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Militants list terms for truce, seek action on confab report


• Agitators demand takeoff of maritime varsity, cleanup, release of Nnamdi Kanu, funding of amnesty scheme
• Fighters want review of oil blocks, trial of corrupt APC members, apologies from Buhari, DSS, Sylva over Alamieyesegha
• Nigeria loses N100b to Forcados export pipeline disruption
•Attack on Chevron Valve Platform costs N8.3b monthly

Apparently undeterred by President Muhammadu Buhari’s order to the military to crush them, militants under the aegis of the new group, the Niger Delta Avengers (NDA), yesterday demanded some conditions that should be met by the Federal Government in order to ensure peace in the Niger Delta.

The group which claimed responsibility for the recent bombings of the Chevron valve facility, and the 48-inch trunk line supplying crude oil to Warri refinery has declared that it will “crumble the economy” unless its demands are met.

The militants demanded the immediate implementation of the report of the 2014 national conference or the country would break up. They insisted that the ownership of oil blocks must reflect 60 per cent for the oil-producing people and 40 per cent for others and that the nation’s only maritime university located in ‘‘the most appropriate and befitting place Okerenkoko must start the 2015/2016
academic session immediately.’’ They asked the Minister of Transportation, Mr. Rotimi Amaechi to apologise to the Ijaw and the entire Niger Delta people for his ‘‘careless and reckless statement about the siting of the university.’’

According to them, the Ogoniland and indeed all oil-polluted areas in the Niger Delta must be cleaned up and compensation paid to all oil-producing communities.

Sympathising with the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), the NDA demanded that the leader of the group, Nnamdi Kanu, should be released unconditionally as a court has ruled. It said that the Niger Delta Amnesty programme must be well funded and allowed to continue to function effectively.

Faulting the Buhari’s anti-corruption campaign on the grounds that it is skewed in favour of his political associates, the militants said that all members of the All Progressives Congress (APC) who are indicted in any corruption-related cases should be made to face trial like members of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP).

The group asked Buhari, the Department of State Services and Timipre
Sylva to apologise to the people of the Niger Delta region and the family of the late former Governor of Bayelsa State, Diepreye Alamieyeseigha for killing him ‘‘with intimidation and harassment because of his party affiliation.’’

It warned oil multi-nationals and foreign investors to observe this ultimatum, as their business interest in the country must be the first target of attacks.

Meanwhile, Nigeria may lose over N100 billion between February and June to the vandalised Forcados pipeline that conveys Forcados grade of crude oil of over 400,000 barrels per day.

Besides, total export proceeds of $170.12 million was recorded in March, 2016 with proceeds from crude oil export sales amounting to $98.31 while gas sales amounted to $71.81 million for the month of March 2016.

The Guardian learnt yesterday that the repair of the damaged pipeline, which currently cost Nigeria about 250,000 barrels of crude oil per day due to the bombing of Forcados pipeline, may persist till June this year.

Though the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) targeted the repair to last for about eight weeks from the day of the attack, latest information shows that the repair may linger till June this year.

Already, the NNPC said in its February report that the situation had adversely impacted on the country’s February 2016 production leading to a loss of about N20 billion of Nigerian Petroleum Development Company (NPDC) oil revenue.

Again in its recent monthly report for March released at the weekend, NNPC said that NPDC’s crude sales for the month of March of about ₦20 billion could not be realised due to crude pipeline vandalism.

NNPC said that the persistent pipeline vandalism poses the greatest threat to the industry. In addition, the revenue from crude oil and gas was impacted by shut-down and shut-in of production for maintenances at different periods and terminals during the month under review.

Also, Nigeria may lose additional $42 (N8.3 billion) to the damage of 35,000 barrels per day Valve Platform, an offshore oil facility belonging to Chevron Nigeria Limited located near Escravos, in Warri South-west.

The corporation has been able to reduce its monthly deficits by 36 per cent from N30 billion in 2015 to N3 billion in 2016.

Presenting the NNPC short term economic blueprint , the Group Executive Director and Chief Operating Officer, Upstream Investment, Bello Rabiu stated that the objective of the corporation was to develop a sustainable domestic gas market capable of generating more revenue than the oil sector and enable import substitution employment generation and gross domestic product growth through rapid development of power and gas-based industrial sectors of the Nigerian economy within the next three years.

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  • Ifeoluwa

    Whew.. What a shame.. This is why we need to diversify the economy. Though there are some valid points, but no, this sort of behaviour cannot be condoned. So you mean GEJ cannot talk to these people? The money he embezzled should fund their amnesty program for decades. Kanu is a threat to our national peace, he cannot be released! Why is the maritime university not functioning?. I blame the govt for this mishap. It’s unfortunate that the education system where the minds of these ones should have been shapened is still lacking effectiveness.. They have to reach a compromise.. I support ownership of oil wells by oil producing people but not 60%, perhaps 40%. And yes, big mouth Amaechi must apologize. Now is this a political mirage or what? What is their business with APC and PDP trials..

    • Sitanda

      Let IBB, Obasanjo, Abdulasalam and other rogues join and talk to them too

      • Ifeoluwa

        They may not be “heard” because they don’t speak the same language.. Moreover he is the immediate past president, even if he has lost his respect amongst Nigerians, he should sustain at least a little amongst his people.. He should make them understand he stole all the money and there is not much left to fund the amnesty program!

        • lugar4life

          If u are asked to bring evidence of gej looting nigeria money u cant..y are u saying wat u know nothing about? Even d efcc hav not indicted him..must u express ur senseless manner in public?

          • olasunmibo

            Who told you there is no evidence to proof dt gej emb….., amnesty money? Just wait n c see. If you r from niger delta state kindly call your people to order b4 it would late for you people. Do u think militants can fight federal government? It’s impossible.

          • Darlington

            You’re a bigoted idiot! Better think on how to survive without Niger Delta oil, you ungrateful parasite. This is a guerrilla warfare, hit and run. Will see who will feel it most, FG or Militants.

          • Pepper

            How old are you mr man, pls get your brain scan

          • Ebitari

            Anyway, all on the forum are right from their different standpoints. However, Nigeria though regarded as a mistake by Lord Luggard and his wife we may need to stop and think. It is called a federation. What is the meaning of a federation? A federation is defined as a country formed by separate states that have given certain powers to a central government while keeping control over local matters. It is known as an organization that is made by loosely joining together smaller organizations. It is also referred to as the act of joining together separate organizations or states Source: Merriam-Webster’s Learner’s Dictionary. It is further defined as an encompassing political or societal entity formed by uniting smaller or more localized entities: as a federal government; a union of organizations. It refers to the act of creating or becoming a federation; especially: the forming of a federal union. Anyhow the federating states came about or were formed these federating units are supposed to have control over their affairs and relate with the centre in a defined manner. They relate mostly by paying royalty or tax to the centre. It is the non-practice of the spirit and intent of the full meaning of the federal system that has taken to where we are now. I feel for us all even as some of us feel so pained that our language appear insulting. Please fellow countrymen, i beg us lets look for some better ways, I describe as alternative dispute resolution (ADR) mechanism to heal this our deep wound of neglect and perceived or real marginalization. I have a feeling that unity in diversity may after all be sweet and interesting. For the political leaders, I know it may not be easy but the different outcomes of national conferences including the last one may have the answers to these our challenges and if we can sum up political will at the executive and legislative levels, we can profer solution that will bring us out of this quamire stronger. My fellow countrymen, I really salute your courage. Irrespective of our faiths, let us keep praying for our country and even our country men who (whether rightly or misguidedly are deviant and) are in bokoharam, militancy, biafra agitation etc. God bless Nigeria and Nigerian where ever we are in Jesus Name (The Prince of Peace)…Amen

          • Anny

            After you have done your own scan first, seeing you know about it by personal experience

          • Izonebi

            actually we from the creeks are the ones feeling the impact on our environment. The activities of pipeline vandals, illegal refineries today account for 80% of all spills and environmental degradation.
            When we destroy our rivers,creeks, swamps and farmlands how does that affect the Federal Government?
            You guys are just on the internet pouring out your vituperations, you never cared about the region. Please tell me where are the ex-militants today? Living in palatial homes in Abuja feeding fat on the sweat of young men who were used and dumped.
            This agitation is not about resource control or for the common good but for personal enrichment, we have learned and we will not support this anymore.

          • lugar4life

            My friend if there is evidence show it..bring it need to talk too much..u just talking out of shared hatred,ur just a tool of ur masters,d hausa/foolanis..u will continue to b dia servant till u notice wat is going on in dis country.

          • Ifeoluwa

            Maybe NYSC didn’t take time to enlighten you about your environment.. Read the papers, study your environment, move with the right people, you will be more informed.

        • Paul Kelvin

          Your comments are just biased and beginning to irritate me. You say he stole all the money, which you cant prove and you still ask him to intercede on behalf of the present government. Where are the government officials?? Sleeping abi busy spending money on unimportant things

          • Ifeoluwa

            You speak in this manner Kelvin because your dear client whom you support has not been interrogated. But the action film is just starting.. Inviting him now will not be too quick. Moreover, he is a smart man. He won over my president’s heart when he willful surrendered to being voted out of office; hence his immunity (for now).

        • Darlington

          Point of correction, you can’t steal what belongs to you. GEJ couldn’t have stole what is at his father’s backyard. Buhari is obviously going to be Nigeria’s last President if care is not taken.

          • Ifeoluwa

            Please let’s speak as intelligent minds.. If you are a learnard nigerian, you know by now that GEJ and his cohorts emptying the nation’s treasury is not news. Even the finance minister has come out to say it, and of course the letter from the CBN governor at the time. That’s by the way. I see no reason to respond to you judging by your ignorant statement that the nation’s money belongs to GEJ.. Your level of ignorance speaks. We will diversify this economy, and deal with (if we have to kill) any illiterate militant who is jus following orders, having no mind of their own..

          • Joe Chucks

            You ‘re so stupid…Who ruled in the past and never emptied the national purse?. You are all deceiving yourselves and believe me the gang up against GEJ by north and SW has brought more gains inwardly to the unity of SS/SE and if you have clear brains and not bigoted skulls you will understand what that means.

        • lugar4life

          I hav seen d way u hav bin moving wit d ryt people,my frnd if u dnt knw wat to say just close dat ur gutter u called mouth..saying wat u knew noting abt

    • Suleiman Alatise

      Their business with the trials is a pointer to where their sponsorship is coming from.

      • Uzoma

        Because people can’t make up their own minds about national questions. Given your comment, where’s your own sponsorship coming from?

      • Gabriel

        Corruption fighting back,Simple!

    • mmadukaudegbune

      When you say ‘Kanu is a threat to our national peace, he cannot be released’. Could you please explain how?

    • Darlington

      See how wicked and inhuman you’re. 60% oil blocs for outsiders and 40% for oil producing people. From this statement, injustice flows in your blood. You’re a beast.

    • Joe Chucks

      Then be prepared to live without petroleum and power for a long time. In your wack mind Kanu is a threat and those 800 Boko haram granted amnesty by Bubu’s government aren’t threats ?. You can use your brain the way you wants and you must allow me see things the i want also.

      • Ifeoluwa

        It’s a free world.. Please proceed in your ignorance.. Even though I don’t consider your point valid.

  • Igbigbisie Emmanuel Ogheneochu

    Idiots, continue to destroy oil installations. Destroy everything, i mean everything lets see who will suffer.

    • Darlington

      Buhari Government is already suffering.

      • Pepper

        am sorry for you Buhari govt is suffering? When the time comes will know who will suffer it most

        • Marcus Ijele

          Do you doubt that? Ok, when there is no production, that pipes were blown will not surfice the excuse. APC will suffer.

          • Ifeoluwa

            Do we understand that this is not about Buhari or about APC, but about an average Nigerian.. If these people continue, it will affect even the next generation.. And I hope Trump wins in USA so all those plans of escaping to Yankee will be frustrated and we can all suffer (God forbid) this together.. Instead of us to tell one another the truth and encourage peace, we are being political.. Who politics hepp!

          • Marcus Ijele

            I believe you, you are very right, but can we also agree that if Fulani Herdsmen contnue the way they are doing,it will affect the next generations too? These are economic destructions, and one area should not be seen as more evil than the other. The farm and crops detroyed by the Fulani Herdsmen will not be there tomorrow. It will affect the owners–present and future and that is if they even leave the owners alive.

          • Anny

            We go back to basics and start the country affresh from negotiations which some people are so scared of because of the lucre gotten from military.

  • naijaLiver

    Only a fool will say that GEJ stole money, 80percent of them under investigation of one looting or the other are all from North so what are we talking about? If GEJ stole money why haven’t they mentioned him. Ifeoluwa or whatever u are leave GEJ alone or what happened to others will happen to u, if you can’t live without mentioning GEJ then you will soon die

    • james_grim_teacher

      I must be a fool then. Jonathan and his men looted the economy. It is that reluctance to face the truth that is keeping your region from fulfilment.
      What is the problem in facing the truth and telling it to Jonathan and his gang. It does not mean you support APC if you admit the truth about PDP corruption . It only means you are a human being with pride.

      The way you guys are mixing corruption with oil vandalism with Saraki with Tom Polo with Fulani Herdsmen with Ese Oruru with Chibok means that unbelievable mental confusion is afflicting most of you.
      You are now going to have the most turbulent 4 years while most Nigerians move to higher and more fulfilling levels of existence.

      • Joe Chucks

        And APC is not corrupt?..With people like you Nigeria is really in trouble and doomed forever..

        • Osarumwense


      • Anny

        Go see a doctor. Yours is running over!

    • Osarumwense


  • Fair listener

    Finish up your with destruction first b4 anything. But wait 4 the response with good fate…make una go school una say no. What have you benefitted since you engaged in this evil, is it PMB that will suffer the pains more than your fellow Niger Deltans? Was your brother not there for so many years, Idiots

    • Darlington

      “An attack on Bokoharam is an attack on the North. These Fulani herdsmen are not Nigerians”. Does this statement ring in your ears? GEJ handed over peace to Buhari, but it obvious, like a typical Fulani man, Buhari loves violence and crisis. Let see how it goes.

      • Ifeoluwa

        What part of Nigeria are you from?.. You speak in a hopeless manner.. Your points are always off.. It’s not compulsory to comment, if you have to, please let it pass sense across.. Jeez!

        • Anny

          And you said nothing – but people understand him.

  • Darlington

    “An attack on Bokoharam is an attack on the North. These Fulani herdsmen are not Nigerians”. Does this statement ring in your ears? GEJ handed over peace to Buhari, but it obvious, like a typical Fulani man, Buhari loves violence and crisis. Let see how it goes..

    • Marcus Ijele

      He will have a dose of it. Leave the fool.

  • olasunmibo

    Y must they went n distroyed pipeline?

    • objwriters&analysts

      Correct yourself. You are on a universal Internet forum. What is ”Y must they ‘went’ and ‘destroyed’ pipeline? Check your usage of ‘went’ and ‘destroyed’.

  • Dare Ojo

    I begin to sense where the group sponsors coming from. The earlier the group understand the serious effect to human hood of their blood causes the better .

    • objwriters&analysts

      Just like Fulani herdsmen who are being sponsored by northern political, religious and military leaders who own cattle that they rear are massacring innocent Nigerians and taking over their ancestral lands while Buhari folds his arms and watches in excitement. How many times have you condemned atrocities of murderous herdsmen and Buhari silence?

  • Smiles

    Why the aggression here, a lot of niger deltans accuse pmb of military aggression but just on ordinary comments and opinions you insult and abuse ppl who speak out their minds…isn’t this itself a form of oppression,intimidation and aggression?? Shows If you were to be in power you’d kill anyone who speaks on d opposite side of your govt. Let’s check ourselves…a better Nigeria starts from you and your home. It’s so easy to criticize from the sidelines. Rather than insult post meaningful and productive comments…insults won’t drive your points(if there’s any to be made from it) home.

  • Marcus Ijele

    From this incidents, Buhari should be aware that not only
    the Fulani Herdsmen can carry AK47, and not only them can destroy economic
    facilities, whether they belong to an idividual, State or Federal Governmnet.
    The same attention he is paying to the oil should be also paid to people’s
    farms beiong destroyed by his employees. He has seen the oil as his baby while
    not caring for the land from where the oil is coming from nor concerned about
    the original owners of the resources. If what the Miltants are asking for are
    genuine like the implimentation of tyhe confab, reports, what stops him from
    implimenting it. That some Northern retrogressives do not want it to be
    implimented or that it was the brain child of Jonathan should be a reason he
    should discard a well meaning and profitable report. The Mritime University’s
    location is at the right plcae. Now Amechi’s stupidity is yielding an adverse
    result for the country. You can not flog a child and also deprive the child of
    crying. Let the right thing be done and there will be peace. Buhari will
    foolishly create war in all fronts and wear out the Military.

    • Anny

      They are shameless, they said that fuel price increase was evil from GEJ, but now less than a year they have no policy to implement despite saying that they can bring petrol price per litter down to N50, except to go and make matters really worse by taking the price to N150 per litre – and it is not the end yet.

  • Mohd Sageer

    Wondwers shall never end.. seems most southerners commenting on this platform are either members of this terrorist group or their supporters, as they totally support them. What type of animals do we have in this country which their thining defy all logical reasoning? Security operatives do please take note

    • james_grim_teacher

      PDP has paid some people to do online warfare LOL. They claim they learnt well from AOC. The idea is that Jonathan was subjected to the same treatment unfairly so they must do the same….lol.

      The only problem is they are merely hardening people’s hearts against their cause. Biafra is now the most insulted idea online. NDA will wreck the economy of The Niger Delta within two months their daughters will take again to the streets and the delusion will still be strong that they are undoing Buhari.

    • Joe Chucks

      You ‘re a big fool. The problem with you people up north is that you failed to understand that 1960 is different from 2016. Everybody is wiser now with social media and free education and information using google. When you hear stupid leaders like Bubu vowing to keep Nigeria one by force shows how wack and shallow minded the present Nigeria leaders can be. The military can not keep Nigeria one anymore by force. Leaders all over the world are coming together to brainstorm on how to live peacefully and your bubu is still believing in the power of guns to keep Nigeria together. What a shame!!..Nigeria will never be one and has never been one. Imagine Bubu giving amnesty to 800 hundred BH boys while detaining Nnamdi Kanu in prison?. So, lets see how all these plays out at last. we are watching…

  • james_grim_teacher

    Big mistake. This is not NDA. This is PDP speaking. I think Buhari should start force feeding bullets and bombs to this people. Toour much talking

    • Anny

      Oh that is how you understand democracy – feeding opponent parties with bombs. This is the reason people support NDA more, not because of them but because of this type of mindset which seam to stem from gov’t and apc.

  • Oladele Idowu Joseph

    I am NOT a Nigerian, I’m a YORUBA.
    Watch or read Spartacus and you will hate the Roman Empire.
    Remember slavery and you will hate the British and the rest Europeans.
    Reminisce Rwanda genocide and You will hate the Belgians.
    Think the global imperialism and you will hate the Americans.
    Thinking corruption and poverty makes you hate the Nigerian politicians.
    I am NOT a Nigerian, I’m a YORUBA.
    Look inwardly critically at the heterogeneity of all component parts that made up Nigeria, you will agree with me that, that amalgamation of 1914 was a fraud perpetrated by Sir Lord Lugard of the Britain for imperialistic gains.
    Now look around, you will find Yoruba in Benin Republic, Togo and even as far as Ivory Coast. Hausa too can be found in virtually all states of sub-Sahara Africa. Fulani can be found beyond sub-Sahara to northern African, even Fulani were traced to the Romania and beyond in Europe. More Igbo can be found beyond Cameroonian soils.
    So who do you call these people? Are you going to call them Yoruba Benin? Yoruba Togo? Hausa Niger, or Hausa Mali? And are you going to refer to Igbo society found in Cameroon as Igbo of Cameroon? And from which part of the world will you say Fulani belong to?
    We have nothing in common inside Nigeria entity, the divide-and-rule ideology of the slave riders forced us together as pseudo-nation, and that is why we have been going through all these socio-economic and political problems. Even Lord Lugard himself believed that North and South were like water and oil which will never mix together. I don’t believe in Nigeria at all. And that is my stand.

    Nigeria is not a nation in the real sense as we have British, Welsh, French and German. The word ‘Nigerian’ is merely a distinctive appellation to distinguish those who live within the boundaries of Nigeria and those who do not.
    It’s better Nigeria collapse into stronger INDEPENDENT REGIONS in order to be able to continue to stay together as a country. Or, outrightly disintegrate. I prefer the later.

    • Esther Ladoke

      You are very correct. Nigeria is not a nation, it’s a fraud of 1914 by the European Slave-Riders. It’s high time it disintegrate.

      • yinka

        Nigeria is a Nation created by God and not European. It is God will that we all come together as a Nation. I am a Nigerian-American and have more faith in Nigeria diversity than you. In fact, I strongly believe in diversity because the values and strengths it provides in progressive communities across USA speak for itself. I advice to you , young lady to spend your time brain storming on how to add value to yourself and your community than wasting time on ethnic configuration of Nigeria. See, what God has put together, no militant group can destroy. Those who has spent life time preaching on dissolution of country have all gone under the ground and nation still stand and so will all of us. You need to search for God purposes for your life and you be at peace.

        • frforka

          I appreciate the value you discover in diversity. It would have been a great asset to Nigeria as a nation. I, nonetheless, think that if you live and work (i.e. if you are lucky) in Nigeria, you will change your mind in believing that Nigeria is a nation. It is a mighty jungle that devours its inhabitants. If you know a little of the history of this country and the suffering the masses are going through, you will appreciate the feeling of those who are frustrated and wish for a break up. Go to Niger Delta area and see what that place and its peoples have become. All this is as a result of greed, ethnic reductionism and tribal megalomaniac feeling of superiority. That does not mean that I am in support of militancy, anyway.

        • tbt

          My friend you can never be from two countries, stop deceiving yourself, you are simply American therefore you should stop contributing on Nigerian issues because you are not a Nigerian. the people commenting here are Nigerians not Nigeria-American. Have you ever asked your Father or Mother why they ran to America? if you haven’t ask them, pls before you chose where you will belong ask them, But for your information Nigeria only exist on Paper not in Heart. The only thing that exist in the heart of anyone here is, Aboki or mallam, Nyamiri or Omoigbo, Ofemanu etc that’s how we describe our self not as Nigeria, but in your country America, you are identified as American and nothing more.

          • Oladele Idowu Joseph

            Thank you so much my brother. God bless you!

        • Oladele Idowu Joseph

          Yea, Yinka, you live in the prosperous United State? Good, maybe that is the reason why you talk and think the way you do so, I can’t blame you. But if you have any of your family members still lives in Nigeria maybe you can ask them the real situation of things here.
          Okay! Let me ask you what is a NATION? Is it not a group of people living together that have and share common history, ethnicity, language, culture, religion and the same geographical location?
          A nation is a large group of people with strong bonds of identity – an “imagined community,” a tribe on a grand scale. With national identity typically based on shared culture, religion, history, language or ethnicity.
          Why national identity give rise to such extremely strong feelings among ethnic divides in Nigeria?
          And why would so many Ibos be ready to “die for the actualization of Biafra nation” in time of Nigerian civil war and crisis, past and present, respectively?
          We failed to answer question like this and that is why we are still at this cross-road.

          Why Nigeria is not a nation? Now during the Jonathan’s reign the Northern Elites openly said they were not going make the country governable for him. Was it just because they think they own Nigeria? They did so. They were successful with the supports of the Yorubas, they booted him out of the office.

          Now the Northerner is here as president and do you think Niger-Delta will let him have a smooth ride?. See practically there won’t be peace. If a Yoruba becomes a president tomorrow the South-south will say no its our turn. Our president was slow to condemn Fulani massacres around the country, but quick to respond to Niger-delta Avenger surge, why? It is simple, it’s because he is one of them, the fulani. So where is the unity? I voted for Buhari because I believed in him, but I am equally disappointed the way he handled his fellow herdsmen menaces. For those of you who still remember the “SHOOT ON SIGHT” order of OBJ during OPC incommodiousness. OBJ did not handle OPC with kid-gloves and that was why he was able to surmount the situation before it degenerated into full-scale ethno-civil crisis.

          Won’t there be peace if we break up? Won’t there be regional development if we dissolve into INDEPENDENT REGIONS?
          Why can’t we just part ways peacefully without shedding blood if we found it very difficult to collapse into INDEPENDENT REGIONS using the current SIX-GEO-POLITICAL ZONES as yardstick. And if any region seeks to leave Nigeria entity, why can’t we just give them a chance.

          Why do couples split? They split when they can no longer live together as husband and wife, simple!

          We don’t need to forcefully continue to live in fragile peace. Nigeria is due to cease. If it is so, why can’t we allow it and part peacefuly?

        • Joe Chucks

          We have many people like you who have been blinded by the goodies they enjoy in America. I think you knows blasphemy includes ascribing what God did not approve to him or placing a mere mortal as equal to God. History said it were Luggard and his concubine that brought Nigeria together for selfish reasons and now you are accusing God of bringing this worst human error called Nigeria as an act of God. If you knows history very well you will know that same slave masters created and joined these countries together,Singapore-Malaysia,India-Pakistan-Bangladesh-Senegal Gambia,etc but today these countries have gone their separate ways and developing at its pace peacefully. people like you must be enjoying the spoils that come with these evil creation called Nigeria. Very soon.Donald Trump gonna locate your likes and repatriate you back,so that you can join Nigerians and enjoy the blessings that come with our diversity.

        • Anny

          It is not only the militants, boko haram wants Islamic caliphate and another group is rearing its head there. I think you have not lost a relation or tribesman or you don’t care if anybody losses his life. Then you should have known that you do not talk of bettering you life when even protecting it for a few years is a herculean task.

    • salele

      Get real. This is rubbish talk.

      • Oladele Idowu Joseph

        You must be one of the northern thickos, because only the northern changeling can think, talk and react to serious national issue the way you have done so here. Anyway goodluck to you!

      • Oladele Idowu Joseph

        You must be one of the northern thickos, because only the changeling from the north thinks, talks and reacts to a serious national issue the way
        you have done so here.

        Anyway goodluck to you!

      • Oladele Idowu Joseph

        You must be one of the northern thickos, because only the changeling from the north thinks, talks and reacts to serious national issue of this nature the way you have done so here.
        Anyway goodluck to you!

        • salele

          Must you be abusive ? Go through your comments here and see for your self.

          • Oladele Idowu Joseph

            You can help me go through my comments, and kindly show me where I have been abusive?

    • frforka

      You have a fairly good understanding of the situation. The only problem with your submission is that you quoted and commented on Awolowo’s words sixty-nine years ago in the Path to Nigerian Freedom without making any reference to him at all. Nevertheless, it is a palpable fact that Nigeria has no future unless the 1914 Amalgamation is reviewed and the ethnicities that make up the ‘pseudo-country’ called Nigeria agree or even disagree to be live together.

      • Oladele Idowu Joseph

        Yea, this Awolowo’s quote is well-known by everybody and I am not claiming it to be my own. And that is the reason I quoted it verbatim, though I did not make any reference to Awo, and equally that does not make the quote my own.

        • frforka

          That does not invalidate your ideas. You have good understanding of the Nigerian situation, That is to say, the way I understand too.

    • Osanebi Osakuni

      Any right thinking and resourceful man knows that this is the irreducible minimum required to fire up economic growth in this part of the World. Unfortunately, both OBJ and Dr Goodluck organized National conference failed because of the fear and lack of self determination of the North and surprisingly some politically myopic and insincere people from South West. However, Nigeria will surely wobble enough to inflict an unavoidable implosion to herself. It is just a matter of time.

    • Anny

      I think the boys are speaking the minds of a huge majority of people. What do you expect when the silent majority had an opportunity in the conference and tried to weave a oneness for everybody and a small group on greedy and unjust reasons think to silent this vast majority by pretending that we did not speak? This is only making their situation worse because it shows that they are the least to be trusted in the process of creating a great nation out of Nigeria.

  • George

    These demands are those of the PDP and now adopted by the NDA. This has made the demands nonsensical and irrelevant to the interest of the entire Niger Deltan region. Yes , we need reasonable control of our resources but the little 13% released since 1999 has been wasted into the pockets of Late Alamesiegha, Ibori, Odili, Attah, Akpabio and others.But we must realise too that blowing the crude oil pipelines would cause more damage and danger to the lives of our people

  • UOU

    Northerners were actually joining boko haram secretly to fight against the last govt but I bet, people of different tribes and ethnicity, will openly join the niger delta freedom fighters, even more will embracing their ideals in the broad day light. This is a strategic war that, may consume a lot of people and places upto changing things as it used to be before and all the opportunists will at the end realize that they party is finally over. The owners of oil must eventually take back and enjoy their God given natural resources while the lazy lousy exploiters should go back to find work. Boko haram could be said, to have fought for nothing because they were just killing humans, in barbaric evil ways but Niger delta freedom fighters will be fighting for something, gainful, tangible and realistic, possibly they will bring the govt to its knees because the foundation and fabrics of this evil govt which is oil, must be targeted and disseminated completely. All the oil block owners, their allies in the north must now face farming since they claim they feed the nation, lets see who is holding the ace aftermath this final battle

  • Osanebi Osakuni

    Only a compound fool will believe that it is possible to protect an inflammable compound that is located in diverse inaccessible places. Those that have been insulting the people of Niger Delta because of the Daura moron will soon realize the pains they have invited to themselves.

    • Tonnero

      You this PDP idiot. Are you still here? All these things you want now now now, explain to us why you could not get it in 16 years of PDP lootocracy. Fools like you do not respect the maxim of democracy – the majority have their way while the minority have their say. You are supposed to wait until the guy is voted out not carry weapons and go to the bush. If every one who loses an election resorts to violence, will there ever be peace since someone is bound to lose? It is your prerogative to see Buhari as a moron but majority of the people like him and you have no choice but to live with it every day for the next three years or even more. I hope that gives you sleepless nights. Too much ogogoro will not allow your brain to function properly. Mumu.

      • Osanebi Osakuni

        Hahahaha! I could feel how angry you are from your vituperations but that is a natural reaction when someone is hit by the truth. First, am not a politician but simply concerned by the plight of my people that are feeding you people. It is only in Nigeria that parasites insult their benefactors. You even got low to make reference of ‘carrying guns to the bush’ while it is Buhari’s kinsmen that are killing Nigerians and rapping women unchallenged for animals to eat grass. It shows how mentally impaired you are. Very shameful!

        • Tonnero

          Angry about what? You were defeated roundly. Do you think the Niger Delta is full of miscreants like you? I am from the Niger Delta but I happen to believe that your laziness and reliance on oil produced by oyinbos is what will kill you. Go take a look at Warri since Shell left after your usual stupidity. Look at Ogoni land. When idiots like you go bombing and making trouble and the investors leave, you end up damaging your environment, being poorer and more wretched. Mumu. You cannot even stay focused on the issue at hand. We are not talking about Fulani herdsmen. The subject is about a bunch of miscreants and school dropouts like you who think they can decide for me on whether I should belong to Nigeria or not. Keep fighting. Parts of the SS are already some of the most backward in Nigeria. At the moment, your greed and stupidity is leading to massive killings of your own people in Rivers state. I do not know when idiots like you will grow up. That is how you supported the thieving Goodluck like the idiot you are. I have no time for you. Keep misbehaving and see who loses. Idiot.

          • Osanebi Osakuni

            I am sorry for you and your lies. If you are from Delta, it won’t take you an interpreter to know that am from the second largest ethnic nationality in Delta State: Ndokwa by my Names and indeed by birth. The land that is contiguous with Bayelsa and Rivers and has the purest non associated gas deposits in Nigeria. There no bombings even in my area. Only an idiot will settle for an isolated challenge about Nigeria and thinks he is reasonable. I repeat, there is no country in the World that progresses by sharing revenues from one source and geographic location. Prove me wrong for me to believe you aren’t a compound fool. There can also never be any economic progress in a country if compound fools continue to tolerate killings of rural dwellers because the murderers aren’t from Niger Delta. This is a virtual platform for communication so it is meaningless stating my private success. You can also remain who you are as well.

  • Emeka

    The Oil producing States should own 100% of the Oil produced in their State. The North Hausa-Fulani people do not want to Nigeria to divide because they could die of hunger.. The North are poorly educated like they leader Buhari who bealy receive High diploma To the north an educated person is someone who can read Koran in its original form.

  • bigbang

    There no way the FG will agree to those demands. Even if they want to do it. I will protest against. You should never agree to black mail. We are in a democracy. When will it end.

    • Anny

      Who are the they? The FG is every body so no one who refuses to implement it is sitting pretty.

  • Basketmouth

    I support the implementation of the confab report absolutely. However there is something this wackos that call themselves Niger Delta Avengers fail to realize. If the report is implemented today, the first region to disintegrate within itself is going to be the south south because the oil will become their undoing. I wish the current administration will just have the gut to implement the report of the confab.

    • Anny

      That is their problem – implement the report let every region share the benefits and the troubles that this will bring. It is a collective agreement and people will happily deal with consequences than when others dictate to others as it is now.

  • Bukoye Arowolo

    I am bothered not about people trying to ventilate their grievances either peacefully or violently, I am rather bothered about our government, who instead of finding out and discussing the problems with the agitators, is threatening them with war. Nationhood is not about military power but about understanding and a sense of belonging. Military power can be used only to stop temporarily the will of a determined people, it can not kill their spirit. Our government should therefore find out reasons that make some parts of the country feel that they do not belong, the negotiate with them and redress the areas of their fears. As the Federal authorities are flaunting the victory of 1970, they should also remember that the world of 2016 is not the same.Things are a lot more complex. I wonder how many Nigerian youths in other parts of the country are ready to die for her. Jaw-jaw as they say is better than war-war. The ultimate solution is not military but diplomatic. Why not jaw-jaw first to save the lives of young Nigerians the government wants to depend on for the unfolding war? God bless Nigeria

  • Ulo

    I am totally disappointed with the quality of comments that flood the social media. The freedom of speech is not freedom to churn out rubbish in the name of social commentary. Any act of man that snuffs out the life of a human being you know you cannot replace is evil. Those who beat the drums of war should be ready to dance to the music of war. It is not owambe, atilogu or rhumba dance. Let us learn from history and offer useful solutions.

    • Anny

      But some are already running amok mauling people of other zones and tribes down in large numbers. What do you say about that? They should do nothing and die like chicken? You are a deceiver.

  • AriseNigeria

    Only an illiterate and uncivilized soul would want the status quo to remain. One man cannot perform a magic that will save Nigeria, and without unity, nationhood and civilization can never be attained, and unity is not obtained by threat, by the barrel of guns, by intimidation, coercion, hypocrites, deception and lie, which has been the only political engagement and practices of Huasa?Fulani and Yorubas since the foundation of this Republic by white imperialist that never meant well for the inhabitants of Nigeria. We must restructure Nigeria and decentralized power, so each region can control its resources, police its regions and enter trade deals with any country of choice. We also need unicameral legislative government with no more than hundred people. Each region will fix its road, builds its rail, and controls its airports, ship yards, but maintain a central Army and Immigration. We will be happy, and we will stop the agitation for Biafra, resource control does not mean total control of resources, but sharing of resources that significantly favors the producing regions.

  • challeng

    Na aha Jesus.

  • John Tosh

    Opportunity to train more Nigerian soldiers …………..Lol