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‘Jonathan’s victory still within reach’





President Goodluck Jonathan

OUR dear President Jonathan, on behalf of like-minded Nigerians in Southern California, I send you our greetings and wish you the best of luck in the forthcoming elections.

We thank you for your leadership quality and the general path of honour you have led our country since your assumption.

It is on record that since you took over as president, there has been no cases of political assassination, jailing of political opponents without trials or suppression of fundamental human rights as experienced during the tenure of some leaders before you.

Except for the Boko Haram insurrection and a few occasional communal clashes in some states, the country has enjoyed relative peace and prosperity with you at the top.

Of course you have your critics. And they are probably right in their complaints against the shortcomings of your administration. Among their complaints are un-employment, rising cost of living with no appreciable rise in incomes, inadequate infrastructures like roads, water transportation, dependable and reliable energy, the rise in high brow crimes etc.

The truth of the matter is the fact that these maladies have been part and parcel of our society for years; it is unfortunate that most of your critics are blaming you for them.

United State’s First Lady, Michelle Obama, would always remind her husband during tough moments in the Whitehouse, especially when the country is gripped with some national crisis that, “That’s the job you signed for!”

Mr. President, from time immemorial, citizens have always held their leaders responsible for their plights in life. Nigerians are only venting their frustrations, which have piled up for years, with no palpable relief in sight. The average economic, social and existential status of the ordinary Nigerian ought to be better than what it is currently, fifty years after independence!  As President Harry S. Truman, would remind his apologists who defended him from those who would criticize the real and imagined failings of his administration: “The buck stops here!” In other words, President Truman accepted the responsibilities and the blames leveled against his administration during those times it did not measure up to the expectations of the citizens. That is a very healthy and courageous attitude to have. Of course, presiding over a potentially great and dynamic nation such as ours would always be a herculean task for mere mortals!

Mr. President, at this critical period in your presidency and in the life of our nation, you should take a cue from other leaders in history who have faced similar situations as you are currently facing. Yes, these are challenging times for your presidency. But all is not lost by any stretch of the imagination. You could still turn the ship of state and your presidency around to a safe and glorious harbor!

Mr. President, some people are of the view that your main opponent, Major-General Muhammadu Buhari would beat you in a free and fair election. But some of us hold a contrary view. The good news is that the “fire” is beginning to show as you campaign all over the nation. People are beginning to see that you could be engaging, forceful and compelling! We hope you’ll keep it on as you improve your campaign and delivery styles.

Mr. President, there was a young Black American Senator with a funny sounding name from the State of Illinois who fired the imagination of American youths and soon after the whole world, when he announced his candidacy for the presidency of the United States of America! To most people, his chances of success were one in one trillion! “A black in the Whitehouse? It ain’t gonna happen!” So thought millions of rednecks, racists and other assorted doubting Thomases!

The young man and his fellow dreamers were however not bothered about the odds. He and his fellow dreamers – mostly young white men and ladies at first, in the State of Iowa, a predominantly white state were “fired up and ready to go” with their mantra, “Yes, we can!” Mr. President, you know the story how this man with his young dreamers- the American youths who cared so much about their country and the future of their fellow citizens won against all odds and achieved the impossible dream!

Today, that dreamer, that courageous, irrepressible and unrepentant believer of what is possible, and his young idealists now occupy the most prestigious and powerful office in the world! Of course you know and have met him; the President of the United States of America, Mr. Barak Obama. I am sure you have heard about the legendary fights President Obama has had and is still having till today, with the Republican-controlled Congress and the Republican appointed US Supreme Court. You see, Mr. President, from the very first day of Obama assuming office, “The Old Guards of the Estate” were determined to cripple his presidency and administration and make him a one term president! Of course they failed in all counts!

If you think your job here in Nigeria is tough, then multiply it by one thousand times to have a semblance of the challenges President Obama faces every day! For instance there are hundreds of television and radio stations that feature nothing but anti Obama programs twenty four hours, seven days a week! In fact there is a saying in the US that if Obama should invent a drug for curing the deadly disease of cancer or even Ebola, the Republicans will accuse him of denying medical doctors and undertakers the means of earning their livings!

Mr. President, if you can duplicate Obama’s courage and winning ways, you can have the last laugh on your political naysayers, despite the fact the Mr. Axelrod, the political guru of Obama’s election victories is now a political consultant for your opponent.

So first and foremost Mr. President, let’s start with your current political assets: You have what we call in the American ‘political speak’, ‘ The Bully pulpit’ – That is, everything you say or do is newsworthy! With that and the other Presidential co-tails, like the presidential equipages such as the Presidential planes, motorcades, and all the other political and presidential accouterment, if strategically utilized, will give Mr. David Axelrod who is now a consultant to Buhari, a run for his money! There’s no doubt that he has done wonders for the opposing camp! David Axelrod is a genius, as evidenced by the new impressive and compelling local and international image your opponent now commands.  But despite his impressive records, Axelrod can still be beaten!

Yes, Mr. President, you have all the power and the wherewithal to engineer a clean and sweet victory  at the polls with a simple and time tested plans that other presidents have used in the past when all the political intelligentsia have predicted otherwise.

Remember Bush versus Gore, Bush versus Kerry or Truman defeating Dewey?  In all these cases, majority of the pundits were wrong!

For instance, don’t come with any excuses why the elections could not be held on March the 28th. That will damage your name; credibility and heritage for ever in the annals of Nigeria and the world!

If you think your job here in Nigeria is tough, then multiply it by one thousand times to have a semblance of the challenges President Obama faces every day! For instance there are hundreds of television and radio stations that feature nothing but anti Obama programs twenty four hours, seven days a week! In fact there is a saying in the US that if Obama should invent a drug for curing the deadly disease of cancer or even Ebola, the Republicans will accuse him of denying medical doctors and undertakers the means of earning their livings!

Some people may be writing you off in this election, even when the election has not taken place. You must take their “Sad song and make it better!” If Mr. Barak Obama, was victorious in the last US elections, you too can be victorious on March 28, 2015.

When Obama had performed poorly in the first debate with Mr. Mitt Romney and some polls had placed Mr. Romney ahead of Obama by five points, he did not scuttle the elections and gave some silly reasons and excuses like an imminent Al Qaeda attack or whatever other dangers to America as reasons to postpone the elections.

Sir these are my suggestions of what you should do:

First: Convene a nationally televised meeting as the Commander in Chief  of the Nigerian Armed Forces with your military commanders instructing them to do everything in their powers to have  a free and fair elections that all Nigerians would be proud of.

Second: Convene a nationally televised meeting with the leadership of the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) assuring them of the support of your government in the conduct of a free and fair election that all Nigerians would be proud of.

Third: Address the nation about your determination to have a free, fair and legitimate elections where the ethos of democracy are implemented in all it’s details with all citizens participating and discharging their democratic rights and duties without fear nor retaliation for whatever democratic choices they may make.

Fourth: Appoint four prominent Nigerians, with unassailable credentials such as Professor Wole Soyinka, Retired General and former Head of State Yakubu Gowon, Ambassador Emeka  Anyaoku and former Head of State Abubakar Abdulsalam  to organize at least three nationally and internationally  televised presidential debates between yourself and your opponents.

Of course you and Buhari are two worthy contestants that our country should be truly proud of. It would be so exciting and assuring that we Nigerians can resolve and conduct our political affairs in a most civilized and democratic of ways.

Alabi is a US – based rehabilitation engineer

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  • Daniel Johnson

    Wise comment.

  • Biggs Nem

    He who the cap fits should wear it until he’s legitimately and constitutionally tired to do so. president GEJ has done what the past leaders could not do in just 6 years, why not continue? The story of Obama is likely to repeat itself because a lot of people have said ‘he can’t win again’ but i say to myself, do we base our decisions on mere hypocrisy? We should be after the betterment of our nation irrespective of the ethnic group that is in power. #GEJ4Naija

    • Lucius

      actually, its 5years 11 months

    • Curseless

      I think you are trying to compare apple with oranges here. President Obama worked his Ass of securing hundreds of legislative policies that benefited the man on the street and besides the average American love this guy because he represented the common people. Jonathan on the other hand blew a good six years with little to show for in the life’s of an average Nigerian and they are now desperate to see him go away for good. The hang around in his government have robbed the nation blind.

  • Latoya Lube

    An excellent performance is worthy of praise. He has introduced a new style of leadership in our polity.He has taught Nigerians the essence hard work,dedication,commitment to duty ,patriotism and above all accountability in polity garnish with humility.In the mist of crisis he stood his ground for the nation though wicked politicians wants the nation disintegrate but united we remain.#GEJ4Naija

  • jay speaks

    his victory is sure…we are solidly behind his re election, he is the only change we see in Nigeria,and in comparison with past leaders his leadership skills supersedes past governmental rule… we say ride on till 2019.

  • grelia one

    I agree with those in the panel except that my idol, Wole Soyinka, has become unnecessarily political of late. He should be replaced with Bolaji Akiyemi. I would rather that Soyinka should abstain from political issues if and when his objectivity is in doubt.

  • Curseless

    Mr Alabi is not saying anything that is new and I also could have wish that President have used a long six years to change the course of governance but instead he surrounded himself with people who are more interested in themselves than the people they represent. Worse still, he failed to discern that the nation was drifting and demonstrated no leadership at all. To be a president of any nation is not a picnic, but we have allowed many of our leaders to ride a rough shod on us particularly when they have become too comfortable. Jonathan and his team felt it will be business as usual, not minding that the people are taking note. When a formidable alternative comes into the equation they started running “hiram ski ram” to hold on to power by all means. Mr Alabi should have done this write up after Jonathan”s first year in office, because as it os now the die is cast We do no need a one party state and this is why this time around power will change hands for good.

  • goodnessiyke283

    He stands as an example which all our former leaders should emulate from because he has left a footprint that cannot be swept away even with an iron broom by anybody, he has taught Nigerians the essence hard work,dedication,commitment to duty ,patriotism and above all accountability in polity garnish with humility.In the mist of crisis he stood his ground for the nation though wicked politicians wants the nation disintegrate but united we remain. They cannot devid us no matter how they try GEJ keep doing what you know how to do best. #GEJ4Naija

  • Tayo AWOKOYA

    Has the Guardian been Settled, for this kind of Reporting? Or is it posturing as a Bendel Paper?

  • Tayo AWOKOYA

    Nigeria has actually been transformed, No light , No roads, empty Hospitals, not to worry another four years of it!

  • New Nigerian

    I like this write up in the sense that it concludes correctly with a recommendation that is patriotic. I forgive his inability to read what President Jonathan have been up to in the first part of it because really California is very far from Nigeria. Having said that it would be instrumental to know that deep down Mr. Jonathan knows what game he has been playing with Nigeria and he knows that he really did not run a government as the president of Nigeria – only started working after he postponed the election. If he had hit the ground running in 2011 (He had 2 years to prepare at as the President), looking out for the interest of Nigerian masses (and not his self-interest), he would be in a better place politically today, he may yet not win but his chances would be brighter. What did he do, quoting him “when you put yam and goat together, the goat must eat the yam”….

    When you analyze President Jonathan’s foray into public service from Bayelsa State as the deputy governor and then governor, to the federal government as the VP and President for the past 6 years, you’d be left to conclude that he holds no allegiance to faith, tribe, place of origin or principle other that of massive diversion of public funds. EFCC had a huge dossier on his wife as first lady of Bayelsa money laundering for him. As President he met an oil theft-mafia stealing 500,000 barrels of crude oil a day – watch Dr. Dele’s cole interview on FT in 2008 their video archive no. 62347003001 and you’d know the mafia was there before Jonathan, actually started under Obasanjo – and Jonathan converted the mafia to his purpose and made it quasi-mainstream through concessions, in a nutshell he started laundering the oil theft through official channels, by removing the oversight possible through state policing activities of the pipelines and the waterways, awarding contracts to the same oil-theft-mafia to safeguard the pipelines and the waterways!

    Through this channel he had bilked more than $60b and counting – because they pump oil at a rate no one knows anymore, could be more than 500,000 barrels…..and through all these we hear even his village has no electricity. Someone who could make a Dubai out of his village and who embezzle the “Dubai” why would anyone from the south south claim him? Jonathan is an ill wind that blows NO ONE any good. You may argue that the oil-theft-mafia he uses as the forces of production are enriched and that they are mainly south-south people with some South-East elements as well, however we would still say this is a handful of people amongst millions and as such inconsequential and in the final scheme of things criminal since it is ill gotten wealth. Mind you there are international collaborators who were supplying the Niger Delta militants with weapons to keep the system going before Yaradua granted them amnesty as a way to break the vicious cycle, however since Jonathan got there it went back up again after the concessions contracts – and the international collaborators not supply the militants with private jets, war ships and you bet – weapons.

    Unravelling the nexus between these activity and Boko Haram in the North – a false flag operation obviously – is the key to achieving peace and progress in Nigeria. My bet is on Nigeria and Nigerians, Our heroes past achieve independence without firing a single shot, we the inheritors would achieve independence from Jonathan’s mafia peacefully and through the ballot box, even though Jonathan’s mafia is prepared for war to permanently balkanize Nigeria and become the Oil Sheiks of Africa, who by the way would not develop the Niger Delta even if they were to achieve that. Everyone in the South-South and South-East should tis up and say NOT IN OUR NAME the same way Isaac Boro one of our heroes past and those like him stood up to be counted when the chips are down. Luckily all that is being asked is to express this through the ballot box by voting massively for Buhari.

    Jonathan-oil-Cartel and Sheikhdom enabled with Federal Government Contracts:
    President Jonathan have personally supervised the grand theft, through two contracts financed with tax payers money, since January 2012 (possibly fall of 2011) of 400,000 barrels of oil per day by those he hand-picked to safeguard the supply lines against theft. According to Soludo: “First, you (Finance Minister, Okonjo-Iweala) admit that ‘oil theft’ has reduced oil output from the average 2.3 – 2.4 million barrels per day to 1.95 mpd (meaning that at least 350,000 to 450,000 barrels per day are being ‘stolen’). On the average of 400,000 per day and the oil prices over the past four years, it comes to about $60bn ‘stolen’ in just four years.

    – This is done through two 2 contracts that Jonathan signed to rebel leaders from his tribe.

    These are the 2 contracts by the Jonathan administration that is a major feed to the monster bedevilling Nigeria and turning it into a failed state, and a personal estate of King Jonathan, it was fall 2011 & 2012 time frame – widely reported by Wall Street Journal and major newspapers in Nigeria – just google it – I like the composition in the piece titled, Help, This Nigerian State Is Failing By Ayobami Oyalowo:

    ”In August, the Wall Street Journal (WSJ) broke some disturbing news about Nigeria. It was reported that some ex-militants in the Niger Delta had been paid about N6.32billion within the past one year by the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC). Yes, for the ‘noble’ service of providing security against vandals for the Corporation’s oil pipeline network. Imagine! The breakdown, as outlined by WSJ, is this:

    Chief Government Ekpumopolo (alias Tompolo), Alhaji Mujahid Asari-Dokubo, ‘General’ Ebikabowei Victor Ben (Boyloaf) and ‘General’ Ateke Tom were respectively paid N5.1 billion, N1.44 billion, N608 million and N608 million yearly by the state-owned NNPC, as ‘protection money’ to guard the pipelines they once attacked.

    As if that was not enough an insult on the collective intelligence of Nigerians, earlier in the year the Federal Government awarded a contract worth $103.4million (over N15billion) to the Global West Vessel Specialist Limited (GWVSL) – a firm widely believed to be owned by Tompolo to supply 20 vessels for the use of the nation’s military authorities to secure the waterways. Director-General of the Nigerian Maritime Administration and Safety Agency (NIMASA), Ziadeke Akpobolokemi, had last year sent a memo titled, “Award of Contract for the Strategic Concessioning Partnership with NIMASA to Provide Platforms for Tracking Ships and Cargoes, Enforce Regulatory Compliance and Surveillance Of The Entire Nigerian Maritime Domain,” to President Goodluck Jonathan.

    In considering the memo, President Goodluck Jonathan and Akpobolokemi chose GWVSL as the preferred company for the 10-year concession agreement, renewable for two terms of five years each. Jonathan, in a memo dated 9th November, 2011, with reference number PRES/99/MT/61, approved Akpobolokemi’s memo, which the Federal Executive Council rubber-stamped on 5th January, 2012. According to Akpobolokemi, GWVSL “will provide platforms for effective policing of Nigeria’s maritime domain and ensure compliance with international maritime conventions on vessels and ships voyaging the country’s waters”. NIMASA maintains that the concessionaire would help the Federal Government to enforce the sabotage law and collect levies on its behalf. This, in a country that still maintains a statutory Naval force, and without a track record for GWVSL?

    From the above, the current occupant of the presidential villa showed where his loyalty lies…rather than train the military, he equipped criminals and vandals who had taken up arms against the state. No wonder so much arms and ammunition have found their way into Nigeria and our country has now become one gigantic human abattoir where someone is killed on an average of an hour, daily. Between January to May 2014 it has been estimated that over 1,500 people have been mindlessly cut down by terrorists and blood thirsty killers.’ [The number killed date under Jonathan is tracked on line and it stands at 35,065 – that is the equivalent of Liechtenstein, a country in Europe, wiped out from the face of the Earth, with a territory the size of Belgium carved away].

  • Godwin

    This article is welcoming and encouraging …yes the odd may have been against GEJ but we believe he has set a record of examples for future leaders more so his recent strive have shut the mouth of his critics . One thing I know and admire Jonathan for is his cool even when at odd , this singular gift motivates him to learn from mistake and move forward. Nigerians should learn to appreciate , encourage their leaders, remove nepotism and politics in our daily affairs only then shall the nation reach the height it envisage. Let’s give GEJ a chance to move us forward.

  • CS

    He should stop franternising with the French otherwise Nigerians will end up like the Nigeriens who are suffering greatly and had their foreign reserves control by the French.