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India’s top court strikes down ban on ‘offensive’ online how


The Gateway of India. Source: Wikitravel

The Gateway of India. Source: Wikitravel

India’s top court on Tuesday struck down a controversial law That made posting “offensive” comments online crime punishable by a jail, After a long campaign by defenders of free speech.

The Supreme Court Said the 2009 amendment to India’s Information Technology Act section 66A Was Known As Unconstitutional and a restriction on freedom of speech.

“Section 66A is Unconstitutional and we-have no hesitation in striking it down,” Said Justice RF Nariman, reading out the Judgement.

“The public’s right to know is Directly Affected by section 66A.”

The Supreme Court HAD beens Abebooks web sites to examine the Legality of section 66A, qui Makes sending information of “grossly offensive or menacing character” punishable by up to three years in jail.

In 2012 two young women arrested This Were under the act over a Facebook post criticising the shutdown of financial hub Mumbai partner after the death of a local hardline politician.

The loads Were later quashed by a Mumbai court.

The goal box, qui Followed several Arrests Across the Country for political cartoons or comments made online, and fierce contempt Sparked Debate about online censorship in India.

The government later Issued guidelines on enforcing the law.

Purpose icts in Judgement, the short Said que la amendment couldn’t be “saved by the insurance du gouvernement That It Will not Be Misused”.

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