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3AG marks tenth anniversary, wants better funding for education sector


Chief Executive Officer of Global Resources Limited, Anthony Ajibosin marks tenth anniversary.

The Chief Executive Officer, 3AG Global Resources Limited, Anthony Ajibosin, has blamed Nigerian government for the poor state of the education sector, as it has failed to subscribe to global standards and practices in the funding of the sector.

Speaking at the tenth anniversary of the organisation and award ceremony to partners that included Peter Obiebi of The Guardian advert department, Ajibosin said it set out to make a difference in the education industry.

“There was a need for young people to study abroad because of the capacity of our universities that wasn’t enough to admit everyone. So they needed a genuine platform to achieve that. We came in to ensure trust and to embellish the process.”

Ajibosin who started his companyin 2007 in his mother’s house at Ikotun Egbe said “Universities abroad are practical based, so, there is a lot of practical than theories abroad, that which gives them an edge, there is update of information and facilities. You can’t be studying something the research has been done ten years behind.

Ajibosin whose company offers almost a dozen services, added, “exposure is quite important; understanding other people’s culture is also paramount. The world is a global village so, going abroad to study has increase students ability to work with people of different culture and made them stand out from others.

With over 40 partners around the globe, the CEO when asked about what the company does after offering it services, said, “we understand the universities we work with; we visit al the universities we work with and able to give students first-hand information and what they need to expect, how they need to do what they need to do, that is the essential when one is going to study so that somebody can tell you exactly the fact and the figure and what to expect and apart from that, there are job opportunity while studying.

Ajibosin who has in the last ten years helped more than a thousand Nigerians secure admission abroad, with more than 80 yearly, added “Nigerian professors have been clamouring for more funding for the Nigerian institution which will go a long way to show that they are requesting for funding so that they could do more research, and update facilities they have. Our institutions need to be funded to meet up the global standard.Cameroonian, Ghanaian and other Africans come to study in Nigeria when I was in the University but the reverse is the case.

The University of Ibadan graduate however advised students to go to institution that will best provide them modern facilities and the technical know-how and with the knowledge they need to get the best out of their time in school.

Speaking on the efforts of the organisation, Onachi Okeke, who was a former student of Coventry University, England, said “3AG global offers more than just services; they have remained a solid family and friend after I finished my master program in 2011.

Okeke who did her MBA, Oil and gas management in the London based institution sated further” Nigeria Universities are far below global standard. From classroom to facilities and the way students are treated abroad also gives them an edge over us.

She added, I had my first degree in Nigeria and I can say there is no comparison between the universities here and those abroad; they listen to you and they are willing to help you any time, you have a voice over there but in Nigeria, lecturers are like God.

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