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Divine Favour




Introduction Divine favour is receiving extra grace and blessing from God and being set apart for special assignments. It turns the ordinary into extra ordinary. However, nothing goes for nothing, and you must do something to stand out.

Divine favour is God’s face shinning on you – Num.6: 25-26. It means support of the Almighty – Pro.16: 15. It is life – Ps.30: 5. Divine favour denotes divine preference, where God prefers you above others. We often misquote or partially quote Acts 10:34-37 “…God is no respecter of persons, but in every Nation whoever fears Him and works righteousness is accepted by Him.” In real terms, only a few really work the work of righteousness in the fear of the Lord. That is the price of divine favour. It also means the mercy of God – Ps. 44:3; Ps. 30:5.


Divine favour is never random or accidental. It is prayed in – Gen. 43: 29; Num. 6: 24-26; Ps. 31:16; Ps.67: 1; Is.33: 2; Dan.9: 17. It follows diligent or full obedience – 1 Jn.3: 22. It needs to be maintained and nurtured.  Moses was head hunted by God – Ex.3: 3-4. Divine favour comes into play, when God decides to keep His side of a covenant with a fruitful child– 2 Kgs.13: 23. Praises can lead to divine favour.

Divine favour guarantees security – Pro.16: 7. It spawns mercy. Remember, Sarah laughed yet she was forgiven – Gen.18: 12-13. The same happened to David – 2 Sam.12: 13. Divine favour restores lost opportunities – Jer.32: 41-42. Above all, divine favour exalts the saints – Ps.89: 17. Divine favour can override all fears, doubts and other obstacles. The favoured will indeed find that obstacles have become stepping-stones and things meant for evil will somehow turn out for good. All things will work together for the good of all who are divinely favoured.


Please be outstanding in your commitment, service and diligence and you will enjoy divine favour over and above the ordinary in Jesus name.

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