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Soyinka blames elite, parents for criminal activities of cults


Soyinka-newNOBEL Laureate Prof. Wole Soyinka yesterday blamed the elite and parents for encouraging the criminal activities of secret cults, which demeaned the Pyrates Confraternity, which he co-founded.

Soyinka said that the rich parents and elite, who protect their children from getting punished for their unlawful acts in secret cults activities in Nigerian universities damaged the morals and good values the Confraternity championed.

The Nobel Laureate stated this at the launch of Dolapo Sikuade’s book titled, The theatrical aesthetics of Wole Soyinka and the Pyrates Confraternity held at the Nigerian Institute of International Affairs (NIIA), Victoria Island, Lagos.

Stressing that those who belonged to the Pyrates Confraternity become influential due to the vast knowledge they acquired as members, he said that it was ignorant to equate secret cults with the Pyrates Confraternity.

“If a public, as intelligent and knowledgeable as they are, choose to equate the expression secret cult with the word confraternity, whose fault is that? They should go back to school and learn the difference,” he said.

While explaining that original members, who were expelled from the confraternity due to their misconduct, formed the secret cults, he said, “they went ahead to form different secret cult groups in the university, including Black Axe and Eiye. So, each time the university tries to curb or discipline these deviant members of these associations, their elite parents protect these students.

“As a member of the Security and Disciplinary Committee of the University of Ife, I know the pressure I received from generals, top police officials, business moguls, asking me to pardon their children. ‘Your child has just gotten involved with gang raping or pouring acid on another, and you are saying temper justice with mercy!’

“I remember a time, a group of students were found wanting, they were expelled and charged to court; the next thing, they were flown overseas to prestigious universities and never showed up in court!”

Meanwhile, Emeritus Professor of English from the University of Ibadan, Ayo Banjo while commending the writer noted that the things written in the book has settled the unrest and further shown the true nature of the Pyrates Confraternity.

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  • apinofiga

    Thought it was Prof Akin Oyebode and was wondering how come this profound economic analysis because we know him as an international law scholar.Good analysis and food for thought but would they listen?