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Foods To Eat When You Are On Your Period

Every woman can agree that period is not fun. Most women experience menstrual cramps during the first several days of menstruation.  About one in ten women are unable to perform their normal routine for one to three days each menstrual cycle due to severe uterine cramping. Although the uterus contracts and relaxes routinely, during menstruation the contractions are much stronger producing pain, cramps, mood swings, discomfort and irritation. The list goes on for some other women. This research work helps reveal ways you can manage your periodic pains using the right foods.

Find a few of these foods below:

Oats: Oats are high in zinc and magnesium, which are anti-cramp vitamins and minerals; make oat your breakfast meal for the time been until your  period is over doing this will allow the enzymes break down and the nutritional value in the oats to improve  Take up to 30 mg of zinc daily during your period to prevent cramps. Take zinc supplements with food to avoid stomach upset. Sesame seeds, spinach and mushrooms are good dietary sources of zinc.

Pineapple: This scrumptious fruit helps your muscles relax calming down pains and cramps. It will also help boost your mood, making you feel happier! You can eat it plain, drink it as a juice or smoothie, or grill it for a delicious treat.

 Bananas: Bananas are loaded with B vitamins and potassium that help relieve cramps and bloating. It also contains melatonin that helps to regulate the body’s natural rhythms and provide a good night’s rest.

Spinach & Kale: Leafy green vegetables are a superfood and one of the things you should always have in your diet during your period. They are a great source of the calcium you need to alleviate menstrual cramps. They also contain Vitamin B6 and Magnesium which all help to provide strength to fight of menstrual pains.

Pumpkin seeds and sunflower seeds: Vitamin E is known to be a magical “menstruation cramp relief” vitamin and it is commonly found in pumpkin and sunflower seeds. They also contain zinc which alleviates belly bloats and stomach pains. Sunflower seeds are a great source of (vitamin B6), which helps support the absorption of zinc and magnesium. Both seeds consumed together work hand in hand, and will reduce abdominal discomfort in no time!

Tea: Avoiding caffeine during your period, since it can retain water and make you anxious, so instead of take coffee replace it with tea. Different types of tea can help with different symptoms. For example, peppermint tea can help soothe stomach upset while green tea can help with cramps. Take it hot to soften any blood clot.

Sesame seeds: In addition to pumpkin and sunflower seeds, sesame seeds are rich in vitamin B6, calcium and magnesium. These tiny seeds contain healthy fatty acids that can help relax the stomach muscles and reduce cramping. Sprinkle them on your oat meal, chew them alone, or add to your noodles for a great taste. There different ways you can eat your sesame seeds in addition to these.

Water: Drinking enough can solve a lot of problems including reducing menstrual cramps. Drink as much water as possible prior and during your menstruation, chances are that it will keep you hydrated and decrease painful bloating as minimal as possible. Try to make yourself a hot cup of water with lemon and ginger before you go to bed to relax muscles and cramping.


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