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PDP, APC Trade Words Over N5Bn Donation By DISCOS To Jonathan Campaign


Jonathan-ookTHE ruling Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) and the opposition All Progressives Congress (APC) yesterday traded words over a N5 billion donation purportedly made by the power Distribution Companies (DISCOS) to the re-election campaign fund of President Goodluck Jonathan.

The altercation occurred at the sixth edition of PDP, APC debate themed “Improving Power Supply in Nigeria: What is Your Party’s Master Plan?” held at Barcelona Hotel, Abuja.

The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Nigerian Electricity Regulation Commission (NERC), Dr. Sam Amadi, who stood in for the PDP, however, denied knowledge of such deal.

Recalling how he took punitive measures against the DISCOS for breaching laid down rules, Amadi contended that as head of the regulatory outfit in the power sector, there was no way he would have approved such underhand deals.

He said: “On the issue about campaign fund to President Jonathan, these are so strange. The accounts of the DISCOS are regulated. You are aware that NERC did a snap audit and we penalise them by N2 billion for inappropriate expenditure. If we see any evidence of inappropriate expenditure we will discipline them.”

But the National Publicity Secretary of the APC, Alhaji Lai Mohammed, insisted that such monies were given to Jonathan to help float his campaign in the public glare.

He noted: “Well, I don’t see a situation of people who are licensed by government to be donating N5 billion. It was televised; I don’t think you should argue on that. It is in the public domain and shortly after that, the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) made its own intervention. It is good Nigerians are watching this happening. I am happy this issue was raised.”

The duo, who bared their minds on a wide range of issues in the power sector, were responding to a question from a member of the audience who asked the NERC boss whether it was appropriate for the DISCOS to donate monies to fund President Jonathan’s campaign and then not long after got huge chunk of monies from the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) in the form of intervention fund.

Amadi insisted that the privatisation of the power sector was required to ensure the participation of the private sector, adding that with the milestone so far recorded across the country, it has closed what he termed a chapter of darkness to usher in a new chapter of light.

Faulting the notion that privatisation of the power sector would automatically translate to immediate power generation, he said the dividend of the reform, which has a gestation period, would surely come soon.

Mohammed, however, said it was unfortunate that countries like India, Indonesia, Malaysia, that were at par with Nigeria 50 years ago, have left Nigeria behind due to the absence of reliable and stable electricity supply required to trigger industrialisation and employment generation in the country.

Promising that the APC would assemble a first-rate team of experts to fix the power sector if elected, he maintained that due process was not adhered to in the privatisation exercise embarked upon by the President Jonathan-led administration.

He noted: “We in the APC, assure you that where others have failed, we would succeed; where others have given excuses, we would give results; and where others have given you darkness, we would give you light because we have studied and assembled a first class team in the power sector that is working round the clock and we are going to give you the solution to what we think is an intractable problem which is power.

“Irrespective of what anybody wants to say, power still remains the single greatest test for any government in this country. Our administration should be judged on its preparedness to give power, which is stable and reliable and affordable.”

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  • resilient

    Every body has a means of raising money for a campaign what is APC’s problem? they deemed it fit to make that donation and so what was it…GEJMARCHON

    • Daviade

      APC problem is that we have a President who has no scruples about corruption, who collected Billion of Naira from government agents to campaign, who supervises over the worst kind of corrupt administration under any democratic setting in Nigeria; who do not even see STEALING as CORRUPTION! Should we go on? Corruption is the one singular cancer affecting the development of our nation, but the man has no clue what to do to arresting the situation. He is not in charge, he is tired and the Train to Otuoke is waiting for him on May 29th!

      • Julean

        It is corrupt because there are too many muslims in the government.

  • Latoya Lube

    How did Buhari get his money for his campaign? He openly said it was donations made by students that he used in buying his nomination form, is this not the worst crime against humanity to collect from people that dont even have a source of livelihood, “students’ shame.#NO2Buhari

    • Daviade

      Listen to yourself! So it is crime against humanity for Buhari to accept small donations from ordinary people on the streets, but it is ok for Jonathan to collect N5 Billion (5 Billion!) from the same DISCOS he sold the power sector to; the result of which now means we are in permanent darkness! Truly you need your head examined.

    • Abbey_change

      A lot people donated for Buhari. Some of my friends donated at least #5000

  • mallam lamido

    I honestly don’t see any reason why APC should be concerned about this issue. Several other organisations has raised money in this country for Buhari and there was peace in this country.. So i wonder why GEJ is the talk of the town. When man does well, he deserves to be appreciated., and this is what DISCOS has decided to do. They have discover that the only best president Nigeria has produce & that have given them opportunity, is GEJ.. God bless DISCOS

    • kech

      Why will you, in all honesty not want to query the sources and appropriateness of your country’s presidential candidate be it PDP, APC, LLLPD or whatever party? When it is a government in power taking huge donations from contractors, why should it not worry you and I if we are sincere with our Selves? A businessman aim to make profit, so the money given as campaign funds will be recouped either from government, in this case as intervention funds or by cutting corners by giving poor services -no light which is what we are seeing or increased tariff. There are rules guiding campaign funds which seek to limit individuals or groups taking hostage of our government by investing huge monies in campaign.

      • kech

        Continuing check out the sources of fund for Obama’s campaign and you will know where he derives his power. The majority of his funders were ordinary people in the street who donated less than 50 dollars. Who do you think will perform better-the president who collected small money freely given from ordinary people like you and I or the one that had huge monies donated by a few individuals or groups?

        • Abbey_change

          I donated $250 to Obama campaign just to support your comment

          • Lubama

            Listen, your $250 donation does not preclude companies and very wealthy persons from donating to the campaign through bundling of funds. There were $50,000 a plate private dinner which I could not afford. Your comment may have some element of truth but that is not the whole truth.

          • Abbey_change

            I understand and you are right about $50,000 per plate. However, the campaign is majorly funded by people donating small amount of money

      • Abbey_change


    • Odogwu

      Lamido, no wonder your senior brother in jigawa admitted himself that he is treacherous, it(treachery) I think runs in the vains of people with that name. To say that a group that bought power companies but are giving Nigerians darkness had the effrontery to, donate such a huge amount to the president and you are justifying it, is to say the least most treacherous!

  • Ochuko Grace

    The opposition party is their to make the incumbent look ugly. APC is doing everything to win the electorate…28 will tell who played the political game well.


    Instead of all these Kangaroo debates….why notallow a debate between the candidates… What kind of campaign is this. Everybody can debate save the ccandidates..

  • Layi Niyi

    Did you call it a Donation? Absolutely No, the government always undervalue a corporate entity they are selling with the mutual agreement to pay the different in form of Donation, that is the tricks. 419! PDP

  • OOO

    This in the advanced democracies would be considered outright corruption, when such is boldly contributed by the firms awarded power contracts or privatization. Again, God will deliver Nigeria from GEJ in less than a week, God’s willing. All these organizations will also explain the sources of such huge amount – while power is epileptic and youths have no jobs in the millions.