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How to grow thick eyebrows



Thick and well-shaped eyebrows can enhance your look while thin and sparse eyebrows can make you look even older and dull. Many people have thin eyebrows because of over plucking, waxing, nutritional deficiencies, poor cosmetic application or medical conditions. Sometimes, thin eyebrows occur as a result of the aging process as well.

Photo Credit: Beautyhow
Photo Credit: Beautyhow

To solve the thin eyebrow problem, consider doing the following things:

  1. Stop plucking: The hardest, yet easiest way to get brows growing back is to simply stop plucking or waxing at least for a period of three months or more, depending on your individual hair growth rate. This is because; over plucking the eyebrows can lead to sparse and unattractive eyebrow. But beyond this, plucking hair leaves your pores open and as such vulnerable to potential harmful bacteria or infection. Also, plucking too much damages your follicles. Follicles are responsible for generating hair growth. So you want to be careful how you pluck if you want to maintain a health full eyebrow hair.
  2. Exfoliate Your Eyebrow: It’s important to remember to exfoliate your eyebrows always. Use a brow scrub product of your choice which removes dead skin cells under and around the brows to enable easy hair growth through the skin. When you exfoliate, the skin underneath your brow finds it easy to breathe in air which encourage smooth circulation and new growth.
  3. Use Natural Remedies: There are some products you can use to grow your eyebrow naturally. Let’s look at some of them below:
  • Onion Juice: The reason onion juice is considered to help induce proper hair growth is because Onions have rich sulfur content in them. Sulfur improves the production of collagen tissues which is necessary for hair growth. Hair grows from hair follicles in the scalp; increased blood supply to the scalp brings better nutrients and nourishment to the follicles and promotes hair growth. The sulfur content in onion juice helps to achieve that. More-so, it has anti-bacterial properties which prevent growth of fungi and bacteria on scalps of the brow affected by plucking. Onion juice also strengthens hair and prevents thinning and breakage.

How to use this: Extract juice from grinded onions, massage juice into the eyebrows for about 5 minutes, carry for at least 30 minutes and allow it to dry, and then wash off with a mild shampoo and cold water. Follow this treatment once daily for several weeks to maximize growth. It is completely safe to use onion to promote hair growth as because onion has no side effects or allergies. So there is really no need to use harsh chemicals on your brow when you have an easy, cheap and safe method for promoting hair growth.

  • Rosemary Oil Scalp Massage: A simple way to stimulate hair growth is to give yourself a scalp massage; this will increase blood flow to your scalp, enhance the strength of your roots, and help nutrients get to your follicle faster when combined with Rosemary oil. Rosemary oil has worked for centuries to stimulate hair growth. This is because it dilates blood vessels and stimulates scalp follicles to produce new growth.

How to use this: Give yourself a rosemary oil scalp massage, take a couple of drops, rub on your brow and massage in, wash off with mild shampoo after 3o minutes.

  • Egg Yolk: The hair of the eyebrows is made up of keratin protein, and egg is a great source of protein. Egg yolk contains lecithin and protein which helps to strengthen, nourish, and heal hair strands; this however, makes the eyebrows thicker.

How to use this: Break 1 egg and separate the yolk from the white part. Beat the yolk until you get a thick, creamy consistency. Apply it on each of your brows with a cotton swab. Leave for about 30 minutes and wash off with cold water. Use Repeat once or twice a week until you are satisfied with the result.

  • Castor Oil: Castor oil is one of the most effective remedies to boost the growth of eyebrows. It contains protein, vitamins, fatty acids and antioxidants that nourish the hair follicles and promote hair growth.

How to use this: Soak a cotton swab in pure castor oil and apply it on each eyebrow. Massage gently with your fingertips for 2 to 3 minutes. Leave it on for at least 30 minutes. Wash it off with lukewarm water and a mild cleanser. Repeat once daily for a few weeks until you notice improvement.

  • Coconut Oil: To enjoy dense and impressive eyebrows, you can use coconut oil. The various proteins, as well as nutrients like vitamin E and iron in coconut oil, promote healthy and thick eyebrows. It can also help make your eyebrows darker.

How to use this: Put a few drops of warm coconut oil on your fingertips and apply it on your eyebrows. Repeat whole process as stated above to notice thickness in your eyebrow.

  • Olive Oil: Olive oil is rich in Vitamin E and so good for your eyebrows. Olive oil can help your eyebrow grow faster and thicker. It will also help keep it dark-hued.

How to use it: Apply same method as above but with a mixture of little honey. Leave till about 30 minutes or next morning if you can before you wash it off.

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