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North-Based Igbos Declare Support For Buhari


Buhari-OK-OKKEY leaders of Igbo General Assembly resident in the 19 Northern states and the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) yesterday declared their support for the All Progressives Congress (APC) presidential candidate, Gen. Muhammadu Buhari, in the presidential scheduled to hold next Saturday.

President General of the Assembly, Chief Sam Demian Enyama, who led a delegation of the Igbo leaders to the headquarters of the Buhari Campaign Organisation in Abuja, noted that he is better placed to lead the country due to his impeccable character and integrity.

He urged the people of the Southeast to downplay religious and tribal sentiments and vote for Buhari, saying his presidency would address the pressing needs of all the regions.

The Eze’udo of the 19 northern states, Chief Uche Egenti, who spoke in the same vein, said it was unfortunate that Buhari is one of the misunderstood Nigerian aspiring to lead the country.

He noted: “We are here to support your aspiration to become the President of this country. We know you; it is easier to work with you because of what you stand for.

“We are not ready to be plunge into another civil and we are pleading with you to help us organise Nigeria again. We want discipline to reign again.

“We want to plead with you to help galvanise Nigeria once more. Let the discipline reign again in Nigeria; let the polity be sensitised. A lot of people have complained that the issue about you is religion but we know you are not a religious bigot.”

Buhari, in his response, expressed gratitude to the group of Igbo leaders, promising to ensure a harmonious relationship among all the ethnic nationalities in the country, as well as offer good leadership, if elected into power.

He noted that he has always had a sound working relationship with Nigerians of Southeast extraction.

To the government, he said: “Let the government respect Nigerians and individuals and let them to choose and elect those they want to lead them. If that is done, Nigerians will be surprised about how peaceful this country will be.

“I think that in every human being there is an element of rebellion. If you try to force a human being to do something he doesn’t like, he will develop a way of resisting it. But if you develop a system and persuade him to accept the system, then justice must be done and you will be surprise how peaceful you will live. But if you try to force it, I am afraid that you will keep on suffering.

“Look at what we have suffered in the last 16 years. Most of you are business people and always out there. You import and know the exchange rate and know where were we 16 years ago when PDP took over this country and where are we now. How much was the naira to the dollar then and how much is it now?

“There are states now that haven’t paid salaries for months. Corrupt PDP governors cannot even pay salaries. I don’t think you can support this type of government anymore.”

Buhari added: “The question of patriotism is a very serious issue. The damage has been done, you are in a position under the system to make a difference and I am appealing to you to make sure that this difference is made. We are not doing anybody any favour; we are doing a favour to ourselves, because we have no other country than Nigeria.”

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  • Makavelli

    They were bribed by Tinubu and they are sell outs.

  • Lawrence Onyemaechi

    Any Igbo man that will vote for Buhari will be regarded as a mother of all the fools. Any igbo man that will vote for Buhari I invoke the sprit of our forefathers, the spirit of Ngwu and agwuo to punish everyone of them.

    • Efula

      Those people are not igbos. They are hungry saboteurs who want to get their own share from Buhari campaign organisation. No nwafo igbo residing in the North will ever vote a murderer like Buhari. They are wise, let them get their own share of the loot.

      • Layi Niyi

        Just like your friend Lawrence, you are also very sad, and you sadness has started affecting your brain. i pray God will give you peace in your life.Amen

        • Julean

          Buhari is a muslim and for that reason alone, should never even be considered for presidential material. He has a history and his history shows him to be a person who breaks the rules for the sake of getting personal power and power for his “identity group”, the muslims. He seeks sharia laws and courts and the enforcement of sharia on all nigerians. For this reason, he too should never, ever be considered an option for president of Nigeria. In fact, in the face of the wholesale genocide that muslims are perpetrating on the christians in nigeria, it is EVIDENT, that a muslim is disqualified from leading Nigeria, simply because he is a member of the same terrorist organisation that Boko Haram belong too. Down with islam.

        • DCW

          No he is not , you are rather the one struggling to conceal your outrage over the deceitful tendencies of these wise and oyal Ibo sons. They are playing out a script called wisdom. Poor minds like you are easily deceived by this kind of charade. Do you serious believe these Ibos? You can’t be serious. Its all about protecting their business empires in the region, but that does not follow that they will vote for him.

      • Julean

        It seems like the islamomarxists of nigeria have bribed and blackmailed people to support them. It is wiser to never play with the devil.

    • Layi Niyi

      you are very sad, and you sadness has started affecting your brain. i pray God will give you peace in your life.Amen

    • AMARA.C

      “onwu na egbu nwa nkita anaghi ekweya nuru usi nchi” they want course to be upon them. buhari sluttered more than 300 igbos in 1969 ,supplied arms to islamic millitants that killed more than 3000 igbos in north,until today no apology and he insist he will do it reasonable igbo person will for buhari.

      • Julean

        Buhari is a muslim, an extremist fundamentalist muslims, that believes sharia must be the rule of the land. Disgusting that anyone, never mind the IGBOS, would vote for such a criminal and brutal person, whom is guilty of violent overthrow of the nigerian government. Buhari and all the other muslims whom have dominated the Nigerian governance for so long are fully to blame for the existence of Boko Haram, which is their military wing, and the APC the political spokesperson. NO nigerian must trust a muslim in power, and that includes the ordinary muslims who want to live in peace.

    • DCW

      Don’t worry they are not voting for buhari. It is part of the game to forestall damage to their business interest in the north. Buhari has already promised that dogs and baboons will soak in blood, so they have no option but to make him believe that they are with him. So that if he loses as he will, his followers will not attack the Ibo community scattered in the north. Nor damage their business empires in the region. Definitely GMB will not follow them to the poll units.

      • Julean

        I think that a very large military contingent needs to be placed throughout nigeria during elections and thereafter. I fear for what these psychopaths of islam are planning, when they lose. They are going to go insane with rage again.

  • Julean

    Really very very stupid nigerians there, who vote for the most evil, corrupt people, whom are all members of the biggest criminal terrorist organisation in the world, islam. When the people of nigeria, wake up and realise that the very reason there is continue destruction and corruption of their resources and society, is due to islam’s psychotic muslims, and they reject and eject islam and its muslims COMPLETELY, then and only then will nigeria and the same goes for the rest of africa, will true progress occur. Islam is a crime against humanity.

    • Joan Ofili

      I know the plight of my bros out there. Pls try n protect yourselves cos ur living among animals who believe it’s either them or no one.

    • AMARA.C

      it is dangerous thing if light of God is not in a religion , killing in china islam ,killing in america islam,killing in australia islam, killing in nigeria islam,killing in kenya islam, killing in france islam, etc.what is meaning of all this?

  • resilient

    Igbos who do this are playing double standard because we cannot vote someone who did nothing for the nation talk more of the ibos.. as a northerner i cant vote him because i cant find one thing he did as military governor and head of state

    • @ Resilient – You got it wrong, Buhari did a lot for Nigerian when he became head of state in year 1983 to save the sinking boat of Nigeria. What has the incumbent President, Jonathan did for the Ibos? Let everybody votes according to his/her conscience and at the end a winner will emerge.

      • AMARA.C

        buhari must know the lives of igbos he killed will never allow him to prevail in south east and south south.he must apologised and pay retribution for so many lives of igbos he destroyed many family is perishing until now.

      • Julean

        Muslims are the ones whom have been dominating the rule of nigeria since independence and that is the reason why there is so much corruption and subversion. Wherever you find many muslims you find lawlessness and death and destruction. And that is the legacy of these muslims. Jonathan wants to move the country into modern society, the muslims want to stay in the 7th century. And that is the root of the problem. Buhari is a sick joke, especially while muslims are murdering and oppressing christians and other kaffirs, not only in Nigeria, but worldwide. Islam is a problem and must be eliminated from our societies so that peace and progress can reign.

      • DCW

        I was waiting for you to mention what you said he did. Instead you veered off. Coconut head. Buhari this buhari that, just mention one good thing he did except attempting to kidnap Umara Dikko from UK in a container in a1983. That was state sponsored terrorism..

  • Epa

    it’s out of fear



    • Sunshine


  • Nwokolo

    We will vote a man of intergrity. We will vote General Mohammadu Buhari. We will note vote for theives.

    • AMARA.C

      dont allow the spirit of igbos killed in hand of buhari invade your life,because they will scatter you

    • Julean

      Mohammad and his band of criminals are the biggest thieves in the Nigerian governance system. They have been siphoning off funds for their islamic jihad on Nigeria and the surrounding regions. They are serious about taking over nigeria and establishing an islamic state and they will not stop attempting to do so until the kaffirs stand up and reject and eject the muslims and their dominance of the North. The right way to go about this is for the Nigerian national security forces to relocate the muslims and disperse them and shut down all the mosques etc. This is the only way to get rid of the cancer in the Nigerian society. Buhari is a danger to Nigeria and the rest of Africa.

    • DCW

      Fake Ibo. An adopted ofe mmanu

  • davs

    Buhari’s now looking for IGBO vote after his own brother has disown him – Atiku, Sokoto people, Niger people, Plat

  • Progress Please, Not Change Fo

    e diots

  • SO

    The Igbos should be more strategic in the way they handle this election. President Jonathan handlers have been asking the North to wait till 2019 to have the Presidency. What that means then is that the North will be there till 2027 before the South East could have a shot at the highest post in the land. Why not support Buhari who has stated that he will go for one term and then have him agree to hand over to the Igbos come 2019?

    • AMARA.C

      stop provoking igbos by asking them to vote buhari ,he is demon we see today,if he win but God forbid we are ready to face him in modern era.he killed igbos more 3000 in 1969 and promise to do more.God will igbo presidency.

      • SO

        Have you finally gotten out of your mourning? Reflect again on the free political lesson I gave you one month ago. Now the Igbos have lost almost everything! I hope you are now planning another failed attempt to “face” him in modern era? Good luck!

    • Julean

      Never trust muslims. Buhari and his islamic jihad camp, want total power, and if Igbos think they will somehow gain by collaborating with the devil, then they must know that they will suffer for it.

  • Godspower Ekuobase

    They are wise to say so. This is because they will vote GEJ and they are sure of GEJ victory but are trying to prevent a recall of the 2011 post election violence. I love the Ibos, they are wise people.