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Hacks For Small Living Spaces

Photo: Pinterest

Having a big house is a dream for many, but unfortunately that is just what it is for a lot of people a dream. Living in a small house or flat comes has it benfits but comes with challenges too. Smaller homes are much easier to make homely and cosy. If you live in a tiny house, it’s time to embrace your restrictive floor plan and find some extra space. Here are three easy hacks to help maximise your space.

1. Shelves Are Your Dream Come True

Shelves can add so much to a small space, they can double as wall decoration and storage space. They’re the best way to maximise small living space and increase storage at the same time.

Photo: Abc Homes


2. Sliding Walls

Homes with sliding walls are in trend right now and can fit any style. They are also great  if you have limited living or bedroom space. Close the wall when you need privacy and let the room breathe during the day. If you’re more into a rustic look, try a sliding barn door. If you prefer a modern aesthetic, consider a door like the one above, bright and vibrant. A sliding wall will bring character and style to any size of home.

Photo: Pinterest

3. Secret Storage

Clever storage that comes out of nowhere is a brilliant way to make the best use of your space.

Cupboards that pull out or under bed storage are a must when you’re fighting a battle against clutter.

If you have a hot water heater that you want to tuck away, you can build a custom cabinet around it. That way, you won’t have to look at your hot water heater. To make it even more beautiful and useful, consider installing shelves around it. You’ll have extra space to store your belongings.

4. Out in the Open

Closed cupboards and wardrobes can make a room feel small and stuffy. So, let your belongings breathe and keep storage open-fronted.

It might mean that you have nowhere to hide clutter, but will make you keep your things super tidy!

Photo: Pinterest

5. Use Fabrics to Create Rooms

Separate your living spaces by hanging curtains from the ceiling. If you use white or translucent curtains, it will make the rooms look bright and airy. By using curtains to break up your tiny home, you can create a tiny living room, dining room, and bedroom.

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