga, who regularly serves motivational posts on her Instagram, recently pointed out that opportunities disguise as hard work, urging her followers to take advantage of openings that come their way.
“Opportunities are usually disguised as hardwork, so most people don’t recognise them. Let your good be ever hanging ready. The fish will be in the pool where you least imagine it to be”, Bukkykoga wrote on her Instagram page.

The delectable entrepreneur is also an advocate for women empowerment. She has indirectly on some occasions presented herself as an example of an independent woman. Sharing an idea on the subject, she urged woman to ensure they have multiple sources of income.

“For those close to me, clearly could testify that I don’t involve or invest in anything I’m not sure of. Who wants to be part of this movement? My ladies, nothing beat multiple streams of income, trust me,” said Bukkykoga
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