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South East governors move to curb pro-Biafra agitations


Biafra agitators

Group charts way forward for eastern states

A fresh move to contain the agitations by pro-Biafra groups, the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) and Movement for the Actualisation of Sovereign State of Biafra (MASSOB), was launched yesterday by governors of the South-East region.

The move, which will see the governors meeting with leadership of the pro-Biafra groups, would also seek ways of ensuring the release of the detained leader of IPOB, Nnamdi Kanu, from detention as well as other members of the groups in various prisons nationwide.

The Guardian gathered that the move was part of the efforts by the governors to address some issues of interest in the zone that have hindered its economic growth and development.

It was also learnt that the governors believed time had come for them to look inwards in developing the economy of the zone and remove bottlenecks which could constitute hindrance or discourage investments in the region as erroneously being blamed on the activities of the agitators.

Chairman of the South-East Governors’ Forum and Ebonyi State Governor, Dave Umahi, told reporters at the end of their meeting in Enugu yesterday that the governors were committed to addressing issues concerning the groups as well as the release of Nnamdi Kanu.

In another development, the Igbo Ekunie Initiative (IEI), which comprises individuals in Nigeria and the Diaspora, has called on the governors of the South-East region to float a regional investment corporation. It said that through this, a renascent East would be ushered in.

The group also said that the last time quantum development was heralded in the East was during the First Republic when the defunct Eastern Nigeria Development Corporation (ENDC) built many landmark development projects across the then eastern region.

A statement by the president of the group, Maazi Tochukwu Ezeoke, stated: “We note that the world over, provinces, states, regions and nations are coming together to create economic blocs and integrated development agencies.

“The regional investment corporation like the defunct ENDC will then invest in major capacity-building generative infrastructure across the region such as super-highways with toll-gates, real estate with particular emphasis on high density buildings/skyscrapers (for population management).”

Ezeoke also said that all the proposed projects would be “generative” infrastructure that would bring returns as soon as possible so that dividends from revenues earned at the end of every year could be paid to all share and bond owners at the end of every fiscal year.

The group, which also called for an enlightenment programme to encourage maximum participation of all stakeholders, stressed: “In order to encourage maximum participation by a broad spectrum of south-easterners and other interested parties at home and in the Diaspora, a public enlightenment programme should precede the floating of the regional investment corporation possibly to be known as Oriental Investment Corporation or East Niger Investment Corporation (ENIC).”

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  • leonardsonyekwere

    Apart from Nigeria, the next reason for lack of development in ala Igbo are our governors and as a start, each one of them should refer back to Imo State in 1978 before Governor Sam Mbakwe became the governor on October 1, 1979 and compare it to where he positioned Imo State in only four years (1979 to 1983) before that development was systematically arrested by Buhari’s December 31, 1983 military coup. I mean ” Jide ma si chowa, otu abughi n’ezi” Tufia kwa!

    You know during the rising days of Pan African Movement, what was used to halt that movement was corrupt Africans. Those like Mobutu Sesesekou of Zaire, Idi Amin Dada of Uganda and etc.. For ndi Igbo, Nigeria and her rulers, made sure that those of us who would advance the interest of umu Igbo were never allowed to emerge as leaders in Nigeria but then, Nigeria is in a bad shape today because of it( maka na onye ji mmadu n’ala jikwa onwe ya).

  • Ezekiel Okeke

    That is act of illiteracy, insanity, cowards, appeasers that do not represent 21st century Igbos of Republic Of Biafra. Is any who is called Buhari the law? Law is property of humanity in which all has right of protection. The illiterates of law accused Kanu etc. of crime, the case is in court, and will only be decided with the law or war. They have seen our capabilities in the Diplomatic War so far in which they have been crushed. So will they see our capabilities in Bloody War, should it be the solution. Igbos will only handle their affairs under Republic Of Biafra. Any who do not respect decision of majority Igbos- which is Republic Of Biafra, will without fail face the consequences. This is Republic Of Biafra. God Is With Us!!!

  • Akin Malaolu

    False Formula again . The Igbos are known to be ever persistent in any cause-way they have adopted even if it would take them into the DEAD SEA.

    They are usually blinded by pomposity and arrogance that takes them to nowhere.
    If the leave Nigeria, they would suffer and they would beg to come back. Until they get to that level, I don’t think anything told them would gain weight.

    • nnanta

      Fantastic post, please join the campaign to let Biafra be, then you would have permanently gotten ride of these fellows into the DEAD SEA as you wish !

      • Akin Malaolu

        Almost home Fool

    • Nkem Okike

      Take your opinion and advise to your yoruba kit and kin. Idiot

      • Akin Malaolu

        I am trying to help you get home.

        • Emeka

          Why are people always represented by idiots with the opinion of fools? When one reads this kind of senseless response, one begins to wonder if you are truly a Yoruba man like Awolowo, Obasanjo, Fani Kayode, Tinubu, Ambode and other responsible Yorubas. You must be the homeless area boy of the baba ke alamajiri face me i face you brought up. You go from place to place in search of where there is a party going on and you beg for food and then the day is made. If there are people who suffer for want of what to eat, you can look else where and not among the Igbo community. Some Governors are coming together to find a solution to this lingering problem and you are here on social media exhibiting your perpetual stupidity. Let me read any foolish response from you then i will teach you how to use words to destroy a never do well like you. I studied under Wole Soyinka and the like and i am a well known wordsmith. I am ready to use this knowledge to drive an idiot like you out of social media. I am sure in your miserable life on earth, you have not traveled outside Mushin so your entire world revolves around Mushin. Fool.

    • Mizch

      Will you throw yourself into River Benue when Biafra is actualized in your life time?

  • Ogbonnaya Okike

    It is very interesting to note, that Scotland is again asking in nearly two years to get divorced from their more than 300 years of married together. And you must have known that there is NO wasting of blood or putting anyone in prison for expressing ones views. Look Soviet Union, Jugoslawien, Czechoslovakia are all gone and their different nationals are breeding the free air in their different pace. Sudan has gone their different ways except the western world will not allow them to enjoy the hard work.

  • Ebony Dollars

    I personally support the idea of the present Nigeria to break up into three nations Yoruba, Hausa and Igbo Republic. The project is not functioning and we are not on the same course. So if breaking up will let the nations move forward in their own ideas , so let it be without any blood shed.

  • call home

    Mumu governors what plans do they have to stop the killing of their people by fulani Herdsmen.famers are afraid to go to farm because of fulani herdsmen.women are been raped by fulani Herdsmen.husbands are been killed by fulani herdsmen, farm crops are been destroyed by fulani herdmen and their cattles.i think it is time we wake up in southeast and defend our people against this so called fulani herdsmen killers.

  • Mizch

    Some of these governors – past and present- are just liabilities in Igbo land. Away with them!