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27 Most Often Mispronounced Words And Phrases



After having a long argument with a colleague of mine about the pronunciation of Jay Z’s streaming service  ‘Tidal‘, we decided to settle the score by going online to find out which was which, while she said it was pronounced as ‘ Tea- dal’ it was actually pronounced as ‘Tie-dal’. This little incident brought to the light that we actually do pronounce a lot of things wrongly.

The fine gents on the YouTube Channel Good Mythical Morning, give us a rundown of 27 words we have been pronouncing wrongly. According to them, if you failed to pronounce 50% of the words on this list then you are at the risk of being mocked by your friend and f you actually know how to pronounce 90% of the words on this list, you probably have no friends because you’ve been correcting everybody.

On a lighter note. Enjoy the video.

Yes it is ‘Spit and Image’ not ‘Spitting Image’.

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