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‘APC’s Choice Of Buhari, Osinbajo, A Mistake’


Buhari-osAHEAD of the March 28 Presidential elections, Chairman, Senate Committee on Federal Capital Territory (FCT), Senator Smart Adeyemi, said Thursday that the All Progressives Congress (APC) has committed two major sins against God and Nigerians.

Their sins, Adeyemi said, include foisting Rtd General Muhammadu Buhari, a dictator, on the electorates and making his deputy, Professor Yemi Osinbajo, a man of God, abandon his pastoral calling.

Senator Adeyemi insisted that the APC “made a grievous mistake by picking Buhari as its presidential candidate and capping it with luring a man of God from the church to join a dictator,” saying that he should be prepared to do restitution after March 28.

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  • Curseless

    Adeyemi was hallucinating when he made that statement, so forgive him please.

  • simonibekwe

    Mr Smart Adeyemi is afraid of his shadows. He must be told that responsible and responsive Nigerians would no longer be deceived by marauding criminals in PDP against incorruptible Gen Buhari.

    • davs

      …???… why did he FORGED certificate — that’s the reason I can not vote for him….. because, he’s telling his running mate – prof Yemi Osinbajo – the rest of Nigerians that they are – FOOLISH – for spending time going to school…..

      • Terfa Shie

        your use of English is already showing how much schooled you are.

      • ctr54

        u claim. he talk in an educated fashion and seems well taught. Jonathan may have all these degrees but doesn’t look like he went to school at all.

  • Powerlessconscious

    Two Godly people (Godly Muslim and Godly christian) want to take over Nigeria from satanic people (PDP). Adeyemi should pray to God to avoid hell fire. Adeyemi has committed sin against God and man.

    • PINCO


      • davs

        my dear – he must be a maluuuuuu…!!!….. family

    • davs

      — ewu – you must have descended from a maluuuuu — family ….. eranko abu ro ewure …..

      • Powerlessconscious

        I am not supprise at you. Jesus christ was called a worst name than that. You guys have just spoken like your god and your father janathan. I hope Jonathan can do fast to drag all of you to hell where you belong. Bastard nigerians. Whether you like it or not, 700,000 candidates will never site for immigration job test again in this country. Nigerian will soon be a good land to live and progress. As for you demonic workers and supporters of unlawful governance, You will soon have your part where you belong. Bastard Nigerians and hell goat. Iran eegun maserere and family of Curse…….Cursed people and cursed family.

  • habib dauda

    This statement is one with so much calculation however is acceptable, sen smart even forgot to add that their ages may limit their abilities as the office of the presidency is highly demanding of strength and agility, in this case GEJ is a better choice…… #GEJ4Naija

  • Latoya Lube

    The choice of these two individuals is a show of extreme political fanaticism and politics played along religion has a high flash point for political violence and lead to stagnation in the economic and political settings

    • GraduatesNG

      Can you even see that they don’t match? I mean take a look at the picture. The picture makes me laugh. Why must Nigeria wash hands with spittle when we live by an ocean? 170 million people and it is the calibre of Tinubu-Buhari APC that is the best opposition?

      I am only sighing now. Assuming we leave Captain Jonathan’s PDP ship and migrate to Buhari’s APC raft, what hope does the nation have? “This kind change na wa O”


    if you want OSINBAJO to make heaven dont vote him

    • Olu

      Nkem, what you are saying on the other side is that if you don’t want Jonathan to make heaven we should vote for him? Yes, I like your comment.

  • Arabakpura

    If you are the one to do restitution after March 28, the only acceptable one will be that you will go naked on the streets for 2 nights

  • seyiola

    This is a Senator of the Federal Republic of Nigeria opening his mouth any how.And he used to be the president of the NUJ. May God save Nigeria from all these empty heads.

    • Marvel

      Opening of mouth anyhow is synonymous to all Yorubas…Ahhhhh! . So please Smart Adeyemi’s own can as well be tolerated if others like Liar MOHAMMED, TIIEFNUBU and OBJ can be allowed. At least, his was even SMART!

      • seyiola

        May God bless you as you just demonstrated that you are crude, tribalistic and unintelligent.


    Most people forget that Yemi Osinbajo is first and foremost an eminent
    academician with the rank of a Professor, a distinguished and an accompanished Legal Practitioner with the
    rank of SAN, who has made fundamental contribution to the development and
    advancement of our court system before being a Pastor. Please recognize these
    factors and accomplishments first. They make him extremely competent
    and capable for the assignment ahead of him. Being a Pastor is a plus and a
    testimony to his versatility.

    • frank

      Being a pastor has nothing do do with being a politician. He cannot be a pastor and a politician at the same time. Once a politician he is no more a pastor.


        Frank a little point of History. Archbishop Makarios III (was born Michail Christodoulou Mouskos)
        (August 13, 1913 – August 3, 1977), was the archbishop and primate of the autocephalous Church of Cyprus, a Greek Orthodox Church (1950–1977), and the first President of the Republic
        of Cyprus (1960–1974 and 1974–1977).

    • Sunshine

      I understand you but if Pastor Adeboye said that all politicians are liers where does this put Osibanjo with all his accolades?


        I do not wish to argue with you
        on what Pastor Adeboye said about politicians and in what context it was said. I
        also know as a fact that Pastor Adeboye encouraged everyone to get involved in
        the political process in order to ensure positive change. Don’t you think the
        entry of honourable persons like “Osinbajo and co” may usher in the era of positive
        turn around? Is that not what we pray for? Or are you advocating that we permanently
        resign our faith to the present crop of “liars”?

  • Alieu Oluyemi

    At this point in time when corruption grows like grass, all we need is mower spiritually and physically, Buhari and Osibajo fits in . Let smart be ready to run come 29 of march. Nigeria will no more belong to scavengers like him.

    • Akin Olalekan

      So, what of ”SAINT” Tinubu, Amaechi, Atiku etc? they should start running now! eh……..

  • Mallam Sule

    Buhari is definitely a Dictator on Public record.But what is yet to be made a public record is that his running mate, Osibanjo is Tinubu’s boy, politically. He was once elected as Chief Justice of Lagos state during Tinubu’s 8 years tenor as a governor and used him when necessary to accomplish his plans, now still wants to control Nigeria indirectly through him. But he has failed because his plans will be futile. The worst pairing Nigeria will leave to regret if elected. #NO2BuhariTinubuOsibanjo

  • frank

    both of them are too old to rule Nigeria. This is not the change I will like to see.

  • zuberu

    APCs have make the mistake long ago and its already to late now to coorect and that’s how they will fail GEJ has won already. #GEJ4NAIJA

  • Obanakrubo

    This is a man (Buhari) telling Nigerians he has changed to be a democrat but he has stubbornly refused to attend any Nigerian Presidential debates (physical evidence of the mind of a born dictator) but the same Blood thirsty Buhari de Normandi Terrorist was able to fly to London for his own Mutum Banza debate where he signed off the Nigerian NNPC/Crude Oil to his Saudi sheilk. I wonder why his refusal to show up at the Presidential debates is still no issue for the Nigerian Press? shame on you guys!

  • Sunshine

    They were both Tinubus choice and this is why Atiku, Kwankwaso and the rest left the arena for them Amechi, Okorocha, Tinubu and they are all fulling themselves. Reality has come, what was the essence of Chatham House??? When Buhari cannot talk to Nigerian people? It was a cover up of something. Yes Nigeria needed a change but got the wrong people. We are back to the devil we know who is better than the angel on the road.

  • Angel

    Whoever said Osinbajo is a saint. Who is watching his documentary on NTA now?



  • Powerlessconscious

    I hope God can disgrace this GEJ and his followers. If not that the elction was shifted they should have been disgraced by now. But no matter how far they have shifted. The cry of suffering nigerians is stronger in the ear of God that the empty drum of EVIL PDP and their followers. Those that continue to destroy the intergrity of this country. GEJ is now a bastard that he extended corruption to nigerians citizen by BRIBING PEOPLE ALL AROUND in order to win election.

    Now is it good to vote for the RULER that has put this country to shame for many years? The one that is not ready to do good to people of this country but to suffer them the more? After a lot of stealing and negligence on nigerians. He started bribing different organisations around to decieved them to vote for him.

    I hope God can judge GEJ based on his lies and deceit on this beloved country. Nigeria is not good and you lied that you have made nigeria good.

    IF TRUELY THE CRY OF THE POOR, THE SUFFERING, THE NEGLECT of this country has touched God on his throne, this country will change for good. Vote for change.