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Why Alison-Madueke is not yet repatriated, by EFCC




Agency arrests Bauchi, party ex-scribes, aide

From the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) has come a clarification why former Minister of Petroleum Resources, Dieziani Alison-Madueke, has not been repatriated to face the corruption allegation preferred against her.

According to the anti-graft agency, it is waiting for the conclusion of the corruption case she is facing in the United Kingdom (UK), before she would be extradited to answer for the alleged $115 billion election campaign scam for which many prominent Nigerians are being investigated.

Those that have been grilled in connection with the purported scam, which was allegedly carried out through Fidelity Bank, were former Governors Liyel Imoke, Ibrahim Shekarau, Ramalan Yero, Achike Udenwa and Ibrahim Shema. Erstwhile ministers have also been quizzed.

One-time Minister of Foreign Affairs, Ambassador Bashir Aminu Wali and his Minister of State II, Dr. Nurudeen Muhammad had also been questioned in connection with the fund.

Others in that category are officials of the Independent National Electoral commission (INEC) and those of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) as well as Senator Chris Anyanwu and a Senior Advocate of Nigeria (SAN), Michael Ahamba.

Though the senator, senior lawyer and Udenwa have since denied involvement.

Also yesterday, the anti-corruption body arrested a former Secretary to Bauchi State Government, Alhaji Ahmed Ibrahim, former Personal Assistant to ex-Governor Isa Yuguda, Alhaji Sanusi Mohammed Isa and the Secretary of the state chapter of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Alhaji Salisu Garba in respect of the alleged fraud.

The Bauchi suspects were alleged to have collected N500 million out of the money.

An EFCC source informed The Guardian that they were arrested and interrogated in Gombe yesterday.

“The suspects, in their statements, said the N500 million cash was distributed in the Ramat Hall of Bauchi State Government House. The former secretary to the government and the secretary of PDP admitted collecting N20 million each and the former personal assistant collected N15 million. However, they have individually pledged to refund the amount each had collected from the fund,” the source added.

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  • Rev

    But this is serious! These guys were just sharing the commonwealth!

    • Noble

      Yet people will say witch or wizard hunt. They should return the loot, biko!

      • Ken

        How do you just believe hook line and sinker without any proof. Where is the evidence? These guys are just playing smart. Movement of money is not fraud. Where did you expect GEJ to fund his election from? We just play the ostrich. Where did all the Govs and Buhari get their funding from? Have you ever asked? When you answer that, then we can talk.

        • Damilola

          …and who got what from them too?

          • Ken

            The questions I raised are clear. Where has all the leaders get their election funding from? Is it because GEJ is from the minority? Let us be fair in our judgements

          • soyo

            It’s very obvious that you are sick with the way you are reasoning and you clearly need a psychiatrist. Hear the silly questions you claimed to have raised. You caught a thief, and the thief is telling you to go and press your son that he’s also engaging in stealing, so you should let him go? How feeble minded and uneducated you are! Jonathan ruled for 6years and crippled EFCC so that looters could walk freely and be his associates. Another man got there and revive the crippled entity and it swings into action, and all an idiot like you can say is that where did APC get his party funding first before we collect our money from already identified looters and prosecute them. I wonder if u had a secondary education at all or may be you benefited from the looting that’s why you have the gut to be asking such silly and stupid questions. You have close to a trillion naira in private purses, and a semi-literate like you can’t reason that if PDP ruled for 16yrs and acted the way it liked with corruption/stealing by romancing it, you have no credibility to question how APC recovers our money from your uncles and aunts to put same back in the treasury. After all, stealing was not corruption under mediocre PhD holder Jonathan, that’s why stealing was free for all under him. If I ever hear you raise your stupid questions again, you will be sent to Aro in Abeokuta. When PDP takes over power again, if they will ever, let them come and be asking APC their campaign fund source after they have coughed out all what they stole. Nonsense. You don’t even have conscience at all, this boy. In the face of this magnitude of looting being unfolded daily, all u can ask is where did APC get money to finance its campaign. Meaning they should leave the rogues alone and return the billions collected so far. You are simply crazy! Or may be na small pikin still dey worry you as u never know d value of money yet & na your parents still dey give u food chop.

          • Ken

            You are obviously mad. Equity does not understand your point. He that goes to equity must go with clean hands. Apc and Buhari have no moral right to question anybody. Get it to your head and think.

          • zacchaeus Akinleye

            The incumbent govt is empowered to prosecute criminality through the courts, and that is ongoing, but for you to suggest that the APC-led administration must have used public funds to campaign too and therefore leave the looters off is plain stupid. Your position smacks of immorality of reason.

          • Ken

            You that is talking, are you not aware that Tinubu stole Lagos clean? What you would say is bring evidence. The real thieves are being left behind and the security vote that is unauditable is being probed with impunity. Is that justice? Nemesis is catching up on all of them. Obj and Abdul salami were indicted in Halliburton what has Buhari done on that? Continue to the ostrich

          • Facebook User

            Buhari and Cameron have said what all of us know – Nigeria, and not all Nigerians, is corrupt! It will change when tacked from the top and from the populace because “every people deserve their leader.” After all the tall English and abuse, tell us, have you made a personal commitment not to be corrupt in your dealings. I have.

          • Ken

            Is Buhari not corrupt? I hope you remembered how he brought in his inlaw to defraud PTF N25b? He should probe PTF himself. Obj did and said money was stolen but not Buhari; so who was the head and how was the money stolen? Buhari brought in his inlaw illegally into PTF and he over inflated contracts. How did Buhari get a house worth over N2b in Abuja? Is it person money. The 53 suit cases issue is at the corner. All his children are schooling abroad with cows monies abi? We need justice to evade the nemesis we are in.

          • Facebook User

            Come, o, how can there ever be justice and who will bring it when ordinary citizens (which I trust you are) are unwilling to make a personal commitment? This is where the real challenge in Nigeria is – a mindset that looks for solutions outside the self. This is really what disempowers us. All great nations have a high proportion of citizens taking personal responsibility, as many wise people including JFK have said.

          • Oladimeji

            All these are just allegation that are very old. Why recycles lies that have been told without substance. The fact is PDP people enriched themselves and they need to pay back. Very simple. If you say they must be left alone then you wait until you become President!

          • +Truth -Lie

            GEJ can be from anywhere and we don’t care. Many of us are minorities too and will not support the supervisor of thieves of which you are one.

          • Ken

            That is a lie. If you are from minority and you say this, then it is worrisome. If GEJ is a Yoruba man, with what he did; he would be celebrated even more than Awo. There is no leader to be compared to GEJ in terms of achievements in Nigerian history yet he was velified.

          • +Truth -Lie

            You are totally fake by all your comments. Tell me one thing that GEJ did for Edo state, just one? Even the ecological fund that the state is entitled to he withheld it. Minority my foot. Even in Yenagoa today, he is a nobody. These are besides the issue. All of you rogues must be made to vomit the monies you stole.

          • Ken

            So the Benin-Ore road that he did into a fantastic road doesn’t cover Edo State? The Benin Airport was brought to life by GEJ. The Benin-Okene road dualisation to linked all express ways in Nigeria in which State? The Benin oil depot that was abandoned for years was revived. A power plant was set up in Edo which must have reached advanced stage by now. In Beyalsa, he gave them Law school, a University and a deep see port. He linked the State to the National grid . He is a hero any day in Beyalsa. These are just specifics apart from the general achievements. Now the East West Road that pass through Beyalsa has been completed from Delta to Beyalsa going to Rivers. He took the work from barely 6% to more than 80%. Go through the place and revert. He empowered the people of South South which the Yoruba really complained of. Their main grouse against GEJ is that he didn’t give them good positions, yet some blind people would just be doing follow follow. Let Buhari go after the real rogues in Nigeria- IBB, OBJ. Danjuma, Tinubu, Atiku, Amaechi, Fashola, Abdulsalami. IndimI ; etc

          • +Truth -Lie

            Fake, fake and fake. When last did you go from benin to auchi? The Ore Benin road that is half done? The power plant that they refuse to give approval for commencement of construction until Buhari came? You are all fake!

          • Ken

            You may call me names but truth is bitter. Truth is constant. Nigerians will live to remember GEJ for his giant steps. Forget about all the noise of Apc and Buhari it is because they have nothing to offer from what I wrote, can you point out any lie?

          • ib

            @Ken, please stop saying things you don’t know. when last you pass through the Benin Okene road you are talking about? GEJ did nothing in Edo state, he might have done things in other part of the South-South, but count Edo out of it. i never wanted to contribute to this cheap argument, please stop backing GEJ of all the atrocities he has committed. what makes him GEJ is the fact that he accepted defeat.He abandon us totally in Edo.

          • Ken

            So the Benin-Ore road is in Delta or Rivers states? I didn’t say he finished Benin-Okene road but work was on going. All I have said are fact. Whether you like it or not, GEJ did more than all past leaders. Now that you have a Brainless and a NEPA bill certificate man, we can see what he is doing. With the economy collapsing daily. We are watching.

          • Oladimeji

            You abuse a President with impunity. Now I am convinced you should be put away. What kind of people are these?

          • Oladimeji

            So these ones that are being mentioned doesn’t kind count. You must be a thief yourself to support all the stealing that went on. If this country is to advance people like you should be sent to jail for supporting evil.

          • Oladimeji

            What are the achievements? I don’t know how old you are but if you see achievement in GEJ, you must be living in another country. Wake up. We have lived in other countries. What happens here and you are supporting is a sacrilege. Nobody uses government money to do election. You use donations!

          • Ken

            What are you saying? Even in UK or US they do but discretely. Let them probe one regimme and see
            Under GEJ, the states performed better because of more funds. He took Nigerian roads to 30000km of tar from 5000. He revived the dead railway. He ensured rule of law, he ensured your votes count. There was revolution in Agriculture; vehicle manufacturing were already trooping in. The economy was booming, FDI was the best in Africa. He established 12 new Universities and converted two and 6 polytechnics. All these under 5 years. Look at Abuja-Kaduna rail. What else. Yes he delayed in fighting book harm yet he used the 6 weeks extension to push them out.

        • Tunslo

          so it is in order to use people money to fund elections?

        • Henry_Itopa

          God will save us from people like you. You are truly sick. What you are trying to do is called a non sequitur and we are not interested in those idiotic questions you have

        • Tunde Obasemola

          Movement of money from government account to an illegal account for distribution among individuals? Can you hear yourself? You must be joking. Must he contest if he had no money? Why should he steal government money to fund his election? How did those not in government fund their own campaign? You don’t seem to understand. We are talking about somebody taking another person’s money to fund his own election campaign. That is stealing state money.

        • +Truth -Lie

          You are a fraud. I am fairly certain you are one of the guys mentioned above, but disguising as Ken. You are one of those that ruined Nigeria and God will make all of you to pay either here or in eternity. You and others like you have ruined the lives of many through your thievery. When you stand before God as murderers, you will wonder when you killed. But the hospitals you turned to consulting clinics, the roads that are riddled with potholes, the schools that are producing half-baked graduates and many more will testify against you.

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  • Jacob Babajide

    I maintain that the sins of these ones can not be meted on the Nigerian people. They should be made to pay back and the money use to upset the new subsidy pending the expansion of our local refineries.

    • utolason

      Isn’t the same Nigerians who go out in the street to demonstrate their for these criminals whenever allegations are raised against them? Isn’t subsidy a fraud on Nigerians? Why do the same thing over and over and expect different result?

  • Taju Olaniyi

    Guardian is $115 million not billion.

  • vincentumenyiora

    I keep saying it that: All things strange and ludicrous Nigerians make them all! And so, that is why the problems in Nigeria are multifaceted! We have just had statement made by British Prime Minister about corruption and we in Nigeria criticising him yet in almost papers in Nigeria corruption reports are posted every day of the month and these are all traceable to the UK as the lodgement destination! I am asking the question: ‘Which one you people dey?’ Which way Nigeria – Sony Okosun warned or reminded us in his lyrics! Corruption here, corruption there everywhere corruption, let’s fix Nigeria, so Nigeria won’t die!
    The penitent question could well be: Who provides funds for election in Nigeria and for incumbent CEOs; they are now investigating campaign expenditures in the UK for both Labour and the Conservative parties in America Donald Trump has stopped spending his money for his campaign since the other two have stood down accordingly his party is going to take over the campaign expenditures! In Nigeria we are not sure/ told who funds things and with the allegations flying about and finger pointing at P.M. David Cameron you stop to wonder do we actually know what corruption is about? I mean in Brazil they have even suspended their President so as to look into the allegation against her and in South Africa Jacob Zuma has been ruled to pay back (refund) the part exceeded in his premises refurbishment and you people in Nigeria cannot even try Saraki to show that you are serious about corruption in spite of the evidences/ exhibits tendered to the CCT trials!
    Look we wrote about incumbency attempting to return for 2nd or 3rf term; what it will cost the nation and its relevance or not and nobody in Nigeria seems to know what it calls for – not only the disruption of economic activities with the costs but the amount of expenditure to go with such preparations, which at end of the day the funds all go to the pockets of the few! I talked about make your tenure to be One term of 5 or 6 years at end of which you will have a limited size of corruption to attend to but like I said it: Who do you tell in Nigeria and he/ she is willing to listen to you? So, we are waiting to see the names to be published by the 29th May – by next week hopefully and what they will do with names or culprits! Let me repeat it here that you were or have been handed the solution for your corruption to effect all sectors or corners of the country and not only the Federal officers! You people should Wake Up that it is what it all about – Wake up Nigerian leaders you are in office to serve the people not to cheat or steal the funds meant for the development of the people!

    • Arabakpura

      You must be a relation of Guy!

  • emmanuel kalu

    how about the government focus on the people it already has in court. we continue to hear how much was looted or recovered. yet no one has gone to jail.

  • vincentumenyiora

    THEY SHOULD READ THIS CAREFULLY and to their hearts – am told that Nigerians are hard nuts to crack nevertheless this – i. e. what is happening now may well be the beginning – it is a gauntlet thrown!
    Arabakpura No’o, Arabakpura If I was, am sure I’ll be branded a hypocrite – a bad one for that matter considering what I have done about Nigeria’s political reform – over 2,000 contributions through direct contacts by correspondences to Shehu Shagari, IBB, OBJ, Yar’Adua, Jonathan, presently Buhari and through public comments on the National papers! Even at the contributions (invaluable some of them you’ll discover) who have you impressed in Nigeria; the problems are still lingering! It is part reason I said that Nigeria is a conundrum with hope that somebody’ll unravel it no doubt given time, with a ‘change’ as Buhari has embarked subtly upon now – perhaps you can log onto: – click twice on the Icon showing and on the products and read about the book: “A Home grown DEMOCRATIC approach for …..!” No I am not as you think – I just wished the man Tunde Idiagbon was still around to deal with issues – the recalcitrance, about Nigeria, folks! You people need somebody to make you sit up irrespective of what you are — – just think about the young boy in North Korea whatever America has to say about him/ them he has his people to look after! I mean China was similarly branded but see what China is doing for the entire Wold building Industries everywhere for countries including countries in Europe – for your information China’s railway connecting countries between Kenya and Sudan is about to be commissioned by early next year and you’re sharing funds meant for use in developing the people of Nigeria and people go to prostrate for Obasanjo – never heard about that monstrous disposition – Obasanjo is your ‘God’ now in Nigeria; we are waiting for names promised for the 29th May by Buhari to know how serious he is about corruption in Nigeria! And a whole SAN Agabi or what have you, says the CCT Manager did not allow Bukola Saraki to kneel down and beg – what a stupid thing to hear from a whole SAN! I said already if Buhari can adopt my solution for corruption in (about) Nigeria everybody will sit up in that your country!
    The much I can say hear is that you wait and see my book talking about contacts and solutions for problems in Nigeria, that your problems could have been solved long ago (refer also to my postings in 2010 and 1011 in Vanguard vide Mr. Johnnie Carson, Alhaji Shehu Shagari v Buhari v Jonathan) particularly with the UNO’s correspondence in connection with my solutions in year 2001/2 about corruption in African countries! The may still consider it as a viable way out – I mean in the UNO!