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Ekiti, APC disagree on Fayose’s anti-Buhari stance


Ekiti, APC. Image source informationNigeria

Ekiti, APC. Image source informationNigeria

THE All Progressives Congress (APC) in Ekiti State has said Governor Ayodele Fayose’s belligerent postures against elderly Nigerians do not represent the ‎standard conduct of Ekiti people.

APC Publicity Secretary, Taiwo Olatubosun‎, said in a statement that Fayose’s tantrums against APC presidential candidate, General Muhammadu Buhari, represented the quality of the governor’s personality, noting that his record of interpersonal relationships with others reflected a man ravaged by “desperation, recklessness, greed and riotous handling of issues not representative of Ekiti credo”.

But Fayose has insisted that he would not stop saying the truth on the state of health of Buhari stressing that it is the trait of an average Ekiti man to say the truth no matter whose ox is gored In a statement by his special assistant, Lere Olayinka, the governor said “In Ekiti, we say the truth no matter whose ox is gored and that is the trait being exhibited by Governor Ayodele Fayose.

“Governor Fayose is saying the truth about the sick man Buhari that the APC is forcing around as its presidential candidate and it was that Ekiti trait in him that led to the exposure of the shameless lies told by the APC on Buhari’s medical trip to the United Kingdom.

He also criticized Oltubosun for condemning his action saying “Too bad that the same Taiwo Olatubosun that led thugs to attack notable; elders of Ekiti, including former governor, Asiwaju Segun Oni is the one talking here.

Fayose had said on the live telecast of the meeting of PDP Governors’ Forum in Lagos that Buhari was of the same age with his mother, who he said was no longer physically strong to do productive things. He said for the reason of same age with his mother, the APC candidate should stay clear of presidential contest for the young blood, President Goodluck Jonathan.

But Olatubosun said Nigerians should not be surprised that the governor made a declaration on his mother who he claimed was bedridden and wearing pampers in a live programme beamed around the world, explaining that Fayose was a special breed of Ekiti son with record of ‎lack of decorum in all his actions.

“Fayose is the most desperate among Ekiti sons. We don’t know the spirit that drives his actions. If a man could‎ paint his own mother in such a disgusting manner to advance his reason why Nigerians should not vote for Buhari, then we can appreciate how desperate Fayose is in doing things when his political interest is at stake,” APC spokesman said.

Explaining that the governor had a record of treating elderly people with disdain and humiliation while he impoverishes the young ones, Olatubosun said: “Fayose’s record speaks volumes of his tempestuous lifestyle in both private and public life” Noting that no Ekiti man had ever behaved like Fayose in history, he said Fayose has no record of maintaining a long-standing relationship as none of his close aides is still with him to date. While apologizing to Buhari for the embarrassment, he also apologized to Nigerians on behalf of Ekiti people for the shame and embarrassment the governor is causing them every day.

But Fayose who maintained that APC cannot force Buhari on Nigerians, said “unfortunately for the APC, saying the truth is disrespect because in their party, their leaders are like god who does no wrong.

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  • Abdul wanka

    Fayose is a dsappointment to d yoruba land..

  • ademolaadebayo

    So is Tinubu, who is more like Nebuchadnezer