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Rights group alleges Iran is meddling in Nigeria’s affairs


Iranian President,President Hassan Rouhani.

Iranian President,President Hassan Rouhani.

The Centre for Social Justice, Equity and Transparency (CESJET) has petitioned the United States Embassy, alleging attempts by the Iranian Government to promote insurgency and undermine the sovereignty of Nigeria by its support for the Islamic Movement of Nigeria, the Shi’ites.

CESJET, in the petition at the weekend said the Shi’ite group has constituted itself into a parallel authority, with no regards for the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

The organisation, through its Diplomatic Affairs Representative, Philip Agbese, said the actions of the Iranian Government have been targeted at promoting insurgency and encouraging the breach of peace just to bring Nigeria to her kneels.

“It is noteworthy to state that the Shi’ite, hitherto constitutes itself into a parallel authority, with no regards for the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. Residents of Zaria, Kaduna State and its environments have been living under the reign of terror of the Shi’ites.

“Human lives are sacred and for us in Nigeria, the lives of Nigerians and foreign nationals resident in Nigeria are very precious. Countries and organizations issued statements in the wake of the crisis made the reasonable suggestion that a probe committee be set up to investigate the root causes of the unfortunate incident and also to prevent a reoccurrence.

“To some extent, one may assume that some of those who made such calls have history of assisting Nigeria in other areas and wanted to safeguard fundamental human rights.

“Our worry, however, is that the Islamic Republic of Iran has been strident in its interference in Nigeria’s internal affairs to the extent that they have chosen to use the Shi’ite-Army clash as a pretext to foist themselves on Nigeria as imperial masters.”

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  • Ekpen Alile

    I have warned in the past for full alert on the activities of Iran in Africa as a whole. The oil rich Persian Nation are no ARABS and do not share the same human feelings as other humans do. They are worst than animals in the manner they treat themselves and amount of destruction and corruption in IRAN cannot be compared to NIGERIA in 500 years. We need to stay alert here.

  • Lashley Oladigbolu
  • Omooba

    Nigeria remains a geographical expression and at the moment is not even a work-in-progress, BH in NE, IPOB in SE, Militants in SS and SHIITE in NW. Where else is Nigeria heading? Perhaps we need not let the pogrom continue and should allow the round table to resolve our differences and move on.