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The Process Of Divine Deliverance (2)




Pastor Abiara, General Evangelist CAC Worldwide.

TODAY, by the special grace of God I will bring to an end this topic I started last week. I want you to believe with me that all the good works, miracles, signs and wonders God already began in you would be perfected and completed now in Jesus name.

The process of Israelites permanent deliverance from Egyptian slavery had begun. God told Moses, “…Pharaoh will refuse to listen to you. So, I will crush Egypt with a series of disasters, after which I will lead the forces of Israel out with great acts of judgment. When I show the Egyptians my power and force them to let the Israelites go, they will realise that I am the Lord.” Exo. 7: 4 & 5.

The succession of terrible judgments that came upon the country is a demonstration of supremacy of Israel’s God. The Almighty used Pharaoh’s “hardheartedness” as an opportunity to display His power. The result is that Egypt came to know Yahweh through terrible experience. Egypt and Pharaoh in particular could no longer say, “Who is Yahweh?” I see God showing His supremacy over your enemy in Jesus name. Second, it leads to the exodus, which is the event that brought Israel to faith and freedom.

God plagued Pharaoh and the land with ten different unusual disasters in order to keep His covenant with Abraham. This should encourage you that everything good God has spoken concerning you, your family and ministry would come to pass. The plagues, or signs and wonders, as they are often called, are God’s superiority display over Pharaoh and the gods of Egypt. Let us see the Descriptions of the 10 Plagues of Egypt according to the Religion Facts.

• Water turned to blood
In this plague, the fishes die; the river smells, and the people don’t have drinkable, usable water. Pharaoh’s magicians duplicate this plague. This plague described? Exodus 7:14-25 Which Egyptian gods did this insult? Khnum (guardian of the Nile), Hapi (spirit of the Nile), Orisis (god of the underworld). When this occurred, Pharaoh promise to let the Israelites go but changed his mind when Egyptian magicians duplicated it.

• The plague of frogs
In this plague, frogs came out of the water and covered the land. Pharaoh’s magicians duplicated this plague. (It is the last one they were able to reproduce.) Exodus 8: 1-15. The Egyptian gods that were insulted by this is called Heqt (associated with fertility and childbirth)

• Prophet Abiara, General Evangelist CAC Worldwide,

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