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Why Your Perfume Does Not Last Like The Other Did

If you are like most Nigerians, chances are you’ve gone into a beauty store and picked any perfume you like without necessarily looking at what is written yet you wonder some perfumes you pick doesn’t last as long as the others.

No, it’s not determined by the strong or soft scent.

It’s actually what is written just below the name of the perfume.

Perfumes are divided into Parfum, Eau de Parfum, Eau de Toilette, Eau de Cologne and Eau Fraiche.

Fragrance Concentration Guide.

Parfum (Perfume): The strongest and most times, very pricey. It contains less alcohol and the highest quality of essential oils (usually 22%-30%). What this means is that parfums can last up to 8 hours and sometimes, long after you’ve worn your dress (if sprayed on it).


Eau De Parfum: Second in place, it usually contains 15% to 20% of essential oils. It is slightly lighter than parfum and has lasts a little less than parfum.


Eau De Toilette: This has a high concentrate of alcohol. It has five to 15% of perfume oil.  This is Light and is best applied after bathing.


Eau De Cologne: A masculine scent containing about four percent of essential oil. It is light and evaporates quickly and contains a high percentage of alcohol.

Palmaria Eau de Cologne

Eau Fraiche: A feminine scent containing one to three percent of essential oil. It is usually cheaper than the rest, evaporates quickly and alcohol-based.


Next time, you go perfume shopping, you know what to do.

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