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Four Ways To Keep Your Beard Irresistible And Soft

Men keep their beard for different reasons.Some keep them because it compliments their face, whilst others keep them because it is a sign of masculinity and most women find men with beards attractive.Whatever the reason  may be, if you have a beard, then you must know how to maintain it.

So, if you wish to maintain a soft beard to impress your lady-love, then let us help you out. Here are some useful tips on how to maintain a nice and soft beard.


Shampoo your beard at least twice a week this will keep your beard soft and shiny. Instead of using a regular shampoo,buy a good beard shampoo because they are especially made for being used on facial hair.

  • Apply the shampoo with your hands and massage it in a rotational motion. Leave it on for some time, and then rinse it off with lukewarm water.

Apply your conditioner

Use a conditioner on your beard after applying shampoo,Conditioners moisturise the beard keeping your it soft which improves the quality of your facial hair.

Keep your beard nourished

  • Mix coconut oil, almond oil and olive oil and add a drop of warm honey or a few drops of milk cream.

Coconut and olive oil are known for their healing properties, and they will also keep your facial hair moisturised. Almond oil will condition and soften further.

  • Prepare a paste and once it settles down, apply it on your beard. Leave it on for 25-30 minutes and then wash it off.
  • Apply a cold compress after this procedure to close the skin pores.
  • Finally, comb your hair with a bristle brush to discipline the stubborn and standing strands of facial hair.

Apply your face wash

While applying face wash, ensure that you clean your beard every day properly. This will remove the harmful dirt particles.Washing your beard regularly will improve the texture of your beard, making it lighter and softer.

Shaving Tips

  • Apply some warm coconut oil to your hair before shaving. This will soften your beard.
  • Use a good razor and shaving cream. Also, make sure you change your razor once in every three months.
  • As you are shaving your beard, make sure that you rinse out the residue from time to time; otherwise it will close the pores and cause irritation.
  • Trim your bread every now and then. This will benefit you with an even beard growth. Also, as new hair will take place of the old ones, it will make your beard softer and finer.



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