Natural hair
Woman with flowers in her natural hair. Photo - Pexels / nna Shvets

Avoid Making These Common Natural Hair Mistakes

Embracing your natural hair can be tricky but ultimately rewarding. With the rising costs of human hair wigs, extensions, and some other hair care products, more people are opting to care for
14 hours ago
5 Smart Hacks for Budgeting And Saving
5 Smart Hacks for Budgeting And Saving. Photo - Pexels / Ismaail Seghosime

5 Smart Hacks For Budgeting And Saving

If you feel like you are losing control of managing your finance; how money goes in and out of your bank accounts, it is time to intentionally draft a budgeting and saving
15 hours ago
Pepper soup
Pepper soup. Photo - Pixabay / Vu Pham

Pepper Soup For Comfort

 Author: Favour Agbai / It’s the rainy season, and there’s nothing more comforting in this weather than pepper soup. Despite its name, the broth isn’t necessarily defined by pepper; the flavours are
18 hours ago
Practical Tips For Keeping Your Brain Sharp
Hand and brain. Photo - Pixabay / Hainguyenrp

Practical Tips For Keeping Your Brain Sharp

Author: Dr Mosunmoluwa Obashoro/ Every year, 22nd July is recognised globally as World Brain Day. The day is dedicated to raising awareness about the diseases that affect the brain. While many other
19 hours ago
Honey. Photo - Pixabay / Fancycrave

Take These 5 Foods To Relieve Stress

In our day-to-day lives, stress can easily set in from dealing with the pressures at work during the week, or tackling house chores like laundry and cleaning on weekends. One of the
2 days ago
Porn Star Martini
Enjoy your weekend with this easy to follow porn star martini cocktail recipe. Photo -

Enjoy Your Weekend With This Easy Porn Star Martini Recipe

As the weekend sets upon us, there’s nothing like enjoying a chilled homemade cocktail to kickstart your relaxation time. If you want a drink that is both easy to make, only requires
2 days ago
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