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Osinbajo represents Tinubu, not Yoruba or Christians


MOVEMENT for Democratic Principles is a non-partisan, non-religious, non-tribal/ethnic nor cultural movement whose membership cuts across all spheres of religion and tribal/ethnic /cultural affiliations. Our analysis or opinions are not motivated by emotional attachment to party, religion, tribal/cultural sentiments or individuals.    

   The peace and unity of this nation supersedes any of the aforementioned. We have watched with great pity the series of lies, counter-accusations and thuggery  that have bedeviled recent presidential campaigns by the PDP and the APC.   

   However, one lie we will not fold our hands and allow to continue to make the rounds, is the one fabricated by a group of individuals who sees the APC’s vice presidential  choice of Prof. Yemi Osibanjo as a representative of the Yoruba and of Christians in Nigeria. Osibanjo does not represent the interest of the Yoruba  or  Christians; rather he

represents the interest of his master Bola Ahmed Tinubu to whom the Prof. is a mere stooge. There are certain calculations/permutations that the Asiwaju has made in forcing both candidates on the party in a staged managed primaries meant to give the party unmerited credit. 

   But for shame and what the people would say many members especially those who decamped from other parties to the supposed haven APC would have returned to their beloved parties considering the manner in which an individual single-handedly controls the party, takes and makes decisions for the party without due consultations. 

   Is GMB really the choice of the people or a gamble of one man? If this gamble pays off, Nigerians would be done for, imagine GMB as president and Asiwaju as Godfather, all appoints and contracts as it is done in Lagos State (the model state of the APC) would be religiously influenced after all GMB is always contented with the title rather the functions of an office.  

   We have also watched with keen interest the various posts, blabbering  and publications of groups and individuals clamouring for GMB as the man to effect change in the Nigerian system. Now before Nigerians get carried away to vote out of ignorance we have decided to clear some fabricated lies flying in the air and open the eyes of the people to some salient truth about the man GMB so that when Nigerians go out to vote come March 28, 2015 they will be doing so with clear conscience and not with conscience that has been brainwashed with lies that seemingly appears as truth because of the individuals or groups who have been paid to tell them with the hope/promises of future appointments. 

• Ugbovoro and Izomor are National Coordinator and Secretary, Movement or Democratic Principle.  


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