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Readers’ reactions to stories trending on The Guardian website, and the social media as compiled by Head of Online Desk, AKINLOLU OLUWAMUYIWA

Senate seeks capital punishment for kidnappers

Aremo says: “It will be wise to pass the same law against corruption.’’
Joseph: “Yes, I agree with the Senate on kidnappers, what about treasury looters, are they not worst than kidnappers? They take our sovereign wealth for their own use.’’

Edungbola: “‪Its a welcome development, but they should not forget to recommend death sentence for forgery of government documents, looting of public fund and many other vices peculiar to them in the Senate.‬’’

Adedayo: “What of the political pen robbers? It should be instant death sentence.’’
Oduma: “Good, because it is a criminal act and those blood thirsty herdsmen should be treated the same way because somebody who rape women, massacre people and destroy farmland should not be pampered.’’
Richard: “What about those looting public wealth?

Outrage as herdsmen kill monarch, nephew in Kaduna

Utolason asks: “Is there still a police force in Nigeria?”

Ologs: “Yes, they are waiting for order before they can act. A good way to dodge. The people must stand up to defend themselves, it is only then the police and army can come and assist. This is exactly what should be done.’’
AR: “The experts in accidental discharge and intimidation of the defenceless civilians.’’
Jellybelly: “I guess it should be expected.’’

Richard: “I vehemently condemn the killings of people by the herdsmen. It is totally reprehensible. Buhari must rise and crush these criminals.’’

Omooba: “The chicken is now coming home to roost. If it happened in the south and nothing apparently was done to curb this menace, now that the war is in the north we are waiting for their action. This is how Boko Haram started and the then government was dragging their feet before it exploded in their face.’’

Daniel: “The new face of Boko Haram is here.’’
Onavire: “It is not violent communal clash. Why are the government and police so naive or hypocritical? It is ethnic cleansing. Can’t they see it.’’

Government loses secret trial bid
as Dasuki gets access to lawyers

Osanebi says: “Buhari disgraces someone in the public but wants to prove it in secret.’’

Opamkaa: “This is not a dictatorship, and Nigeria is not in a state of emergency. What does the Federal Government want to hide in a secret trial? This same judiciary denied Nnamdi Kanu an open testimony request. Different standard for different citizens.’’
Mizch: “God gives everyone involved in this case life and good health so that one day the truth will be known. We do not want to belief that the Federal Government has been misguided as ex-president Bush of the US was misguided to fight Iraq for non-existing nuclear missiles.’’
Lims: “I don’t think the Federal Government is prepared for this case.’’

Marcus: “They will also latter lose the trial having no good reasons for their actions.’’
Auta62: “Maybe the Federal Government does not have convincing reason (s) to try Dasuki in the open, else why would they be asking for secret trial.’’

Audu: “Why does the Federal Government want to try him secretly?”
Samuel: “More facts will be unraveled soon. The truth will soon be known.”

Power sector records four system
collapses in four weeks

Amador says: “Government has bluntly refusal to conduct a forensic audit of the power sector. License more DISCOs and GENCOs to create competitive efficiency in the attraction of quality technical partnerships and significantly reduce the cost of producing power per mega watt has been devastating and the chickens are coming home to roost. Now the masses will be made to bear the cost of this cumbersome mess.’’

Auta62: “ Is this government not tired and ashamed of this numerous excuses on the power sector? Excuses and more excuses for something that is very easy to solve. Why haven’t the government invested in alternate energy that can be quickly installed and operational? We have abundant coal in the country. Where is the investment in coal fired plant, or even ethanol as we can process cassava and other stuff into ethanol.’’
One Naija: “This hydro and gas stuff won’t work. Please, explore other means of power generation – solar, windmill and please no nuclear energy here. Don’t come and kill us.’’

Sam: “No electricity because of gas. No gas because of petrol. No petrol because of budget. No budget because of National Assembly.’’
Mizch: “We shall give you 6000 MW a year. Just be patient Nigerians.’’
Lere: “What a regime.”

Darlington: “This administration has simply failed Nigerians.”

Concerned Nigerian: “Were we having the number of system collapse in the past? If not, it would help if we seek advice from the last administration as the challenges are practically the same but with different outcomes.’’
Ihedi: “Excuses and incompetence galore.’’

A regressive grazing reserve bill

Emmanuel says: “Grazing reserves is just a means to seize land in the south for Fulani herdsmen, simple as that. And this bill should never see the light of day.’’

Xabnuq: “Of what benefit is this assertions? Ironically it’s the people from the middle belt that are mostly affected. Cattle rearing are an economic likelihood of some people hence it should conform to the rule of engagement. Let the core Hausa Fulani states create grazing field for their nomads in their states not even in the middle belt.
GEOMan: “This cattle herding is not for any modern day country in the 21st century.’’
Izonebi: “I do not support the grazing reserve bill, if anyone wants to breed cattle, he should acquire land and set up a ranch. The government should not negate the constitution and the Land Use Act to set up grazing reserves for private interests.’’

Making sense of the fiscal
tourism to China

Jideofor says: “This government is simply looking for quick fixes while ignoring fundamental factors that need to be addressed. This is why, like many governments they may also blow a lot of hot air for four or eight years and leave without achieving fundamental economic transformation.’’

Gold: “Africa should not expect any thing good from China for china is the new imperialist power.’’

Grazing reserves ready in 24 months, says Ogbeh

Osanebi says: “Audu Ogbe is preaching a wrong sermon. What a shame.’’
Mark: “A complete sell-out.’’

Adolphus: “He is rubbing salt to injury.’’

Izonebi: “Have you guys read and understood what Ogbe is saying? Clearly he is against the setting up of grazing routes, which encourages roaming and would prefer the cattle rearers to be stationed in these reserves. The Brazilian government adopted this model for its cattle breeders. He has stated that there would have been no clashes if we had these reserves or ranches. The reserves are not to be set up even in the South but in the North, so what is all the angst against the man who is looking for a solution to a problem that has existed for decades?’’

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  • Dr Jide Rotilu

    Why is there no telecom reserve for MTN,Airtel,GLO etc to build their Masts?Isn’t something wrong with the Black Man’s brain ?How can any sane Human request for a Reserve for his personal Business .