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APC calls for cancellation of Presidential, NASS elections in A’Ibom


The All Progressives Congress (APC) in Akwa Ibom has called for the cancellation of Saturday’s Presidential and National Assembly elections in the state.

The state Chairman of the party, Dr Amadu Atai, made the appeal to INEC while briefing newsmen in Uyo on Sunday.

Atai said that virtually in every polling unit in Akwa Ibom North East Senatorial District, result sheets were not available.

He said that he party, after a review of the field reports on the elections across the state, has come to the conclusion that the elections be cancelled.

The chairman explained that the call was based on the fact that the polls were not conducted in accordance with extant electoral laws and guidelines.

According to him, the result sheet is one of the sensitive materials that must be used for the conduct of elections.

He added that some voters at polling units in the affected senatorial district insisted that they would not vote except result sheets were provided.

He stated that the INEC officials later supplied the area with fake result sheets, which obviously lacked the barcode that the original result sheet had.

“The experience in Akwa Ibom North East Senatorial District was replicated in most polling units in Akwa Ibom North West and Akwa Ibom South senatorial districts, respectively.

“Most of the polling units did not have result sheets.

“We recall that only yesterday (Friday) we issued a press statement alerting the world to the fact that the PDP had colluded with INEC officials to procure original result sheets which were already being filled up with fake results.

“The elections were marred by other forms of irregularities.

“In Ibesikpo Asutan local government area, the Commissioner for Local Government and Chieftaincy Affairs in the administration of Godswill Akpabio, Prince Uwem Ita Etuk, went around with policemen and thugs beating up and maiming people.

“There were also widespread violence and other irregularities in polling units in Ukanafun and other local government areas across the state.

“In most part of Ukanafun, INEC staff clearly took side and refused to be an umpire in the elections.

“In Unit 2 of Ward 10 in Ukanafun, INEC officials refused to record votes for the presidential candidate of the APC.

“For the fact that the elections were so vitiated with irregularities and cannot therefore reflect the free choice and wishes of the people.

“We hereby call on the Independent National Electoral Commission to cancel the elections and reschedule fresh polls that would be conducted within and not in breach of electoral guidelines” he urged.

The party also called for the redeployment of the Resident Electoral Commissioner in the state, Mr Austin Okojie, for being biased.

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  • supreme

    Change, The changer!!

  • Choice

    Idiots. When they loose in a place it’s rigging but where they win massively isn’t rigging. I thought Buhari said he won’t accept Poll cancellation?

    • Felix

      Buhari has always been a Chameleon. He said he won’t contest this election. so my brother don’t believe anything he says.

      • Idowu Adedoyin Doyen


    • MuozobaClement

      My brother, it’s so terrible. I now believe that every APC member is a tout.

      • Idowu Adedoyin Doyen


    • Idowu Adedoyin Doyen


    • Chika

      Please respect people and their opinion. It may do you more good not to use such words at persons. It doesn’t portray your good person.

  • Akani

    Akpabio must go!

    • Yahaya

      There was massive rigging by APC in Lagos. No body will talk about that.

      • Felix

        The work Akpabio has done no APC governor will ever do till APC break up!

      • janet2312

        Which rigging! Yahaya, you can take Badluck to Kano

      • Idowu Adedoyin Doyen


    • Imo Daniel U

      He has done so well for his people. He realy change d phase of his state. Go der and see things for ur self…

  • Christine Oyewo

    Akpabio has put the state in his pocket. Hear he’s worth N250 billion naira. He controls all ministries and commisioners speak to him and his wife on their knees. Hear he is now a senator so d chop chop continues for life. Hear also that people in his state are not too sharp. This rubbish can never be done in the east.

    • Imo Daniel U

      Ure talking bagbash…

      • maffiong

        He is saying just the truth

  • Simon, Stanley Ugochukwu

    Irregularities would always occur but the manner at which most party leaders are going about it is wrong. If these leader or persons suspect any irregularities, they should stage their evedence in the electoral tribunal not to the media or the electoral body INEC.

  • Felix

    Its amazing how every state won by PDP is being seen as dubious! No one is protesting or speaking of under aged voters in APC zones. No media is shouting foul! Its amazing!! And this is one reason I said I find it hard to follow the APC ideology. Its full of thuggery. Everything they want is to take over power from PDP not the betterment of this country. All hey just want is let us defeat PDP and deal with them. No clear cut goal! No dream! No aspiration! Its so unfortunate that out of the millions of Nigerians, the only person they saw to bring out as a Presidential candidate is an aged lifeless man full of uncertainties! Sponsored by the most corrupt men in the country. The likes of Amaechi. So disappointed he is from the same village with me! I mean how does one explain Amaechi going to request for result sheets in his polling booth. What for? Is he an INEC official? If not that he also had his ulterior motives. I’m not saying others are saints or whether the election was credible or not but Amaechi himself is not free of rigging! He was probably out smarted by the others if anything of such happened. This noise are just foundations of their original plan of perpetuating violence if they eventually lose. I’m not surprised. Is it not the same APC that said Military should not be involved in security during the elections? Common, learned Nigerians should be aware of these white lies. we are used to them. THEY JUST HAPPEN TO ATTACH TOO MUCH VIOLENCE TO THEIR FORMS OF LYING AND STEALING. Change kor! Change Ni!

    • Idowu Adedoyin Doyen


  • ossai wilson

    I think no body is talking about the under aged of those at the northern part who all where given cards for voting.

  • Chika

    Most comments on this platform simply suggest to the outside world that Nigerians are election riggers, which means Nigerians are dubious people who can easily cheat at slightest opportunity. Very bad of us. Wondering why we can’t behave maturely for once, and allow INEC do their job. We can always contest the result in the court of law responsibly and in a more civil way.