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Oyelowo’s death: Family demands justice


The late  Oyelowo

The late Oyelowo

THEIR expectations were high. They went into the union with plans of a happy home to be blessed with God-fearing children. But barely three years into the marriage, their hopes, plans and wishes have all come crashing like a pack of cards.

The family breadwinner, 38-year-old Oyelowo Oyediran lay cold in the morgue after being allegedly stabbed by his lawyer wife, Yewande, who has since been remanded in prison.

Since last Tuesday when residents woke up to the shocking news of Oyelowo’s death, his family has been in deep shock, while his estranged wife, a lawyer with the Oyo State Ministry of Justice, has been in deeper shock, unable to talk, instead she just stares into space.

The deceased, a France-based businessman had come to Nigeria in 2013 to marry his wife but they were yet to be blessed with children. They stayed at Akobo area of Ibadan while the husband shuttled between France and Nigeria.

Yewande, the daughter of a retired permanent secretary and Anglican Venerable in Oyo State is described by colleagues and friends as unassuming, respectful and gentle. But the question many asked is how did they get to this level?

The couple was said to have started the fight on Monday, February 1, where the embattled lawyer allegedly stabbed her husband using scissors. The late Lowo, as he was popularly called, was treated in the hospital and returned home. They were said to have continued the fight, which eventually resulted in Lowo’s death.

But while the deceased family pointed accusing fingers at Yewande, she has pleaded her innocence. Head of Ajanaku family, Mr. Adelani Oyediran, told The Guardian that Lowo’s wife allegedly stabbed her husband with scissors in the back and shoulder at midnight on Monday before she purportedly stabbed him with a knife in the neck at about 3a.m last Tuesday.

“We believe that the police will do a thorough job and we believe in the judiciary. But, we have fears that some people may want to manipulate the case because the accused is a lawyer who works with the Directorate of Public Prosecution (DPP) in Oyo State Ministry of Justice. All the family wants is justice in this case,” he said.

According to Oyediran, the bone of contention is that Lowo had a son from another woman in France, whereas his three-year marriage with Yewande did not produce any issue. The domestic dispute was said to have occurred when she purportedly discovered that her husband had a son from another woman.
Lowo, a holder of French citizenship, was billed to return to France last Saturday.

At the Ministry of Justice where the embattled Yewande works, colleagues who spoke with The Guardian described her as quiet, brilliant, hardworking and one who cannot hurt a fly.Since she joined the ministry, the lawyers said Yewande her discharged her duties well and does not get in anybody’s way.

“But this is a test for the judiciary. It is going to be a test for the Nigerian Bar Association (NBA) as whole. The members of the public are watching to see where the pendulum of justice would swing. She is however, still presumed innocent until proven otherwise,” a colleague said.

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  • Ralf

    RIP…Tho they said tht “Its only a tree, will hear tht it will b cut down,bt continued standing at d same spot”…How many stabbings do one need,b4 he or she could bail/run for his or her dear life??..