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‘We are suffering here…’


Federal Estate road Copy

A section of the collapsed road

Residents cry out over gridlock caused by abandoned road construction at Shagari, Gowon estates and environs

Despite electoral promises during political campaigns, residents of Shagari Estate, Gowon Estate, Abesan Estate, Ipaja, Ayobo, Aiyetoro, Ishefun, among others, are yet to enjoy the dividends of democracy, especially in the area of road rehabilitation.
The only access road that links them with Ogun State and its environs, remains in a bad state. It is always traumatic everyday, including Sundays, to pass through the junction connecting residents of Gowon and Shagari Estates and those coming from Abesan, Ipaja and Ayobo axis at Federal Bus Stop.

Traffic jam is no more alien to motorists at the spot. Those coming from Ayobo axis taste the bitter pill after spending hours as a result of the abandoned road construction at the Estate Gate. The danger always posed at the Federal Bus- Stop connection is that when vehicles are coming any time of the day, they are bound to move at a snail’s speed and this becomes more dangerous at night when everywhere would be deserted and lonely. This has lead to a lot of questions in the minds of the electorate resident here, as to whether the government is seriously thinking of them and having in mind at all that their votes count.

According to a motorist who decided to talk on condition of anonymity, passing through Abesan Estate and Federal Estate junction is like passing through the hell these days, especially in the mornings when going to work, at night when coming back from work, early on Sundays when going to church or wherever and Sunday afternoon when coming back from church.

“We are becoming more worried when we realize that, if nothing at all, government should be able to use the tax payers money to do this job, or else, we do not know why the government is hammering on tax payment, collecting the tax and the people from whom you receive the tax have little or nothing in return.” “We are not unaware that every attention is directed at elections now, but should the government divert the taxpayers’ money to conduct elections to the detriment of the electorate that would vote for them?”

“Seeing is believing when it comes to the experience road users are passing through at Federal Estate Junction after leaving Abesan Estate for those coming from Ayobo, Aiyetoro, Ishefun and Command axis while those coming from Ipaja, Gowon and Shagari Estates, Egbeda among others, after slugging it out at the Federal Estate, begin another travail at Abesan Estate Gate.”

“People are worried at this kind of nonchalant attitude as if there is nothing people can do to the contractors and what even concerns the people about the excuses of either payment or non-payment which invariably should be the problem between the government and the contractors.” “Election is around the corner and the government would expect the people to vote enthusiastically.

“Now that rain has not come in full, the work is abandoned and people are suffering, when the rainy season begins in earnest, how do you categorise the type of agony residents would go through. “On Sunday morning, traffic is encountered almost from Shagari Bus Stop and what do we talk of every day when people are going to work.

“Then come to the night when people who close late from their places of work are coming home, when they get to the area that is narrowed by the concrete blocks stationed here and there, after maneuvering to pass, then the snail speed continuous in a very incongruous road and in some occasions, cars had fallen inside the big trench dug and uncompleted in the name of drainage system.

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