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5 Dangerous Contact Lens Mistakes You Should Avoid



There can be different explanations behind individuals wearing contact lenses. They are considered convenient and aesthetically valuable; particularly among people with severe nearsightedness who have to wear extremely thick glasses otherwise.

The majority of contact lens users don’t use proper hygiene and that puts them at risk of both minor (irritation) and frightening (vision loss), eye infections, including inflammation of the cornea called keratitis. One type of keratitis called microbial keratitis can occur when bacteria, viruses, and even amoebae invade the cornea. keratitis can lead to blindness or the need for corneal transplant.

Your contacts require a ton of consideration as far as taking care of, wearing and taking them off. Indeed, even a minor slip-up might give you a horrifying contamination and even lasting visual impairment. A large number of people treat them as a cosmetic item, remember that your contacts are a medical device and should be used responsibly and safely. Here are five dangerous contact lens mistakes you should avoid.

1. Wearing contacts for too long

Try not to hold up to change your contact lenses until they begin to feel uncomfortable. Adhere to the substitution plan your specialist recommends. Studies have found that half of individuals utilizing dispensable lenses wear them longer that their suggested plan.

Wearing contact lens for too long is very bad for the eye as the cornea (surface of your eye) needs oxygen to keep it healthy. In spite of the fact that contact lenses are gas porous, it does not allow as much oxygen to reach your eyes as when you keep your eyes naked

Contact lenses make a warm and sodden environment where microorganisms such as bacteria, parasites and fungi flourish and breed. So therefore keeping the contact lens laid on your eyes for a drawn out stretch of time offers more opportunity for microorganisms to delve into your cornea and feast upon it.

2. Going Into Water With Contact Lens On

The shower, hot tub, swimming pool, or other bodies of water can contain bacteria and amoebae which might devastate your eyes if you don’t disinfect your contact lenses properly. A terrifying disease called Acanthamoeba keratitis notorious for showing up in hot tubs could get into your lens and might lead to vision loss and even blindness. If you have to shower with your contacts on, try to keep your eyes closed as much as possible. And if you do end up getting water on your contacts do not forget to clean them.

3. Wearing lengthening mascaras

Most ‘lengthening’ mascaras contain tiny fibres that stick to the eyelashes, making them look longer. However, these tiny fibres can fall off and get under contact lenses, irritating the eye.

‘There is nothing to say that these fibres are harmful to the eye, but they can irritate it, making you rub it,’ says Adrian Knowles. ‘The problem is your fingers may not be very clean’

4. Sleeping with contact lenses on

If you sleep with your contacts on, you’ll stand a five percent higher risk of developing CIEs. The warmth and moisture in your eyes trigger the action of microorganisms that may have been lurking on the lenses or may have entered your eyes through the air. Sleeping with your lenses on is one of the top causes of corneal ulcer—an extremely painful and costly eye infection.

5. Using an unapproved contact lens cleaning care system

Not all contact lens care systems are as effective at disinfection.  Avoid the temptation to purchase a cheaper generic solution.  Instead, use the care system the doctor specifically recommends for use with your brand of contact lenses.

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