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Exploring Your Edgy Side

Six hacks to spice up your wardrobe

If you’ve been watching the fashion auguries, then you know that exaggeration is in. Gone is the demureness that designers tried to capture in their clothing. With it has gone the yards of lace, illusion blouses, skirts and sheer panelling. In its place are self-announcing fringe dresses and pants, appliqué tigers prancing across the back of jackets and brightly coloured serpents over bags. We want our clothes loud and edgy, we want to make a statement when we enter the room.

It might not be easy for everyone to go as avant-garde as Emilio Pucci but even you can put some short-term edginess into your wardrobe with these hacks.


Get a choker

Chokers are like weeds, you think you’re finally rid of them and they return, bigger than before. This season, chokers have become that slap-on accessory that draws attention to the svelte parts of your face and instantly signifies you’re a risk taker. If you like to take trends slow, you can start with simple silk/satin neck ties and work your way up to the more adventurous metal costume jewellery that mimics armour. Whatever you choose, make sure it feels good to you.

Dark prints are mint

Fashion designer Duro Olowu has put his own spin on the regal, gothic looks by infusing a lot of dark but busy prints into his collections. You can glean some of that royalty by stocking up on a few dark, floral prints of your own, or even take it up a notch with a lewd motif that looks harmless from afar. Let your clothes lead the conversation.


Wing it with fringe

Fringe is everywhere, and it is also incredibly expensive. Find a way around that by investing in fringe accessories that can move from look to look without breaking the bank. MoCheddah Clothing’s fringe belts are a way to start and metallic fringe neck pieces are always a welcome sight for sore eyes. If you can afford to splurge, get yourself a fringe jacket and handbag, those are investments that will yield dividends decades after you buy them.

Badge it up

Badges have always been in, and are a staple part of merchandising for fashion brands and colleges. They are also merchandising for more edgier passions like heavy metal bands and horror films. You can go for gold with iron-on appliqué badges and if you’re not the kind of person to commit, you can settle for pin badges. Either way, they allow you make a statement with your clothing that will be too expensive otherwise. So, accessorise!


Boots are welcome

I know you’ve only just mastered how to walk a mile in your dainty, peep-toe stiletto heels and it seems unfair to ditch them (even for a little while) but embellished boots are a thing again and the wilder and wackier they are, the better. Free yourself of having to watch where you’re going and turn your dainty strut into a power march. You can play up a flirty, casual look or complement your military-inspired day suit; whatever you decide will fly provided you’re all for the edge.

About Edwin

Edwin Okolo is a writer and fashion designer who has collaborated with Orange Culture and IAMISIGO. He is interested in sustainable fashion practices in Nigerian markets.


Badges: Instagram store @shopekpo, prices on request.


Boots: Instagram store @the_haq_otaru, prices on pre-order.

Fringe: Instagram store, prices on request.

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